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Story Road Ahead, Road Behind


Twas the title of CH26, one of mine. And that is one of the very few quotes I know from Illidan, because it is so famous `:confused:


Yeah. Also, sorry about the hiatus on chapters. I've been really busy, and without my chapters, Derunih can't do much. Should be back soon.


Chapters are resuming! As FSG has left, I shall be in charge of uploading them.

As they attack me, I realize that Scarecriw knew what my reaction would be, the question gave it away. He reacted faster than me, which sent them after me, who couldn’t react at all by all of it.

“Woah! Woah! Stand down, guys! I can prove that I am the real Alex, just watch” I yell, but they don’t listen. Welp, I didn’t want to do this, but I guess I have to. I swing my blade at them. Three beams of darkness come out, sending the golem up in shadows.

“Stand down, guys.” I hear Thomas say. Well thank goodness for that, at least he realizes that. Great.

I swing at Scarecrow, now my ability up, but my swordsman skills are kicking in, and he ducks, and takes out a sword that is almost invisible. It has wind flying through it. I stare, stunned. He gets a blow in, and the wind gets knocked out of me. The sword of wind! He has it! I counter his attack with my blade of darkness, but he must be a skilled swordsman as well. Suddenly, I feel something in my pocket. I duck under my assailant’s blade, and see some Centaur Bread. I eat it, and transform nearly instantaneously, knocking Scarecrow off guard, and I stab him in his back, and he falls over, dead. He changes form to the scrawny old man he really is.

The sword of air lies on the ground. I pick it up, and suddenly, a small fire spirit from Xen’s blade, a baby ice hydra from the Ice Blade, a Ghost from the sword of air, and the golem gets sucked into the swirls of creatures, Xen stunned by the fire spirit, just stared.

Eventually, they formed into a lovely young lady. “Hello, I am Astrild, Norse Goddess of Love. You have summoned me by obtaining the four elemental sword, but I am afraid that I, the spirit of the sword, can only hold the power of it. You will keep your swords, but with their abilities taken away. I hope you enjoy my presence.”

Another chapter coming soon-ish!


Time to get back into the swing of things `;)

I glance at the old man’s corpse, curious as to where he came from, or why he attacked us… And now it seems, we shall never know. Glancing down at the Frozen Blade, I can see it has lost it’s sheen, and is simply a pale blue blade. Running my thumb over the engraving, “Theodore”, I take a deep breath, unable to turn to Acuna for advice anymore.

I look up at Astrild, wary of her, “I have a lot of questions for you, such as whether or not you will help us, or how? Do you have the memories of Golem, who has helped us many times before? And how did you, or more precisely, the Swords come to be?”

As she goes to speak, I hold up a hand, “For now, only the first. We need to get out of here… Are you with us?” I hold up the Frozen Blade, knowing it will do little against her. She has the power to bring the whole place down on us, after all.

She smiles reassuringly, and nods slowly, “I will follow your company gladly. I will put your fears to rest, in time. But yes, it would be better to do that some place safe.”

I walk away, keeping an eye on her, “Let’s go then. I don’t want to fight more centaurs than I need too, so we should move swiftly.”

Xen made general noises of disgruntlement, which I took for agreement. And Alex nodded, striding past in his centaur form. Time to put this place behind us.


Through the night, I have been having weird dreams. I see Thomas dying in a fire, and a small girl. I see Astrild nursing a baby, and Thomas playing peek-a-boo with it. I always wake up with sweat, and usually scream.

“No! Stop it!” I hear a scream outside, and see Astrild stabbing a wolf in the back, with a crying little girl on the ground. I rush up, and help Astrild defend the camp. Eventually the wolves die down, and Astrild picks up the baby girl.

“I’ll name you Chloe. I will love you for eternity, and you will live a fantastic life.” Astrild walks into her tent, cuddling the baby.

I try to go to sleep, but just can’t keep my mind off of Chloe. It seems insane that Astrild could love her so quickly, but I guess she is the goddess of love. I hope it’s worth it.


I wake up slowly, and groan from the sudden defense of the camp last night. Astrild was still awake, then again I am not sure Love Goddesses even need sleep.

Chloe stirs in Astrild’s arms, and rolls over in her sleep. It bothers me slightly as to how a child got all the way out here… But we have no way of finding that. All we can do is watch over her. I shuffle over to the two, and glance at the sleeping bundle.

“Sleep well, Thomas?”

“Except for the little surprise in the middle of the night, yes. Speaking of, Chloe looks like she is fine.”“Yes… And I aim to keep her that way. As we wait for the others to wake, do you still have those questions of yours?”

“Hmm… A lot, but I am less wary now. Let’s just go with how you will help, and why?”

Her ever-present smile brightens, and she quietly gives of a musical laugh, “As I said, I am the Norse Goddess of Love. What you do will help save many, and love needs life to feel it. And… The swords each required the love of a family member... And yours was fresh.”

I frown a little at that, but say nothing as she continues, “I won’t press any further on that. For how, I have the strength, and yes the memories, of the spirits you had carried with you. I can shape Earth like the Golem, and feel the need to keep you all safe. I can call forth Ice, like the spirit of Medlock… And I wish to keep you happy.”I glance at her, feeling relief despite my attempts to remain suspicious. Chei wanders over to us, and I stand up, “Thank you. I am sure I will think of more to ask, in time… But for now, it seems it is time to go.”
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