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I leave this here.

Plans for future updates:
Lucky Finish
-add acesorries that changes the chances
-add Lucky Harvest mechanic

-add support for more mods

Useful Junk
-add means to get dirt out of organic materials (almost done)
-add support for other mods

And last thing, i will in future port Hidden in Grass mod from tConfig.
would it be possible to remake your lucky finish in tmodloader?, just downloaded the files and looking for ways to convert it but there does not seem to be a globalmod class, which may be a problem
Im trying to convert lucky finish but im having some problems, should probably do some full reading on the hooks, don't know how to put in the sound nor how to get the player position to display the text
I could probably make it work but it would be without sounds and texts, so it would be hard to tell if it worked, was going to try and convert it just to have some practice in tmodloader, plust luckyfinish takes out a lot of the grind needed for gearing up, and i'm not the biggest fan of grinding for hours
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