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tModLoader RYDIA MOD


Official Terrarian
Version 1.1.0 is officially released, you can download it on the mod browser or in this thread.


I hadn't checked this page for a whioe and decided to check it today. When I saw that it's released, I immediatelly installed it and tested it. After all, I've got mixed opinion about what I'd seen.
I will start giving my opinion from things I liked about this mod. I liked weapons. My favourite weapons in this mod are Bone Zone and Aquatic slicer. Aquadizer is good too! Also, I liked all that Tim's content idea. I want to see what other content will he sell in future!
Now I'm going to write about things, I didn't like (and also about bugs):
1. Sprites. Most sprites of this mod aren't terraria styled (mostly Spearment's and Andrew's sprites). They have not very good palettes and have non-terraria styled shading. That is not good and, In my opinion, should be fixed. Try looking at Thorium's sprites because they are great examples of how should good terraria styled sprites look.
2. I think, that white is not a good color for water explosions, Aquadizer does. Maybe it should be cyan.
3. King NPC doesn't sell Rydia blade. Maybe, king NPC is unobtainabke for now, because I spawned him with cheats and maybe that the case. Then, sorry.
4. Description says there are 2 bosses in a mod. But Night moth isn't even in game. Maybe you should change the decription. Also, in my opinion, publicly releasing a mod , which is still very WIP, is't a good idea.
All in all, this mod looks very promising and I'm waiting for further updates. (Also, was name Star Screamer planned as a reference to Starscream from Transformers? If yes, that's very good, because Transformers G1 is my favourite cartoon ever, so I accept any references to that)!


Official Terrarian
Try looking at Thorium's sprites...
>Thorium sprites

Okay, but for real, thanks for the feedback on the mod, the King NPC is in fact still very wip and isn't meant to be played with. Also, the nightmoth was removed because it was a crappy idea for it to be a boss. I also didn't really notice the water explosion colors as I didn't work on them but I can take a look at them.

Although I honestly disagree with you on the sprites, especially when it comes to Spearmint's sprites. But I'm in the process of respriting everything.


i don't know why but when ever i try and update the mod nothing happens, any ideas?

Edit: I've left the game running for a few hours now and the mod isn't updating. (i started the game before i posted)
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What version is Rydia mod for you? Maybe you have the newest version of the mod and tModLoader might be broken instead.
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