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Slim Player & Female NPC Texture packs


Official Terrarian
Hey, I have been trying to change the sprites for town npcs and was wondering how you did it? I cant seem to get the texture pack to replace the townnpcs for tmodloader...
The 1.4 W.I.P. package or 1.3.5 package? :dryadrolleyes:


Official Terrarian
Finally finished with the new Previews here's a couple:

New Vanity sets

the 1.35 package, want to do it for tmodloader
Unless your going to make it work for T-Mod yourself, It isn't going to work with T-Mod as it wasn't made for it
which is what i though you were trying... :dryadrolleyes:

T-Mod isn't a requirement, and isn't listed as such nor in the readme
However People requested the previous version for 1.3.5 (so it's the oppesite way around)
as T-mod apparently makes 1.4 run as 1.3.5 or does it convert 1.4 back into 1.3.5?, no idea %:sigh:
and thous i don't know how to help you with such...
I would suggest you try and talk to someone more in the know about the current version of T-Mod :dryadwink:

Making it for "Texture pack" feature on the other hand, is another thing :dryadwink:
But that requires everything loads and isn't ignored...
like the Player character was in the "Experimental" Textureapack feature back in Terraria 1.3.4 %:sigh:
and a few other things....
but that is something i will look into later, when i have made everything planned so far :dryadtongue:

or probably beginning with "wave 3" hmmm.... :dryadindifferent:
as I'm Fairly sure the Add-ons would had worked, doing the "Beta" for the Texturepacks Feature
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