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Survival Summoner Challenge- WITH A TWIST!

What other maps would you like to see?

  • adventure map (I'll try my best :p)

    Votes: 20 37.0%
  • more "class" challenge maps

    Votes: 34 63.0%

  • Total voters


Only summoner armors
Eg. early armors (copper, iron, etc...)
Shadow or Crimson
Bee armor then Spider then Spooky then Tiki (or Tiki then Spooky)
Yes, early armors aren't summoner armors, but still..


I just started playing this map, so far, it's really good and I would highly suggest this map to anyone. The monument room is a really cool idea, and I didn't think it looked good enough, so I went ahead and decked it out with plenty of stuff...

Sorry about the quality of the image, I just took it with my IPad, and also take note that it is night time in the picture. I also found an ancient gold helmet from about my 2nd skeleton kill. But yeah, great map, I'm definitely gonna be playing this whenever I get a good time to and thanks for reading my long(ish) comment.

Elder Sign

Only problem that I've noticed is that its technically not possible to 100% complete the monument since the Frostspark boots are impossible to make since there are no Ice Skates in the map, I searched for a couple hours throughout the Ice biome before finally loading a brand new copy of the map in TerraMap and searching with that, and there are none to be found sadly :(


Official Terrarian
I'm trying it with my clanmate, Bill Cipher (TCF name is that) and we're doing it just well. I'm doing it on Tshock, so I just use /i so we don't have to argue about who gets what staffs. I AM NOT going to do the same thing with armour. We both have ancient shadow helmets, and we're about to beat EoW, hoping to defeat the queen bee!
This is a very nice map, I like the tree house, and I'm having fun with my cute baby slime! (I hope I don't become that awkward guy for saying something's cute, because the slime and seedling are cute)


I would just like to say to everyone that supports this map- THANK YOU! I was not expecting this kind of support! I will unfortunately not be able to maintain this project any longer though as I simply do not have the time, but if anyone would like to take over maintaining and updating this map just shoot me a msg and I'll try to get back to you. Thank you all again for your awesome support of my map, and I wish you all the best of luck trying to complete it :D
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