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    Something that's been in the game for a long time, was recently expanded somewhat in Patch 1.3.1, but it still feels incomplete and I think we could do better. It's one of those things in the game that I feel could serve a better purpose, and could be done a better way.

    Step 1: Take the current statues off the Heavy Workbench. (that way, you won't clutter your crafting lists up while standing near one with some stone blocks in your inventory)
    Step 2: New Crafting Machine: Sculptor's Bench. (12 Wood, 8 Iron/Lead Bar)
    Step 3: 3 New Classes of Items: Statue Base, Unfinished Statue, Statue Heart
    Step 4: Make a statue for every monster in the game except for Pirates, Goblins, Solar Eclipse, Pumpkin Moon, Frost Moon, Martians, Worms, Crawltipedes, and Wyverns.
    Step 5: Give mimics a 1% chance to drop one of their items (so that they are in line with all the other enemy statues).
    Step 6: Enemies spawned by statues will not drop items if killed by lava (Player's Weapon, Player's Projectile, or Player's Minion is the only way to get drops).

    Statue Base

    This is how we are going to categorize statues: We don't want a huge mega list of statues whenever we stand near the Sculptor's Bench, do we? No, we don't... so... Let's do this:

    Artistic Statue Base: Stone Block x10 (Text Statues, statues that have no function, King&Queen Statue, etc)
    Forest Statue Base: Stone Block x5, Dirt Block x5
    Jungle Statue Base: Stone Block x5, Mud Block x5
    Dungeon Statue Base: Stone Block x5, Dungeon Block (any) x5
    Sky Statue Base: Stone Block x5, Cloud Block x5
    Ocean Statue Base: Stone Block x5, Coral x5
    Cavern Statue Base: Stone Block x10
    Hallow Statue Base: Stone Block x5, Pearlstone Block x5
    Crimson Statue Base: Stone Block x5, Crimstone x5

    And all monsters would be grouped logically under their respective base.

    Unfinished Statue

    This is simply the unfinished statue, before sculpting. It'd simply look like a rounded block of stone that's ready to carve. Stone Block x10.

    Statue Heart

    Only Hardmode Enemies would need Statue Hearts; these are to limit the player from crafting statues of enemies they cannot meet yet:

    Statue Heart: 5x Soul of Light, 5x Soul of Night
    Lihzarhd Statue Heart: 5x Soul of Light, 5x Soul of Night, 5x Lihzarhd Block
    Dungeon Statue Heart: 5x Soul of Light, 5x Soul of Night, 5x Ectoplasm
    Celestial Statue Heart: 5x Soul of Light, 5x Soul of Night, 5x Luminite Bar

    Optional: Enemies spawned by Celestial Statues would have a 5% chance of dropping Luminite Ore, and a 10% chance of dropping their respective Pillar Fragment, 1 item per drop. It'd be a nice alternative to farming Moon Lord over and over and over and over and over again.

    Once we do all of this, the statue recipe is simple:

    1x Statue Base + 1x Unfinished Statue + 1x Statue Heart (only for Hardmode Enemies) = Statue.

    EDIT: Easymode/Artistic Statues would still randomly spawn in cabins. IMO, Mimic Statues should not as they are Hardmode enemies.
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  2. Mythical Golden Bunny

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    100% support. This would add more control to the player in allowing them to make whatever statue they want instead of being subject to the worldgen. Not lagging my brains out from statue dropped items, produced from my heart generators, building up during the Moon Lord fight is nice too.
  3. SourSlime

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    It's a great idea, but I honestly think bomb, heart and mana (and fish cause goldfish are rare) statues shouldn't be craftable
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  4. Xylia

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    Goldfish can no longer be caught with bug nets (being critters and all), Bombs are dime-a-dozen anyways (seriously, in a playthrough I find and sell 500+ of them), even from near the beginning of the game. Probably first foray into the caves, I come out with 20 bombs anyways.

    Heart/Mana Statues, anybody who makes an arena featuring those is probably going to get them from a builder world anyways. When people use these, they tend to use them 5-10 at a time and you know they didn't find those legitimately on a single world, lol.

    But if it would make you feel better, the crafting materials for these statues could be changed:

    Instead of a Statue Heart, we could instead make it this:

    Bomb Statue: Unfinished Statue + Artistic Statue Base + 10 Dynamite (not bombs, because they're too easy to find and if you got 10 dynamite you either found the demolitionist NPC or you found a LOT of chests by now, because they tend to have 1 dynamite each)

    Heart Statue: Unfinished Statue + Artistic Statue Base + 5 Life Crystals
    Mana statue: Unfinished Statue + Artistic Statue Base + 5 Mana Crystals (the ones you craft from 3 stars)

    That way, nobody is going to be making 10, 50 of them at a time without some good materials gathering first.

    And even if they did... again, people who use that many of those statues tend to just get them from an all item world or use other dupe methods. (such as backing up and restoring backups of worlds).
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  5. SourSlime

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    I know. My fish thing was a joke (haha!) and the point about heart/bomb/mana statues is if people can craft they can have hearts and mana stars raining onto them. No joke

    I think the materials are okay for the heart/mana statues but I think for someone not trying to be invincible they're a bit hard to obtain
  6. Phantastic Hero

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    correct me if I'm wrong, but I think king and queen statue can actually teleport male/female characters if they are wired up.
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    But I support.
  7. MournfulRelic

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    Male/Female NPCS, and yes, you are correct.
  8. Phantastic Hero

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    so. . . Queen&King statues have functions.
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  9. Xylia

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    Please read what I said again:

    The list is formatted as such:

    (A, B, C, etc)

    This implies that A, B, and C are different items. In fact, it would be improper grammar to make a list like that and have the items be the same. You don't go and say "You can buy meats, fruits, vegetables, apples, grapes" because the "apples" and "grapes" are redundant because they are covered by "fruits" and "vegetables".

    So, the list is...

    Text Statues
    Statues that have no function (meaning, Pickaxe, Shield, Angel, etc)

    I never implied that King&Queen are included in the "statues that have no function". If I were implying that, I would have said:

    (Text statues, statues that have no function, etc)

    But I didn't say that.

    Grammar rules and all, right? Though I'd have to say this is the first time I had someone try to tell me my grammar is wrong when it was actually right.
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  10. ManaUser

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    This looks well thought out, but honestly it just seems over-complicated to me. I rather like the idea I've heard before of using banners to make statues. It's nice and simple and it would solve the same problems. It's a little stricter about limiting how soon you can make them (have to kill 50 first) but I'm not sure that's a bad thing. Or if you didn't want the banners to be used up, how about if each banner actually functioned as a workstation, which would be required along with Heavy Workbench/Sculptor's Bench to make a given statue?
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  11. Tempest 7

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    I really like this. I do have a question though. Can monsters be flagged to not take lava/trap damage? If so I think the drop rate for statue monsters need to be increased, as that removes a decent chunk of exploitative potential.

    It is a bit complicated though. I would recommend having it just be the Uncarved Statue for Stone x 25, then you pair it with a biome specific object or drop and optional hardmode items. Remember that items don't appear in your crafting menu until you have all the ingredients.

    Ex: Forest statues would be (Unfinished Statue + dirt)
    Lihzarhd would be (Unfinished Statue + Lihzarhd block + Souls)

    But the banner-as-crafting-station is probably the best solution, because it requires the least amount of work. And the most likely suggestion to get implemented is the easiest one.
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  12. SteveisNoob

    SteveisNoob Pixel Pirate

    Banner as crafting station might be messy, but I think banner-as-ingredient should work better.
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  13. Tempest 7

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    I agree, but I had to check to see if statue spawned monsters count to getting new banners, and they do.

    So long as this is not changed, using banners as materials is an acceptable solution.
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  14. SteveisNoob

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    Statue spawned monsters count for getting new banners
  15. Sigma90

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    Sorry, but I disagree with this bit:
    That the Heavy Workbench exists in the first place suggests to me that the developers wanted to get rid of some of the "Craft everything here!" function of the (regular) Workbench. Plus, I really don't want to see yet another single-purpose crafting station. There are already too many, some with literally just one recipe!
    The simple solution is to move the Heavy Workbench away from other crafting stations (probably the Furnace, Anvil and Workbench most prominently since they have most of the recipes).

    But I like the potential of the rest of the idea. I don't think there should be restrictions on the enemy statues available - if it has a banner, then it should possibly have a statue. Farming Goblin Invasion / Martian Madness can be quite tedious, for example.
    I am also assuming that none of the statue-spawned enemies will drop special/common drops like Coins, Souls, Keys and Dungeon Spirits? The statues would definitely help with farming some of those other ridiculously rate items - Skulls, dye ingredients, Mining Armour, Fire Feathers, Lizard Eggs, etc.
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  16. Xylia

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    That's right, yes. The whole idea behind the statues here, is to give the player an alternate means to get some of the more ridiculous items in the game to get because of the unavailability of certain enemies, such as Miner Skeletons, Beetles, etc.

    As for not allowing event enemies, I was thinking more on the terms of consistency. Surely you can understand why an Everscream or Pumpking Statue might be a bad idea, or perhaps a Mothron statue, but yet if we don't allow those, why would we allow Goblins or Pirates?

    I figure for consistency reasons, we might as well say "No Timed Event/Invasion Mobs" with the exception of the Lunar Event.
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  17. Sigma90

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    Agreed, but the distinction could be whether it drops a trophy or a banner. In the Pumpkin Moon, Scarecrows drop banners and Pumpking drops a trophy. Statues for enemies that drop banners but not for enemies that drop trophies.
    Mothron remains a tricky exception, as does the Goblin Summoner. Neither have trophies, but they're both sort of like mini-bosses. Same with the Paladin (and it's a non-event enemy). Probably more enemies, if I could think straight...
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  18. Xylia

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    *nods* Well at any rate, this is more of a rough draft idea anyways, lol. No need for specific rules. But you get the idea and that's the important thing.
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  19. Sigma90

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    And I get more statues, which satisfies my innate urge to collect everything! :)
  20. Phantastic Hero

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    sorry. My mistake
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