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Terraria is Live - Changelog Included

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"Yorai's Spell no longer counts as vanity (this was not a bug)"

I laughed hard at this line X3

EDIT:"Fixed Familiar Wig requiring a hair dye in order to apply normal dyes to itself."

Wait....wait....you can dye hair now with normal dye? :eek:


Strange plants are still near-impossible to find? pls ;-; EDIT: apparently they should be more common, whoops.

But hey, medusas aren't broken anymore. Yay.
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  • Fixed 'quick stack to all chests' potentially eating loot in old/modded worlds.

Oh, thank you! I was absolutely loving this feature until I figured out it was eating my mushrooms.
Also echoing prior comments, thank you for an amazing game and a great product. Keep up the good work!


Headless Horseman
Seriously, why is everyone so mad about the moonlord, because a clear cheesing method was removed from the game?

I also wonder why is it so hard to create an arena and deal with him there. Most of his attacks can be avoided that way. Fighting him in the open world really isn't wise to do anyway, so arena seems like the best idea to deal with the guy. He deserves one, too, as he isn't a joke and that's what's great about him.

I'm honestly wondering whether people are just lazy to build arenas or to think of an actual strategy other than sma:red:ba:red:, or what? I have killed him over 30 times so far and have no issues doing it with any class, without teleporting to the nurse. Terraria offers you to use the terrain, so why not doing it like that? I guess that's it just easier to cry how he's hard so that he gets nerfed...

*sigh* I just had to let this out of me, because it really is annoying seeing people state that he's that hard, whilst others beat him regardless of his buffs. If it offended someone, I'm sorry, it wasn't the point of the post.


Awesome, so the moon lord is now impossible on expert mode. Awesome, just awesome. he 1 shots me with his lazer. the only way to kill him was with the phantasm/ razorblade and his health is too high. Eh. I killed him and terraria's end game is crap anyway so time to go back to burnout.
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