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Music Silver's music/art thread


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Skeletron Prime
Random sprites:
Crimtane longbow.png
Vamp bow.png



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The art's cool, but I didn't really like the music.

No offense, but it kinda felt like you just went online, found a flash tool for creating "chiptune" and spammed notes on the drawing board while extending one or two. They lacked a good melody, were repetitive, weren't loud enough (in fact, they were rather quiet), were completely mono, weren't mixed well, had poor choices for instruments, and some songs were just messy overall.

Whatever DAW you're using, I think you should switch to something more professional like Mixcraft 7 or FL Studio, or even FamiTracker, because I can already tell the DAW you're using to make these tracks isn't very effective or good at making music.

I'd recommend taking some tutorials online for making good melodies and good music overall. Websites like macProVideo and YouTube have great tutorials on how to make music. Don't try to self-teach yourself, either - I went that route and regretted it very quick.

Pre-made loops work for making good music too, but I wouldn't recommend that route because you WILL be asked for what VSTs you used, and that isn't really easy to answer unless you went with MIDI loops.

Lastly, up the overall quality on your tracks. They sound like they're below 192kbs (at least through my headphones), and that isn't really a good quality to have your tracks below. Save them in 192kbs, or even 320kbs if you can.

I'm sorry if this sounded like I was hating on your music or anything. I'm not - I'm just giving you some criticism so you can use it to improve your tracks in the future. You have the ability to make your music way better than it is as of now.

Well, that's all I have to say at the moment about music. Now onto art...

The art was pretty neat. I liked it. Only thing to complain about here is that the trees in your 5th picture looked copied and pasted, and the second bow in your pixel art looked a little blurry. But overall it was pretty good. Keep it up! Sorry that I can't give much criticism about the art, but I'm not exactly an artist, so yeah.

Well, that's all for now. I hope you found my comments as helpful and not hateful. :p


Skeletron Prime
The art's cool, but I didn't really like the music.
it was my first time ever making music, it was made on some random thing i found and i really only liked one of the tracks i made. plus, to make it a video for youtube, i really had to reduce the quality of it... im going to get a better music-making thing later and ill be sure to make something far better with it.

and yes the trees are copy/pasted, im making a better background though that looks way better.
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