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PC Stardust Guardian Vanity

Would you like to see this vanity item?

  • Definitely!

    Votes: 6 66.7%
  • Why not

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • Nope

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters

Black Scythe

The Stardust Guardian is a minion summoned when you wear a full set of Stardust Armor and you can order it to guard an area and it gathers aggro to take enemies off you.

I love how the Stardust Guardian looks and you can even dye it! The problem is.. you need to wear that full set of stardust armor to have it around.
I prefer to play the mage style personally so it's such a shame that I can't have him around when I want to use my mage gear..

Now here's the point, can't we have a vanity item(Accessory) that summons him?(Of course as vanity, he won't be able to do anything other than follow you around)
It could be a rare drop from the stardust pillar or any of the stardust enemies around the pillar, if you wear both the vanity stardust guardian and the full set of stardust armor, the stardust armor will negate the vanity item to make sure it won't overlap.

It's just such a shame I can't have that awesome guardian follow me when I want to use my mage gear, I keep switching to minion armor just because I want him around. :sigh:

Chaotic Note

But then you wear the actual armor as vanity as well, what if I want to wear a costume and have the guardian as vanity while wearing mage gear?
Then an actual solution would be to have the Star Guardian as a Pet, or a Light Pet since it seems to glow. Or a summon separate from the Stardust armor altogether.


I'd prefer it to be a pet. He's worth :red: in battle as it is, doing 25 damage to zombies. At least buff the hell out of his damage, or make him affected by the stat increases from the armor.
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