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Working as Designed Sandgun Placing Sand During Old Ones Army


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At first i wasn't going to post this because i thought of a simple workaround, but then it didn't work. So here i am. During the old ones army you can still use a sand gun to place sand blocks. Over time this can becomes very annoying because you cant shoot through them, nor can you break them. This bug/announce was also present in. 1.3.5 i believe.

The solution that i thought of was to place torches on every ground block so sand couldn't place. But for some reason whenever a sand block would hit an enemy or another block above a torch, it would still place on top of the torches.

It would be nice if this were to be fixed sometime in the future.

First Boss

The Destroyer
i have a question about your bug. how does the placed sand affect the Old One's Army enemies during the event? Do the enemies just phase through?


There are several sources that would still allow you to break through the Creative Shock rule.
But because they're becoming ghosts, the block placement is more of a self-created hindrance.

My advice: Don't use the Sandgun against Old One's Army.
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