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tModLoader RYDIA MOD


Official Terrarian

Rydia Mod is a content mod for Terraria, I would be lying if I said we had a set theme for this mod, most of the stuff in here is just random ideas me & some other people had for various items/NPCs/etc. However, we are trying our best to make them of the best quality we can. We are trying to make sure everything is unique and that you haven't seen much of in other mods so that the experience is as fun as possible.

Feel free to join our Discord server:

Rydia Mod Wiki Page:


(sprite by PRYZM)
Aquatic Slicer:
This is a huge sword, that is meant to be a late game item made with Luminite Bars and a new type of crafting material called the Aquadite Bar(
). It shoots out a smaller beam of itself, much like the Terrablade and the "True" weapons.
Damage: 174 Melee
Speed: Very Fast
Knockback: Very Strong
'Forged in the Ocean.'


(Sprite by Andrew, recolored by PRYZM)
The Aquadizer is a post moon lord yoyo crafted with Aquadite Bars and Luminite Bars at an Ancient Manipulator. When hitting an enemy it will cause a small aqua-splosion.
Damage: 160 Melee
Speed: Very Fast
Knockback: Very Strong
'Forged in the Ocean.'

(Sprite by PRYZM)
Rydian Blade:
This is a mid-early game weapon that will be sold by the [currently not implemented] 'King' NPC. It will give enemies the 'Broken Armor' debuff upon striking them.
Damage: 32 Melee
Speed: Very Fast
Knockback: Average
'It's sharp edges are great for piercing armor.'


(Sprite by Cynx, recolored by PRYZM)
Bone Zone(I didn't name it):
This weapon was made by my friend, as well as sprited by him. It was meant to be a weaker version of the Razorpine that shoots bones, and will eventually be dropped by "Tim" (The Skeleton Wizard.)
Damage: 24 Magic
Speed: Very Slow
Knockback: Very Weak

(Sprite by Andrew, recolored by PRYZM)
Glazing Star:
The Glazing Star is a magic weapon that shoots stars at enemies. It can be crafted with star fused meteorite and a book.
Damage: 38 Magic
Speed: Very Fast
Knockback: Very Weak
'Rain down devastation from above.'

(Sprite by Cynx)
Ath Guide:
The Ath Guide is a magic summoning weapon that summons 'Horror Terrors' to attack enemies. Since it's still being worked on I don't know it's stats....

(Sprite by PRYZM)
Aquadite Bar:
The Aquadite Bar is a late game crafting material, although it can be obtained as early as post mechanical bosses, it will be useless until you have an Ancient Manipulator. It can be crafting with 15 Hallowed Bars and 1 Soul of Light, near a source of water. It's used to make Aquatic based weapons.

(Sprite by Andrew, recolored by PRYZM)
Star Fused Meteorite:
The Star Fused Bar is late pre-hardmode item. It can be crafted with 6 Meteorite ore and 1 Fallen star. It's used to make Star based weapons.

(Sprite by Blu)
Sky Shard:
'The sky is falling!'
An item dropped from star screamers.

(Sprite by PRYZM)
Stellar Lens:
'Malluable, yet almost as strong as steel'
An item dropped from star screamers.

(Sprites by PRYZM)
Cram Buckets:
Items sold by Tim the Shadow Orb for 20 Gold Coins. It does literally nothing.

(Sprite By PRYZM)
Cram Sword:
Damage: 20 Melee
Speed: Very Fast
Knockback: Very Strong

(Sprite by Blu, Resprited by Spearment.)
Starmor armor:
Starmor armor is an early game armor which allows you to have permanent horseshoe and red balloon effect, +1 minion, and +2% damage.

(Sprite by Spearment)
Star Screamer:
The star screaming is a variation of the Demon Eye enemy in which they have collided with a fallen star. This enemy is still being worked on so I don't know it's stats.

(Sprite by PRYZM)
The Nightmoth is intended as a pre-hardmode version of the Mothron which spawns (rarely) during Blood Moons. Although it has its own music composed by me, it is very early in concept as it's sprite isn't even completed. We haven't even decided on how much health it will have.

("Sprite" by PRYZM)
Death Tim:
This boss is honestly just a :red:post boss. There's currently no way to spawn him in without cheat sheet. He has 9999 health and 9999 Defense, but does 1 damage. His fight is hella boring, along with the painfully horrible music I have created, makes this truly an exhausting boss to fight.
Tim the Shadow Orb.png

(Sprite by PRYZM)
Tim the Shadow Orb:
Tim is a new Town NPC being added to the mod. He is an egotistical vender who sells extremely overpriced items. However, he will be needed to get the other Town NPCs this mod will have, who will actually sell decent items.
Nightmoth's Theme

All songs in the OST are composed by me.


Rydia Mod Developer Credits:

PRYZM - Project Leader, Music Composer, Spriter, Coder

Cynx303 - Secondary Project Leader, Spriter

AndrewIDFK - Coder

BluStryke - Spriter

Spearmint - Some Sprites​
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Duke Fishron
Well hey, the sprites are awesome, and the format is good, so I'm looking forward to future progress! :D Thank you for the mod!


You say you need help with anything for RYDIA, but do you have anything more specific? I wanna know if I could possibly help out. (I'm a coder, not a spriter)


Official Terrarian
UPDATE: Added Unproperly Sprited Object info to the main thread. As well as info on the current devs of the mod.


The Destroyer
I'm loving some of these ideas, the star fused meteorite adds a use for meteorite and fallen stars later on, which otherwise become obsolete, and the town npc is quirky


Official Terrarian
Updated description with info on who did which sprites, in case you needed to know.
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