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**REPORTED** Some NPCs do not move into their homes on a night/raning


Skeletron Prime
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Windows 10
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I'm having issues when leaving the area, during the night or whiles its raining, with assigned NPCs to their homes they refused to teleport to there location, this is making it harder to acquire the respected pylons, or just wanting them to move altogether

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I'm also having this issue. System information is the same as OP, also only since 1.4.1 update. In other words I don't think this has to do with weird house designs, even normal square rooms with just the basics are having issues for me. Having to kill NPCs for them to maybe end up in the right spot is definitely not optimal.


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Mostly its been ultra-narrow houses with very little standing space, but its also possible that the position of the chair might be an issue.

Don't need to worry about it, we've got it identified and it should work better in the next hotfix :)


Skeletron Prime
I mean, all my rooms are like 12 blocks wide to 7 blocks tall with 1 table and 1 chair, nothing narrow, or small, but still, these NPCs need to behave, or they'll get a boop on the noggin
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