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PC Special effect for gem staves

What do you think?

  • Honestly, this is needed. Gem staves could need some special effects!

    Votes: 5 100.0%
  • Gem staves are already okay as they are right now.

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Empress of Light
Hello everyone and welcome to my newest suggestion. This time, we take a look at gem staves.

They all do the same thing - shoot a gem bolt. Time to give them special effects, huh?

Amethyst Staff and Topaz Staff should be able to stun the enemys shortly. Good for stopping them so you can beat them with ease.
Emerald Staff and Sapphire Staff should shoot a projectile which splits into gem shards on contact with a enemy, dealing little extra damage. A bit more magical killing power, I guess.
Amber Staff should split into 4 smaller bolts on impact with a block or enemy, to hit bystanding enemys.
Diamond Staff and Ruby Staff should have a slight homing on enemys, if hit, the bolt will release some less damaging gem shards which bounce around a bit. Perfect for open areas.

So, actually, that's it already. Have other ideas for the staves? Write it down below.
I really like this - it adds an extra layer to these staves that makes them a bit more interesting to use. Something to make each one distinct aside from a different sprite
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