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    tConfig is best described as a content creation tool and content loader, where the content can be: items (weapons, armor, potions, accessories), tiles (blocks, furniture, crafting stations), projectiles (stuff that goes flying through the air), and NPCs. By using tConfig, all of these things can be created and organized into Mod Packs - folders containing modified or custom content.

    The main features are:
    • Modify & Create Items
      • Armor - Set Bonuses and other effects defined using C#
      • Accessories - Effects defined using C#
      • Weapons - Add debuff effects to enemies or alter various variables using C#
      • Write Save & Load methods to save any data related to your custom item
    • Modify & Create Projectiles
      • Define unique AI using C#
    • Modify & Create Buffs (requires C#)
    • Modify & Create NPCs
      • Town NPCs - Setup shops; define dialogue, spawn requirements
      • Enemy mobs - Define AI, spawn conditions
      • Use custom Gore images
      • Define an interface. Make an NPC which can enchant items, for instance.
    • Modify & Create Tiles
      • Create new Active/Inactive blocks, Furniture, and more
      • Modify the world when it is generated - Add new ores, place items in chests, do whatever you like! (Advanced programming may be required...)
    • Modify & Create Walls
    • Optionally use Visual Studio to have more control over your code
    • Add new sound effects for use with Items and NPCs
    • 'ModPack Builder' tool that compiles INI files and .cs code files into a single file
    • Multiplayer - works only if you have the same mods loaded as the server
    • New save file format for worlds - save files are named after the world names, and there is no longer any limit to the number of worlds you can have.
    • New save file format for players.
    • Create new Prefixes, or override the Prefix System entirely
    • See the Changelog for more details
    • tConfig 0.35.2 (0.38) - Link
    • Have a legitimate copy of Terraria installed through Steam
    • Extract: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria\
      • tConfig <- Create shortcut <- Move to Desktop
      • ModPack Builder <- Create shortcut <- Move to Desktop
      • tConfigServer <- Create shortcut <- Move to Desktop
    • Run the tConfig
    • Mod files are placed in: 'My Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModPacks\'
    I can play and it seem to be working.

    It says, by the way, that you can play a new Terraria and the old, 1.1.2, one, which is cool.

    Useful pages:
    0.35.2 (0.38) - 100+ Mods, .obj - Links
    If there's more, than tell me.

    Thanks and enjoy.

    Edited: I have a website: Surfpup.net

    I still have a lot of learning and will be back in 10 years maybe.
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    W1K Witch

    Surprised this hasn't gotten more attention. Also I can't be more glad this happened. 1.1.2 and old-school modding all in one package, and doesn't mess up with vanilla's install either.

    Also, since my mods in the big pack surf linked are likely out of date (and they seem to be since the very old pre-merge content packs are in it), here's the most up to date mods I have.

    W1K's Content Pack Remix (latest version of my content pack)
    W1K's Mini Mod - Hunger System (adds a very basic hunger system to the game built so that other authors could build their items to work with it, but I'm not sure how many people did)
    W1K's Mini Mod - Terraria 1.0.5's Balance (rebalances the game's item and NPC parameters to what they were in Terraria 1.0.5, as I found them more challenging, but it does not touch 1.0.6's life and mana regen changes)
    W1K's Mini Mod - Difficulty Adjuster (lets you increase or decrease enemy stats)
    W1K's Mini Mod - Liquid Mod (this one makes water/lava behind placed tiles disappear I believe, because I was annoyed dropping sand into lava does not let you clear lava anymore)
    W1K's Mini Mod - Position Saver (saves your position on exit, loads your position back as you reopen the world)
    W1K's Mini Mod - SCP 914: (adds a craftable SCP 914 tile, it lets you upgrade or downgrade items such as turning iron into silver or copper)
    Terrariastuck Beta (very ambitious Homestuck inspired mod meant to implement the features of SBURB into Terraria, it has a bunch of mostly experimental features, but should have working races if you're into that)
    I also had a Mini Mod somewhere which caused dungeon guardian to spawn if a player attempted to reach the underworld before defeating skeletron, but I can't find it on my mediafire. If people are interested I can look into it.

    My mediafire also hosts these two versions of Obsidian's mod, I'm not quite sure why or how up to date they are, but you do you.
    Obsidian's Mod (1070 recorded downloads)
    Obsidian's Mod [No Rain] (11120 recoded downloads for some reason)
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    Yes, I don't know why the recompiling seems to be borking since I remember I've been recompiling the mod at every major tConfig update. I seem to have the same issue with the dark souls mod but the Red Cloud page on Curse makes it sound like it should be working just fine. I guess might as well tag @Tim Hjersted to shed some light or the matter or he might have a similar issue going.
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    Alright, so here's what I can do: tConfig 0.35.2 it's much better, especially works for The Story of Red Cloud and Gamepad Mod, but there's a bunch of errors. tConfig 0.28.3 is different and it works fine for some things. Of course, if there's any one who is help me, please do. Thanks.
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    Thank you! This new version tConfig 0.35.2 (0.38) fixed the error I had with loading the Dark Souls mod of The Story of the Red Cloud.
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    So, I didn't change it, it's just better. Other than that, I am still at therapy for my arm, and it's not good. Stretch is important.

    I have a treadmill and that's great, so I'll probably do that now.
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