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RGSS- The Remote Global Storage System

Discussion in 'Items' started by EparoBro, Jan 13, 2018.


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  1. EparoBro

    EparoBro Terrarian

    Hey! You haven't seen me in a while! Did you miss me? No? Ok...

    So I don't know ow if this is just my issue, but I never am organized when it comes to storing items in chests. It takes me a long time to find the item I'm looking for. I have a fix, and I'm not sure if it will be broken or not.

    Introducing- THE RGSS!

    With this item, you can access all of your chests REMOTELY! With this you can access ALL of your chests REMOTELY! It has many search features so you can quickly find the item you need!

    So why would I need this? How do I make it?

    So first, It'll bring up a menu with your chests. The first chest you have placed an item in will be the first chest you can get (You can't free Vampire Knives, no thank you.)

    You'll see the inventory of the chest, and an arrow next to both sides to move to your previous or next chest. You can withdraw and deposit items.

    So here are some useful sorting features I thought would help:

    Here are the basics:
    Quick Stack: Quick stack all items in the chest you are using

    Quick Stack All: Quick stack items to every chest registered in the system

    Same can be said for Restocking.

    Take One feature is also available

    Search by Item Tier: Search an item by the colored font it has.
    Example: "I left my Necro Armor back at home. Let's search for Green tier items. There it is! Now my Minishark will be extra powerful!"

    Search by Value: You can search an item based on value (Higher value comes first.) The value counts all items in a stack.
    Example: "Ok, I'm gonna make some real value! Time to sell all those emeralds I mined! Let's see... I would get 18 Gold for all these emeralds! SOLD!"

    Search by Name: By far the most useful tool. You can search an item's name. Simple as that.
    Example: Ah, I left my marble back at my second world. Let's search Smooth Marble Block. Ok, here it is! I can finish my new marble base! (I said Global for a reason, you can access through other worlds too!)

    How would this help? Let's say we have a player who is about to fight a boss? He is afraid of activating quick buff, so he grabs his potions when night falls.

    Let's say we have a builder making a mega build. He has his building resources stored away, and when he runs out of blocks, he can grab some more. He can put away the excess materials when he is done.

    Last Example: We have a player who wants to Craft the Drill Containment Unit. He uses this item to grab the bars he needs to make the mount.

    Asthetics: Now this may sound weird considering I can't Sprite ( I'm using a phone lol) but you could get a general idea of how it works.

    Open with left click, You will see the chest slots of the last chest you were in. (If it's your first use it will put you on your first chest you put something in.)
    You'll see 2 Arrows pointing left and right to go to the next or previous chest. All the basic tools are on the right side. At the bottom you will see the more advanced search. You will find the rarity search. Left click it and it will let you choose from Gray- Purple.
    Value search will pull up a list based on highest to lowest value.
    On the top there is a search box with a magnifying glass. You can type the name of an item and it will show you how much you have of that item.
    This DOES work with autopause.

    Crafting: Here's what you need:

    1 Safe
    20 Meteorite Bars
    10 Glass
    1 Shadow Key
    10 Gold Keys
    Boom! You get it! It's quite a wierd recipe, and maybe you'd be able to use it as a key, but I'm not sure about it. Leave your opinions below, and if it would be fine, or game breaking.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  2. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak The Destroyer

    It has to be two-way; I don't want to accidentally fill my inventory with dirt and be unable to put it back.
  3. EparoBro

    EparoBro Terrarian

    Ok, It's now two way. I also added a couple more basic tools and a general idea of what it would look like
  4. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 The Destroyer

    Another example: Somebody wants boundless inventory.
  5. EparoBro

    EparoBro Terrarian

    That's the main problem I had with a 2-way storage unit.