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Story Tale of Devilry

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(I started with a cliche beginning. I'll change it if ideas are exchanged).
I am running with haste. Cold air blew in my face as I ran, and twigs cracked. Pine trees surrounded me, and so did large, icy mountains. I do not know my name, or where I am, but I do not care about these things right now. All I care about is running. I do not know why I am running, but I have a feeling that running is the thing I should do right now. So I ran. I do not know how long I ran, I just kept running. It was quite cool, but I was sweating heavily. My heart pounded in my ears. Finally, I came to a small opening with a freshwater spring in the pine forest I was in. A uniquely large and icy mountain towered in front of it. Anvil-shaped cumulonimbus clouds towered above me and seemed to be moving at a extremely quick pace. Lightning flashed from it, and it was hailing very hard around me. The hail falling around me was about the size of small pebbles. A funnel cloud jutted from the cumulonimbus cloud and seemed to be forming into a tornado. But the strange thing was, the cloud seemed to be following me. I could not recall when the following exactly happened, but a piece of large hail the size of a rock smacked me in the back of my head, and I fell face-first into a sharp rock. I got up, as I knew there was no time for lying around and screaming in pain, but as I tried to lift myself onto my legs, an invisible force pushed me back down. Just then, I caught a glimpse of what was after me. My fear increased to the extremes, and so did my pain. The sight was enough to kill any human, and immediately after, I felt an extreme cold fall upon my body.

I was engulfed in darkness. I was nowhere. All of my senses had betrayed me, yet somehow I could think. Then I heard a voice. The voice was enough to make anyone faint from fear, but I wasn’t alive was I? The voice was low, cold, metallic, and melodic. It was filled with malice, and evil. It was both ancient and powerful, and it spoke in my mind after laughing darkly.
“I do not know why I am acting so unwise by chasing you. You are just a weak, pathetic, unintellegent being. I could have destroyed your soul with thoughts.” It laughed more. “You are not worthy of being near my presence, but you have threatened me. “ It paused for a second, as if deciding carefully if it should continue to its next words or simply leave, and spend its time productively. “Very well foolish human. For your sake, I shall reacquaint myself with haste. I have more important things to do. My denomination is Ebonmortia. I am one of the ancient spirits of evil in this universe. You were a danger to me, resulting in your memories being taken away. That was my doing. To at last cease you, I must corrupt you with brimstone. And this is not element sixteen, Sulfur, which those humans believe to be the making of their Hell. As a matter of fact, this is not even brimstone, however I called it such as it is the true stone of Hell. Farewell human. We shall meet again. However we did not actually meet in person. I am in your mind.” It laughed at this, and then the world returned to me.

I was sitting on the shore of the freshwater spring. I gazed up, and saw it was no longer hailing. It seemed to be the same time of day when I “died”, but the sun was high up in the sky and shining down upon me. I quickly retracted my gaze from the sun, as it was burning my eyes. I stood up, and immediately noticed a suspicious and peculiar glowing stone, pierced through my arm. The skin around it was turning rather pale, and the veins, black. My instinct took over my curiosity, and I immediately found myself wrenching the stone from my arm. The stone fell to the ground. It was a dark shade of violet, and it seemed to be glowing with a fiery rage. I felt a bit feverish after that, and I knew why. I knew what had happened. It was brimstone. I did not know the effect brimstone had on people, but I assumed that it wouldn't be anything present and that its effect was irreversible. I tried to forget about this, so I walked to the freshwater spring. My throat felt parched, thus it is instinct to drink. I cupped my hands and scooped up some cold, icy water. The water felt cool in my hands. I brought the water toward my mouth. The chilly liquid entered my mouth and seeped down my throat. My throat still felt parched, so I kept drinking until I felt pleased.

I asked myself mysterious questions as I sat atop a stone. These questions could not be answered, at least not by me. They were questions such as, “Where am I?” I thought about this as the evening sun shone upon the lake nearby. I gazed up into the cloudless sky, and I saw the first few stars of the night. The moon was rising. Still, no answer came to me. I sat atop the stone until darkness took over the world, and the moon’s light was the only light of the sky. Somehow I wasn’t sleepy, so I thought it would be wise to become familiar with my surroundings. Although one may argue that it is unwise to acquaint with one’s surroundings during night, most dangers are asleep during this time, although some may be awake. I got up, and trudged slowly downhill.
I had soon discovered that I was near the peak of a mountain. I had no intention to leave the mountain, as leaving could provide newfound dangers, so I returned to the lake. As I was hiking back toward the lake, I felt a pain internally. This pain was hunger. I quickly resolved this problem, as I found the red bulbs on a particular tree were edible.
As I arrived toward the lake, I saw a light coming from deep within the trees on the other side. Of course, I was curious, so I walked slowly around the lake, in the wooded area with caution. As I came near the source of the light, I smelled smoke. I walked toward the opening where the light was coming from, and as I saw the source of the light, I was amazed. It was light dancing on wood. It was pure light. It was indescribable without seeing it. It gave off a warmth, and its fumes smelled of smoke. I knew this was not naturally created. There was some kind of animal roasting above it, emitting a mouthwatering scent. As the warmth enveloped me, I finally realized how cold I was. Just then, a forceful push knocked me into the fire.

I should have died, or at least experienced intense pain, but none came to me. I was knocked to the ground, yes, I felt pain from that, but none from the fire. I just stood there, confused. "This must be one of the effects of the brimstone," I thought to myself. Just as I turned around to see who or what caused this, I was pushed again. This time, I saw who had done this to me. There were a group of hooded men, all barefoot, with green cloaks drooped over them. They all seemed very buff, yet flexible. They each carried an elm bow on their back, and had simple, steel knives on their belt. I assumed the one nearest to me was the one who had pushed me. He had fair skin, with blue watery eyes, and blond hair. He also had a beard which was blond too. He looked, tipsy, and well fed. He stared at me for a while, before lashing out with a vicious tirade of angry questioning. I must say, I did not catch any of his words, other than “Why”, and “Devilspawn”. I was too busy thinking about who these people where. Then, after he finished, he screamed at me.
“Leave from this area, before we dispose of you, and I guarantee that it will be harsh. You are not supposed to be wandering about here, espicially at night. Now who are you?"
I was feeling rather defiant. Who did this man think he was?
“I warned you, lad, and you did not respond when I asked you a question. We won't hesitate to slay you from anger." He then attempted to kill me by firing an arrow from his bow. Somehow, the arrow just went through my body. He backed away from me, and so did the others.
“Who are you, phantom?” he said in alarm.
“Someone you will see again, and someone who will one day slay you for revenge,” I responded. I quickly regretted that I said that I would slay him for revenge, and I did not mean to say it. It must have been another effect from the brimstone. However, I was amused with this group's quick reaction of fright. They started running away. I did not follow them, as they could lead me to danger. I noticed that in their haste, they forgot to take some useful items. On the log, I found a packet of matches. They would obviously prove useful, so I kept them. On the ground, near a tree, I found a sack filled with an assortment of pastries. That would be useful for curing hunger and for carrying items. And on the branch of a tree, I found something that would forever change my life. A map.
(If you're wondering why the paragraph indents aren't there, and the conversation idents aren't there, and other idents aren't there, it's because the indent spaces aren't showing up).
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Nice story icecream I have high hopes! :)

A tiny bit more character development would be nice
Thanks for replying here, piemansauce.
I do know that character development is scarce in the prologue, however the character has not yet developed into the state in which he is in for most of the story, and only then will he start to develop. If I develop character too soon, he will develop good characteristics.
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