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PC Special effects for some new Minecarts


There are many new Minecarts added in 1.4, but most of them give no special effects, so here is some ideas about adding special effects on some minecarts:

Gem minecarts: Give some defense (similar to Mechanical Cart, 2~7 depending on speed), also deal higher damage when hitting an enemy on the rail (perhaps the same as Mechanical Cart).

Desert Minecart: +0.2 luck in dessert, immune to Mighty Wind.

Bee Minecart: Can move without slowed down in honey, +0.2 luck if with honeyed buff.

Ladybug Minecart: +0.2~0.4 luck depending on speed.

Pigron Minecart: Allow double jump and negate fall damage (if not fall on a minecart track).

Sunflower Minecart: Provides Happy buff. (reduce enemy spawn) when moving.

Shroom Minecart: Increased light (similar to Mining Helmet, though with different color).

Beetle Minecart: Give up to three beetles that have 10~30% damage reduction (similar the Beetle Shell) when moving. If wearing Beetle armor, it reduces the time needed to produce beetle instead.

Party Wagon: Confetti effect when you hit some enemies.

The Dutchman: Throws small cannon balls that deal 40 damage at top speed (a small exploration, and it only damages enemies below you).

Coffin Minecart: Increased enemy spawn rate (similar to a water candle), enemies are more likely to target you.

Steampunk Minecart: Higher damage, acceleration and top speed (maybe around 80 mph, weaker than Mechanical Cart, but better than others). So it can be an upgrade to normal minecart in normal mode.

Meowmere Minecart: Shoots the Meowmere projectiles at top speed. (random directions, the projectiles are the same as the Meowmere sword and deal 200 damage)

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