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Sprites Skull Traps:

Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
(Note: You may not use my suggestion in any mods, as I am currently in the process of making a mod of my own that is implementing most of my suggestions. Thank you for understanding!)
(Dang it's been a while since I made a suggestion.)
Currently, dart traps generate all over in the underground, and even in the dungeon as well. However, I think the dungeon could be a bit more unique if it had its own sort of dart trap that was exclusive to the dungeon. With that, I present to you a new danger for the dungeon, the Skull Trap!

Skull Trap.png

Skull traps will replace dart traps in the generation of the dungeon. When activated by wires, a crossbones similar to the ones shot by the bone glove will be released. This projectile will bounce off of blocks and entities up to 5 times at a quick speed, dealing 25 damage. When placed, they face the way that the player is facing and can be changed with a hammer.
This simple addition could add a bit of spice to the dungeon that could help it be a little bit more of a unique place to visit in the game.​
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Oh, this would add SO much to the Dungeon's vibe; the Dart Trap is the one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb, arguably almost as much as the Blazing Wheel.
I'm for it.

Omega Dapling

I love this! There's so much puzzle potential here for adventure maps. (seriously, having a bouncy trap that actually goes places and isn't super random in it's pattern would be amazing)
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