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Sun fountain and Moon fountain


These fountains are furniture items very rarely dropped from golem and moonlord respectively, with a 5% chance, they're dropped separated from lootbag loot just like master mode drops and other boss drops.

They're furniture that can be interacted with, having a similar use from enchanted sundial of speeding up the time, with the same time speed increase and cooldown of 7 in-game days before being able to be used again, but instead they'll skip to a certain part of the day. The sun fountain can only be used at night, it skips to the next day. The Moon fountain can only be used during day, it skips to the next night.

Not sure if they should share the same cooldown from enchanted sundial when any of them is used, but i think that it wouldn't hurt at all to be able to use this power 2-3 times per in-game week, specially in the part of the game where we would be acquiring all of it, but the fountains still couldn't be used while an enchanted sundial is being used and vice-versa
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