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Stuck on Server Found


Hello! I’ve tried everything to fix this issue and can’t load up my world for multiplayer via steam. I can however join my husbands world just fine. I saw some of the other posts about this on here and tried all those and none of them worked. I have no idea what else to try
Hello, i have the same problem, i tried everything to fix, uninstall the game, reinstall the game, verify intergrity of files, don't work either. i tried to ask help from the terraria discord server and i haven't something concrete, i have the same problem on the modded, i can't create a server but i can join friends just fine. like reirse, i have no idea what else to try


Update. Now my steam doesn’t work properly for the game (shift tab to open) so now whoever I’m playing with has to invite me. However I can now host my world. Not sure as to why or how

the sniper

The Destroyer
if you are on linux you can make sure you are not using proton if you are that's why i used proton and i couldn't hear the music or host a game but not having trouble connecting to multiplayer but im sure it could cause that
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