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  1. TheTrueBrawler

    TheTrueBrawler Spazmatism

    It came across my mind when I was playing through that the hardmode ores have armor and weapons. There are weapons for Warriors, and Rangers, (Mages obtain their weapons through other materials) The sets of armor each have 3 helmets. One for Warrior, Ranger, and Mage. So why is there no love for Summoners? Barely Any Summoner Armor or Weapons at this stage in the game.

    My main focus of this thread is to suggest Summoner Equipment using any Bars and Materials in Hard Mode

    There is exactly 13 Minions, and 4 Turret Style Minions. There is only three minions and one Sentry Style Minion in Hard Mode Pre-Plantera. There honestly should be more than fighting the Mechanicals and Plantera with Spiders, Pirates, and Eyes.

    Clinger Staff - Summons a Clinger attached to you to shoot balls of Cursed Flame at your enemies. (Minion)
    Does 30 Damage, and Inflicts Cursed Flames.
    12 Cobalt/Palladium Bars + 6 Souls of Night + 6 Cursed Flames.

    Sticker Staff - Summons an Ichor Sticker to shoot streams of Ichor at your enemies. (Minion)
    Does 25 Damage, and Inflicts Ichor.
    12 Cobalt/Palladium Bars + 6 Souls of Night + 6 Ichor.

    Staff of Evil - Summons a Soul of Night to shoot balls of Cursed Flame, and streams of Ichor at your enemies. (Sentry Style)
    Does 30 Damage, and Inflicts Cursed Flames (Balls of Cursed Flame).
    Does 25 Damage, and Inflicts Ichor (Streams of Ichor).
    1 Clinger Staff + 1 Sticker Staff + 30 Souls of Night.

    (Thankyou Felix.Z for this idea)
    Skeletal Archer Staff - Summons a Skeleton with a Molten Fury to shoot arrows at your enemies. (Minion)
    Does 35 Damage, and Inflicts On Fire.
    12 Mythril/Orichalcum Bars + 6 Souls of Light + 60 Bones + 12 Hellstone Bars.

    Skeletron Staff - Summons a Skeletron Head and 2 Skeletron Hands, to slap your enemies. The Head can not move, and the Hands must be with in 15 blocks of the Head (Sentry Style)
    Does 20 Damage (Hand).
    Does 40 Damage (Head).
    12 Adamantite/Titanium Bars + 75 Bones + 6 Souls of Light + 15 Souls of Night.

    Staff of Good - Summons a Soul of Light to shoot explosive Hallowed Bars at your enemies. (Sentry Style)
    Does 25 Damage. Has an explosion Radius of 7.5 Blocks. Does not destroy tiles.
    12 Hallowed Bars + 6 Adamantite/Titanium Bars + 30 Souls of Light.

    Laser Worm Staff - Summons a Destroyer to circle the player shooting wall piercing lasers at the enemies. Only the Body Segments shoot lasers.
    Much like the Stardust Dragon, each additional minion is one additional segment. The first segment comes with a free Head and Tail.
    Does 35 Damage (Lasers).
    Does 50 Damage (Melee). The Destroyer Minion will not try to hit anything with Melee, but it could do so.
    12 Hallowed Bars + 6 Adamantite/Titanium Bars + 20 Souls of Might.

    Venomous Trapper Staff - Summons an Angry Trapper attached to you that will spit venom at your enemies.
    Does 45 Damage
    12 Chlorophyte Bars + 3 Vines + 12 Spider Fangs.

    I feel like a good head piece for summoners for those are Hats.

    For Adamantite, Palladium, Orichalcum, Titanium, Hallowed, and Chlorophyte Armor, add a Hat to each and make it summoner class related.

    For Cobalt and Mythril, there is already a hat.
    I suggest making a Cobalt Hood/Headgear, make that the new Mage Head Piece, and make the Hat the new Summoner Head Piece.
    I also suggest making a Mythril Mask, make that the new Ranger Head Piece, and make the Hat the new Summoner Head Piece.

    These are the Stats of the new Summoner Armor Pieces, and the bonuses received for having the full set:

    Cobalt Hat - 1 Defense, 11% Increased Minion Damage, +1 Minion
    Set Bonus - 3% Increased Minion Damage, +1 Minion

    Palladium - 2 Defense, 9% Increase in Minion Damage, +1 Minion
    Set Bonus - Rapid Healing, +1 Minion

    Mythril - 2 Defense, 15% Increased Minion Damage, +1 Minion
    Set Bonus - +1 Minion

    Orichalcum - 3 Defense, 11% Increased Minion Damage, +1 Minion
    Set Bonus - Flower Pedal, +1 Minion

    Adamantite - 3 Defense, 13% Increased Minion Damage, +1 Minion
    Set Bonus - 4% Increased Minion Damage, +2 Minions

    Titanium - 3 Defense, 14% Increased Minion Damage, +1 Minion
    Set Bonus - Shadow Dodge, +2 Minions

    Hallowed - 4 Defense, 15% Increased Minion Damage, +1 Minions
    Set Bonus - 3% Increased Minion Damage, +2 Minions

    Chlorophyte - 5 Defense, 16% Increased Minion Damage, +1 Minion
    Set Bonus - Leaf Crystal (Damage is increased with Summon Damage), +2 Minions

    I feel like Summoners have a major lack of Pre-Plantera accessories. Maybe some new ones are a call?

    Some Bars of a Hardmode Ore could make an accessory that summons something. They would also not use a minion to summon.
    (If the player has multiple of this accessory type, only the accessory of this type at the lower slot will apply)

    Summoner Tablet - Used to Craft most of the Summoning Accessories.
    Its Main function is just to be in the crafting recipe of most the accessories below.
    12 Cobalt/Palladium

    Golem Tablet - Summons a Golem to fight for you. Moves slowly, warps to the player through a portal if it gets too far away, and has incredible knockback.
    Does 40, 40, 50, 50, 60, and 70 Damage.
    +10% Damage Boost against the boss Golem.
    +20% Damage Boost if the player's full set of armor matches the type of golem with the summoner head piece (See Armor Section).
    8 Mythril/Orichalcum/Adamantite/Titanium/Hallowed/Chlorophyte Bars + Summoner Tablet.
    The Name of the item inst just "Golem Tablet," but instead has the material name before "Golem Tablet".

    +++++ Added an Armor Section.
    + Added a Head Piece for Summoners for Each Hardmode Ore

    +++++ Added a Weapons Section.
    + Clinger Staff
    + Sticker Staff
    + Staff of Evil
    + Skeletal Archer Staff
    + Skeletron Staff
    + Staff of Good
    +++++ Put Suggestions into Spoilers.
    +++++ Added Edit Logs

    +++++ Weapons
    + Laser Worm Staff
    + Venomous Trapper Staff
    +++++ Added Accessories Section
    + Summoning Tablet
    + Golem Tablet

    If you think any stats on my armor piece suggestions should be altered in any way, please tell me.
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  2. Cryx

    Cryx Retinazer

    This is a good idea, but the Chlorophyte Summoner piece has no set bonus?
  3. Sicxz

    Sicxz Terrarian

    I think the set bonus should be different distributing knock back, as well as damage and count. Size would also be a cool set bonus.
  4. TheTrueBrawler

    TheTrueBrawler Spazmatism

    Ok I think i'll add one for other armors as well.

    I would agree here that I did not take knockback into account, but in terms of damage and minion count, I am trying to keep them less than tiki armor. Also how will size impact the minion?
  5. Felix.Z

    Felix.Z Terrarian

    Maybe hardmode ore staves arent such a bad idea either, like, say a posessed adamantite armor? or a cobalt pixie, or a palladium pigron. (i just use these random monsters as an example. i just meant, it just seems a bit boring, going through the hardmode-ore phase with just a spider staff, compared to the other classes, Who get a ton of weapons in that phase.
  6. Guydude

    Guydude Spazmatism

    *e* Updated while I was posting. My initial problem was resolved before that as a result.

    I'm not sure what to think of giving additional stuff to summoners on the 1.2 ore set bonuses, in all honesty. If it were me, I'd just say +1 Minion and a damage boost for each, with the 1.1 ore sets giving an additional minion to counter the bonus stuff the 1.2 sets get.
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  7. Sicxz

    Sicxz Terrarian

    It would give them a bigger hit box (spears for pygmies)
  8. Games ✔︎

    Games ✔︎ Official Terrarian

    I can barely real the Hallowed armor because im using the default XenForo theme but this seems like a good idea.
  9. TheTrueBrawler

    TheTrueBrawler Spazmatism

    Oh is this made for a higher hance to hit the enemy? if thats the case then yes it should be added.

    Yea that wouldnt be a bad idea but maybe not for every ore. What might help it out is if other materials were added in the mix. Much like adding Souls of Light/Night, and other materials Crystal Shards, Pixie Dust, Cursed Flames, and Ichor with the Hardmode Ores.

    Example: 12 Cobalt/Palladium + 6 Souls of Night + 3 Cursed Flames = Clinger Staff.
    Summons a Clinger attached to your body to shoot cursed flame balls at your enemy.
  10. TheLoudGallade

    TheLoudGallade Steampunker

  11. TheTrueBrawler

    TheTrueBrawler Spazmatism

  12. Felix.Z

    Felix.Z Terrarian

    Ive got another idea:

    Mythril/Orichalcum bar (12) + Soul of night (12) + Bone (70) = Skeletal archer staff

    50 summon damage
    20% critical strike chance
    has a chance to inflict burning debuff.
    10 mana cost
    "Summons a Skeletal archer to fight for you"
    (like a lower-tier frost hydra, but faster, and it can move on the ground, i'd recommend 50 summon damage to even out the movement problem.)
  13. TheTrueBrawler

    TheTrueBrawler Spazmatism

    im working on editing the main post as we speak. may i use this idea?
  14. Felix.Z

    Felix.Z Terrarian

    Of course, but give me some credit ;)
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    im joking, do whatever you want with it :D
  15. Strifin

    Strifin Eye of Cthulhu

    I'll support this.
  16. TheTrueBrawler

    TheTrueBrawler Spazmatism

    i made it more of another minion over sentry style and thought 50 damage was op for pre mechanicals. do you think 35 is ok tho.
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    thanks for the support btw
  17. Felix.Z

    Felix.Z Terrarian

    Thats fine.
  18. Strifin

    Strifin Eye of Cthulhu

    I love the summoner class in this game, its just very plain in the beginning.
  19. TheTrueBrawler

    TheTrueBrawler Spazmatism

    I know. That's why i went out of my way to make all these suggestions.