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Rubber Leg


Official Terrarian
I just thought this up while looking at this:
スクリーンショット 0031-10-17 19.29.35.png

The premise is that this item is a early hardmode hammer that is obtained from fishing in the ocean. Looks like a rubber leg from a mannequin, placed on a stick.

Rubber Leg
47 melee damage
3% critical strike chance
Average speed (30)
Average knockback (4.5)
75% hammer power
'Its so bouncy that you bounce with it'

What's that tooltip? Well, this weapon's gimmick is that the player bounces back, and gets flipped whenever an attack lands on an enemy. This depends on whether the player jumps and attacks (larger knockback) vs. just swinging (almost none). As such, it is horrible against bosses and fast enemies, but good for the fighter enemies the player will find early in hardmode.

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