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WIP Space Expansion


Empress of Light
Right off the bat, I'd like to acknowledge that similar concepts have been done plenty of times before. I'm just giving my own ideas, and any similarities to others are not intentional plagiarism. Also, this idea is still in its development stages, and will be significantly expanded upon later.

So Space in Terraria has always felt a little strange to me, just being a dark section with lower gravity at the very top of the world. Sure, there are floating islands in and just below it, but they feel quite separate, and only two types of enemies ever spawn there. It just feels like there could be more, especially since it has received very few additions since its conception.

My idea first involves the world being a decent bit taller, maybe 500-1000 tiles on a medium world. However, entering that area beyond the current upper boundary would cause you to quickly start losing air, and it emptying (which would take about 10 seconds) causing instant death, as opposed to the slow damage of drowning. Even things that let you breathe underwater wouldn't help much, as the Diving Helmet and its tinkers would only let you survive a little bit longer before your inevitable demise, and the Gills Potion would have no effect. However, you would be able to explore it eventually.

The first time you beat the Golem (I like the idea of more map areas being restricted until later in progression), you would be granted an item that can be consumed once, and doing so would let you breathe in Space forever. In the new farther reaches beyond the atmosphere, gravity would be the same as it is at the very top of the current world, and there would be a number of planetoids and asteroids not very far out.

The planetoids and asteroids would be made of new materials, a number of which share names with real elements, and the asteroids would contain small veins of Meteorite. There would also be some new, rarer materials found deep within the planetoids, such as Dark Matter, and these materials would allow the crafting of some unique and valuable items. You could also find the occasional structure, some being made of existing materials (such as Meteorite Brick), and others being made of new materials. These structures would contain furniture and chests, with some unique loot.

Miscellaneous Items:

A simple stone block, with a brown, porous texture. It makes up the asteroids floating around in space.

A basic block, which is black and rough, and composes some of the planetoids.

Star Block:
A block sometimes found forming small, round structures that sit separately from other landmasses. The block itself is bright yellow and lets off a decent amount of light, being very reminiscent of a Fallen Star. They can be used to make unique furniture using a Star Forge (a fun reference for those who understand it), which are sometimes found in structures next to chests.

Dark Matter:
A rare ore-like material sometimes found in small veins inside of planetoids. It is pitch black, and can be used to craft unique items.

Durable Membrane:
A material obtained from Giant Tardigrades. It can be used to craft unique items.

Liquid Claw:
A rare material obtained from Giant Tardigrades. It can be used to craft a Liquid Hook.

Celestial Feather:
A crafting material used for some special items, obtained from this area's boss.

Martian Radio:
Summons Martian Madness. Occasionally found in Space chests, and has a chance to be dropped by Martian Satellites.


Rocket-Powered Lance:
115 Melee Damage
10% Critical Strike Chance
Fast Speed
Very Strong Knockback
A long and very fast spear found in Space chests. It launches a high-velocity projectile that travels in a perfectly straight line and deals 75% of the damage of the physical weapon. The projectile pierces up to 3 enemies, triggering a small explosion with each hit that deals very high knockback, and every enemy hit by the projectile itself will be inflicted with On Fire! for 10 seconds, and will be hit with a second explosion two seconds later.

Quasar Cannon:
75 Magic Damage
4% Critical Strike Chance
Slow Speed
Weak Knockback
Fires a slow-moving black hole
This magic gun is crafted with 25 Dark Matter, 10 Spectre Bars, and 10 Fallen Stars. It is somewhat similar to Magnet Sphere, but the projectile fired is somewhat faster, and more than one can exist at a time. The black holes are large, and continuously hit enemies, piercing infinitely and only stopping upon hitting a block. It is a great weapon against large crowds, and could also be useful against large or slow bosses.

Orbital Chakram:
90 Melee Damage
4% Critical Strike Chance
Very Fast Speed
Very Strong Knockback
Stacks up to 5
These stacking boomerangs are each crafted with a Light Disc, 8 Dark Matter, and 5 Celestial Feathers. They are a direct upgrade to the Light Discs, and travel somewhat farther, as well as moving much faster both while travelling away from you and returning to your hand. They slightly home in on enemies, and also bounce between enemies, as well as off of walls. Additionally, right-clicking will cause them to quickly orbit you at close range several times before returning, and any of them can be thrown in either way at any time, allowing you to have some orbiting you while still keeping others free to use their long-ranged attack.

Galaxy's Arm:
85 Summon Damage
25 Summon Tag Damage
10% Summon Tag Critical Strike Chance
Fast Speed
Weak Knockback
Hits three times
"What kind of arm has three hands?"
A whip with a 20% chance to drop from this area's boss. It is black with a starry pattern, and splits off into 3 heads partway down the whip. The three heads hit one after the other in rapid succession, and do not activate enemy invincibility frames. The whip has high range and speed, and because it is obtained later than any other, it is intended to be the best whip in the game.


Dark Matter Armour:
Crafted with Dark Matter, and another undecided material (probably one that drops from an enemy).
Class-neutral armour (since there is basically none this late in the game). It provides 48 defence, +20% damage, +15% critical strike chance, +10% movement speed, -20% ammo and mana usage, +60 mana, +15% melee speed, and +2 minions. It has a set bonus that causes blobs of dark matter to be sent out as projectiles every 5 seconds while attacking. These blobs move somewhat slowly, and begin falling quickly after a few seconds of moving forward. Upon touching an enemy or block, they trigger a small explosion, dealing 120 class-neutral damage within the radius, and inflicting "Particle Disruption" (30DPS and -30% movement speed) for 5 seconds. Wearing the full set also causes dark particles to float towards your character.

Enhancement Chip:
An accessory of alien origin found in chests in Space. It enhances physical abilities, granting a 10% increase to mining speed, melee speed, and movement speed.

Alien Lens:
A tinker of the Enhancement Chip and the Eye of the Golem. It combines the effects of both accessories, and grants a minor boost to night vision.

Astronaut Gear:
A tinker of the Enhancement Chip and the Arctic Diving Gear. It loses the effects of the Enhancement Chip, but grants infinite underwater breathing, 3 defence, and the ability to "swim" in Space (on top of all of the abilities of the Arctic Diving Gear). It also increases horizontal speed while submerged in liquid, or in Space.

Unstable Portal Device:
An accessory of alien origin found in chests in Space. Allows you to walk through one solid tile, or go up or down through one solid tile by holding in the corresponding direction.

Enhanced Portal Device:
A tinker of the Enhancement Chip and Unstable Portal Device. Grants effects of both accessories, and increases the solid tile limit to 3.

Phantom Walkers:
A tinker of the Enhanced Portal Device, Spectre Boots, Tabi, and 10 Ectoplasm. Grants effects of Spectre Boots and Enhanced Portal Device, and increases the solid tile limit to 5. Allows you to perform a teleportation dash, which instantly transports you to the final dash location, but halts all momentum in the process.

Astro Wings:
Wings crafted with 10 Celestial Feathers, 10 Dark Matter, and 20 Souls of Flight. They have equivalent stats to other pre-Moon Lord wings, but with slightly increased horizontal and vertical flight speed. While equipped, Space has the same gravitational pull as other layers, essentially turning off the granted "floatiness".

Liquid Hook:
A grappling hook crafted with 2 Liquid Claws, 10 Durable Membrane, and 12 Dark Matter. Has comparable range to the hooks from the Pumpkin and Frost Moons, and two tethers that can be fired simultaneously. Shoots out and pulls you in quickly, and gives you normal speed while grappling into liquids. Also gives you immunity to lava as long as you are connected by at least one tether, but you lose immunity the moment you let go.

Elder Amulet:
An Expert Mode accessory. Causes stardust trails to follow you as you move through the air, which last for a few seconds and repeatedly deal 30 armour-piercing damage with no knockback to enemies who touch them. They also rain a few energy bolts below them, which deal 100 damage and weak knockback. This accessory should hopefully provide a decent increase to DPS while above enemies, and also provide some general safety with a trail of passive damage always following you through the air.

Ancient Ash:
A Master Mode light pet. Summons a Phoenix Chick to fly close and provide light for you. It also highlights enemies, similarly to the Hunter Potion, when they get within 25 tiles.


Astro Crawler:
A medium sized, insect-like worm enemy who can move through blocks or Space. Not too fast, but with a sizeable chunk of health, and a significant amount of damage dealt by the head.

Celestial Squid:
A green squid with long tentacles who "bloops" its way towards you at pretty high speeds. It does decent contact damage, or can shoot an inky projectile at medium range that inflicts Darkness.

Giant Tardigrade:
If you don't know what a tardigrade is, look it up; they're pretty great. It is an uncommon enemy with a sizeable amount of health, and it is able to float around, but it's relatively slow. It attacks by spitting orbs of water, which move fairly quickly. It drops 1-3 pieces of Durable Membrane, and has a chance to drop a Liquid Claw (a reference to a tardigrade's "water bear" nickname).

Martian Satellite:
A rare enemy that somewhat resembles a Martian Saucer, but is smaller (and certainly less deadly). It periodically fires laser projectiles that do decent damage, but aren't too hard to dodge with good mobility. It has a solid amount of health, but killing it drops a few pieces of Martian Conduit Plating. The main appeal of the enemy, however, is its chance to drop a Martian Radio, so you can summon Martian Madness without having to seek out a Martian Probe.


Elder Birdron (Name subject to change):
A giant blue eagle with a strange helmet covering most of his head, with only two small slits for his eyes from which bright blue light can be seen. The insides of his wings have a night sky pattern.
Summoned through some undecided method, this ancient and powerful bird is not to be messed with, as his difficulty is slightly greater than that of the Empress of Light or Duke Fishron, considering he is only accessible in a post-Golem area. He attempts to circle around the player, shooting spreads of glowing feathers, and spitting clouds of stardust that linger for several seconds. He can also let out a screech to summon a group of four Ancient Phoenixes, who attack by spitting fire.
When his health gets down a short ways past half, his helmet will burst off, revealing that he has three large, glowing blue eyes. He will now shoot quick laser beams from his eyes, and spit a large stardust cloud into the sky that rains energy for a short duration. He will also shoot three spreads of feathers one after another, and can summon six Ancient Phoenixes at once. In Expert and Master Mode, when his health gets down to about a sixth, he will quickly summon eight Ancient Phoenixes and quickly absorb them, into his wings, causing his eyes to turn fiery orange, and he now attacks only by shooting continuous spreads of feathers, and charging a powerful laser blast that uses all three of his eyes.
Upon defeating Birdron, he will drop some Celestial Feathers, and one of five undecided equipment items. He also, of course, has a chance to drop a mask, and will grant Master Mode players a relic. In Expert Mode, he will drop the Elder Amulet, and in Master Mode, he has a chance to drop the Ancient Ash.

As I stated in the beginning, this idea is still in its early stages, and I mostly just wanted to get some basic ideas down. I do plan to expand it into something significant, with full info on all of the items, enemies, and more. My main goal is not to make it redundant with Martian Madness or the Lunar Events, so everything should be fairly unique, and (with a few exceptions) as separate as possible. Feel free to leave me any criticism or suggestions you can think of.
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Skeletron Prime
This seems like a very unique idea! I think it would be cool if space had certain "sub-layers" (think Calamity mod abyss) that you need to get certain gear to survive in, e.g. meteorite tier gear, mech boss tier gear, Golem tier gear.
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