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Mobile Terraria 1.2 for Mobile!


Crashed on iPad mini! Help please, i really need it :confused:
Download update today, from Russian AppStore.
Black screen and after 3-4sec game crashed.

Someone testing this on mini?


Staff member
Looks like they need to update the page info...but the icon, etc. and version is there.

So much for all my cloak and dagger secrecy. :p

Now to see what all I can say about other things....


Duke Fishron
Looks like an awesome graphic at those screen shot
[DOUBLEPOST=1417666141][/DOUBLEPOST]Looks like an awesome graphic at those screen shot


Before the 1.2 update for mobile, Terraria was kinda just a last resort boredom sponge.
Now, I'm actually really enjoying it, even to the point of hissing at the thought of putting my iPad down and going to eat food.
Bravo, good sirs, bravo.


I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, running Kitkat. Terraria was working fine before the new update, but now it crashes on launch... Any fix for this coming soon?

Penguin Fella

Its pretty impresive that 1.2 is comming out so soon after Hardmode. They must be realising just how big the mobile communtiy is! So keen for 1.2
But here's the real question. When will we see
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