tModLoader Summoner's Shine - A Summoner-Polishing Mod

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Since the link to the mod goes nowhere, the thread has been locked.

Yreorel has been found to be an extremely bigoted person to say the least and his mod got taken down as a result.
@Shyguymask no matter if you think it’s true, please don’t bring outside drama here issuing a personal attack against another member. Whatever is happening elsewhere to get you to this conclusion needs to stay elsewhere. Simply informing others that the mod was taken down is sufficient. Adding in disparaging language isn’t needed.

I think? If this isn't usable it should be transferable over discord(?) assuming this would even work.
I did have to change the file name from .tmod to .txt to upload it.

<attachment removed by forum staff>
Hi there @NimbusIzayoi, I know that you were just trying to help your fellow players by including the .tml file of this mod, but if it’s not available from the mod author (link goes no where, the mod author hasn’t included a file in their own first post), distributing the mod file isn’t allowed, so I’ve edited your post to remove it.

Stay :red:ing mad imbeciles
@Yreorel this is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated here. Based on your post history though, I’m sure you’ll take the stance that you don’t care. A private message will be sent to you later after the forum staff discusses this thread.
Not open for further replies.
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