Texture Pack Slim Terrarians & Monster Girls

I noticed something about this resource pack as I was trying out various popular ones. Some (not sure how many; I didn't do any extensive testing) costumes end up giving the player bad posture. It looks like your head is hung. I'm not sure if this is deliberate or if some sprites got misaligned, but I suspect that this would look better if the entire body was shifted one pixel to the right. It would put the feet in the same position as the vanilla feet.

I started playing Terraria in July 2011, back then there were no Female Player sprite, only Male sprite with 1 outfit some 20 hair styles, where Gender were just an option of either "Ugh" and "Ouf" when hurt.

I think it were in August-October were i began worked on making my Player sprite
back then it were Exclusive Female Player Sprite as there were only 1 Player sprite

i based on Original the Male Player Sprite, but shrunk it inward 1 pixel from either side to to be less bulky and feminine, but i keept that shape more or less for Armor.
Which meant the legs and feet were shrunk 1 pixel backwards, as that looked like a more natural standing pose

and hands were shrunk from 3x3 to 2x2 pixels, back then the Arms looked a'bit like the Dryad/Nurses.

If you look at the Original Female Player, the feet seem to be 1 pixel too much forward

and the shoulder right below her ear, and where is her neck?

This is what changing the head position would look like:

Not to Forget the hundreds of files that would be needed to edited either way this is changed (head or body)
which didn't look like an Improvement, rather uncanny now that the neck is gone again

Unlike the other Major Tweaks i did to the Fore Arm, to fix an layering issue with Scarfs
and Plated pants animations adjustments to smooth out the animation
Which both were hundreds of files and took weeks to updates, but at least i could see an improvement

Also it would seem i had forgotten to Release the comparability Fix for the "Female Townies" Pack here

I've now made it Available
So lovely, makes my character SO much nicer to look at, & the outfits fit so much better (she looks more like me, yay!). <3

...Is there any chance that the "Slim & Curvy Player" version that's available on Steam, will also be available as standalone texture pack? 🥹 It's such an improvement over the original "Slim Player", & I'd love to have it for non-Steam play too.
So lovely, makes my character SO much nicer to look at, & the outfits fit so much better (she looks more like me, yay!). <3

...Is there any chance that the "Slim & Curvy Player" version that's available on Steam, will also be available as standalone texture pack? 🥹 It's such an improvement over the original "Slim Player", & I'd love to have it for non-Steam play too.
I'm glad to hear you like My Alternate "Silm & Curvy" Player Sprite

and Sorry that I forgot to release it and my other Newer TexturePacks here...

I've Made the "Slim & Curvy" Packs Available:
Slim & Curvy Player Sprite (Curvy)
Add-on: Dryad-Deer Costume (Curvy)
Add-on: Commander Keen Costume (Curvy)

> Slim & Curvy Player Sprite v1.12.2 - (1,05 MB)
> Dryad Deer Costume (Curvy) v1.1 - (12 KB)
> Commander Keen Costume (Curvy) v1.0 - (27 KB)

and the other "Steam Exclusive" Texturepacks

Add-on: Player Sprite Blush
Add-on: Centaur Mount: Dark Mare
Add-on: Unicorn Centaur: Old Saddle
Add-on: Commander Keen Costume (Slim)

> Player Sprite Blush v1.0 - (8 KB)
> Centaur Mount: Dark Mare v1.3 - (13 KB)
> Centaur Unicorn: Old Saddle - v1.3 - (14 KB)
> Commander Keen Costume (Slim) v1.0 - (27 KB)
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I've made 2 new Vanity Add-on packs:
Longer Player Shirts; Changes all shirts to be Longer to cover up the midriff of the Female Player Sprite, same with Robes and Armors

Female Townies Vanity Sets, Let you wear 12 of the outfits worn by my Female Townies NPCs

"Slim" versions:

> Longer Player Shirts (Slim) - v1.0 - (176 KB)
> Female Townies Vanity Sets (Slim) - v1.0 - (68 KB)

"Slim & Curvy" versions

> Longer Player Shirts (Curvy) - v1.0 - (184 KB)
> Female Townies Vanity Sets (Curvy) - v1.0 - (68 KB)
erm what the sigma
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ok like im genuinely confused as to why this exists

whose idea was this
I mean, the first post lists out the attributes of the texture pack in great detail explaining everything, and you can see that Zilem created the pack so there shouldn’t be confusion.

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ok like im genuinely confused as to why this exists

whose idea was this
As Unit One said, My Slim Terrarians & MontserGirls Texturepack, it's Add-ons and Alternate Packs exists because I Created it

That is the Teal;Deer version of it, This is the Looong:

Back in Early Summer 2011 Started Playing Terraria, which I think were 1.0.4 (which is almost the Undeluxe Edition)
and Created Female a Character and Noticed the only Difference between Male and Female were just the Hurt sound of "Ugh!" and "Ouf!"
The Default Clothes were the same for both genders of the Player sprite, but you did have Feminine hair style options
Though Terraria's Player Sprite seemed a'bit Blocky to my liking

While Minecraft didn't catch me, like it did so many that I knew...
Terraria However absolutely did! probably because It reminded me of the 2D side scrollers i played as Kid

of the likes of: Commander Keen, Cosmos, Bio Menace, Jill of the Jungle, Xargon, Duke Nukem, Hocus Pocus and Jazz Jackrabbit.

One of the funny things in the Early versions in Terraria i recall were fighting Zombies in the Night
and the Guide kept letting in for unknown reason, It seemed like as soon they knocked on the Doors He just went to open them and let them in.
Which were baffling, yet at the same time also Hilarious.

Unfortunately not many days after I started playing Terraria, I ended up breaking my Right Hand

and then had it put in a Plaster Caste so using a Mouse were not easy, as my hand floated about the Mouse due to the plaster caster my hand were in

However that wasn't that much of an Issue playing Terraria as i just had to click to swing a Sword and moving around were with my left hand

Though Digging however and sorting items however required me to use Both hands to move the cursor around

Nor I were also unable to Draw the skins I were working on at the time...
le sigh...

So I were Playing a'lot of Terraria while my broken hand were inside the Plaster caste, sometimes with Friends which helped

One day Browsing the old Forums (on Cursed) I found out people have found out how to use custom sprites for Terraria
So I got the tools and extracted the sprites and started looking into the Sprites and Textures of Terraria.
But also the tools needed to get Terraria to use Custom sprites so I also Downloaded some Texturepacks to test with

When I Finally got my hand out of the Plaster caste and began the re-training my wrist muscles
In the beginning I were just dragging and pushing my mouse around as my right arm as wrist did not have to strength to move the mouse on it's own...

and I had to use my left hand to Support my right hand when I needed to drink something from a Glass..
But with Terraria making this time more bearable... I really wanted to make something for it

So began Tinkering with the Sprites I had extracted from Terraria.
By first Assembling the Player Sprite in a layered Photoshop document, to Figuring out how it were Layered while, while comparing it to Ingame

Then Began tinkering with Making a Female Terraria sprite and making Her Slimmer then the Original Player sprite, with smaller hands like the Nurse and Dryad Townies
But also showing the Midriff to make Her appear more Feminine

and and I though she looked descent (from my first ever created sprite) I began working on the Vanity sets and Armors sets (which were just a Handful compared to now)
I though about the Idea to making the Vanity sets form fit like the Default outfit, But keeping Armors Bulky so they looked like thick Armor

It also became easier to sprite and play the Terraria as my right wrist recovered it's strength and I were able to again use a Mouse like before I broke my hand

I released my Female Terraria Player Sprite Texturepack on the old Terraria Forum on Cursed Gaming on the 3th of November 2011.
I think it were around that time or a couple days later that Tiy posted a Teaser about a Female Player sprite coming in 1.1
Which I though were Hilarious timing

and that is Pretty much It

I have since made a'lot of Tweaks and re-designs of my Terraria Player Sprite and Options for my Player Sprites and Outfits.
and Re-spriting the Townies to fit the same the same Style as my Player Sprites
But also turned many of the enemies NPC into cute "MonsterGirls", some of which also have Friendly variants like the Centaurs

as Terraria have a Special place in my Heart

The "Female Vanity Set" Pack were a Request by Caca and a few others on Stream
They really liked the Designs and would love to be able wear them themselves.

and "Longer Player Shirts" were a Request by MiniMina on Steam.
As they wanted the Midriff to be covered up for my Female Player Sprites.

Though I do wonder if I should make a "Female Vanity Set" for the Original Player sprite?
If people do want that, would they let me know?
Otherwise I have something else I'm working on
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