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Steam Autumn Sale & Steam Awards Nominations: Terraria 50% Off!

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Lord Garak

As compared to other companies who would rather bundle this as DLC and make you pay for it? Hey, be glad it's free. They aren't dragging their feet. If you want something that's breaky even in updates, I'll point you to the heinous pit that is steam direct...

Sorry that you're not patient enough like most of us. :dryadsad:

They rather have a grand update that won't break in your face than to rush on timetables. This is an independent studio. If you want rushed products, look at major publishers instead.
I don't care how grand the update is, that has nothing to do with making false statements. If you want more time to work on the product don't set dates.


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We don't set the dates of Valve's sales - they do.... and yeah, we are going to let people know about them when they are up.

We gave the news of the delay literally the day after we made the call internally - we pretty much said that in the thread.

We know that some folks have been surmising that this might be the case for a bit now, but we wanted to see what we could get done/check our progress vs our goals and be totally certain that 2019 wasn't going to be feasible before making the call and letting everyone know.
I mean, it pretty much is as we said it is... there really isn't much more to it. Its not like we didn't know that some people would be upset - but we have to stay true to our focus on getting the update right vs the timeline. When we said 2019, we thought we had the time to make it what we wanted - but that wasn't the case. These things happen.

I won't get into the differences between "adding hundreds of items/furniture" and what 1.4 is doing. The similarities in SDV 1.4 and Terraria 1.4 start and stop with the version number. If all we were doing was adding a bunch of cosmetic furniture items, we could have been done ages ago - or even that plus a bunch of items. (that is NOT dismissing the amazing support that ConcernedApe gives to his game - love his work)

Journey's End has a ton of items, sure... but that is about the worst marker to use for the scope of this update. Just saying.


I would pitch the whole "why don't you try developing" thing but I would sound a little too crass. There's a lot of effort going into this. More than just simple wand-waving and "making the thing". It's ensuring that making the thing doesn't break everything else, then ensuring it's balanced enough internally, then on top of that making passes over everything else to ensure it's *in expected lines* of that thing making/breaking.

As someone who's tested broken things for a considerable amount of time, as well as have had some insight for a small duration of it (although ancient -- it's been almost 17 years), sometimes predictions fall short of where we're at. The roadmap as is, is still "when it's done", but you gotta calm down, people. What better way to tarnish a rep than to push something that not only doesn't meet their expectations, but YOURS as well.

I hereby restate that patience is in order.


Skeletron Prime
It’s update system is better than 99% of paid games and 99.9% of free games, and considering what it used to be a lot of efforts’ definitely put into it.
And I actually like this sale being pre-1.4, as this allows new players to have a taste of both updates, making multiple playthroughs feel natural.
And when someone have 2 playthroughs of terraria, they usually keep going for more.
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