Terraria 1.3: Xbox One Submission Approved! Launches Monday, February 5th!

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Please remember. If you come across any bugs please report them here: https://fs30.formsite.com/505games/form15/index.html Thanks!
Not for me. I'm playing on a little flatscreen that only goes up to 720p resolution and I already play on the widest setting in the picture to fit everything and it's worked fine like this forever now but on terraria now it cuts off some things in the hot bar and everything at the bottom. I didn't have this issue before this update but now it's here and y'all are making it seem like it's Xbox' fault for lacking a system display setting. I've submitted a report in the link y'all gave for reporting bugs about this issue too. Any chance that this will be something looked over? I know I'm not the only one with this issue and it would be nice to play the new update and also see what I'm doing.
Huh that's weird a new pillar(solar) spawned when I rejoined my world maybe he will spawn after I defeat it again I will update if he spawns or not.
Well after playing 1.3 for quite a few hours I have to say what a great improvement to this game. I love the new slots for pet, light pet and mounts. I love the crafting system and having chest inventory appear on screen. I'll be honest I hadn't heard of Pipeworks before you joined Terraria and had my reservations, now I'm very glad you did. PS there are way too many improvements to list here, thanks for 1.3
Took under 5 min to update and convert! Screen is oversized but all is well so far. Scared to go on legacy map so I'm going to create new and far around with legacy character.

Why doesn't terraria have a setting to adjust screen size? Most games do. Should be a given. Caslevania HD did this to me too... :(
Also having this aspect ratio issue. I've changed all aspect ratio settings on my TV and looked at all inputs from Xbox to TV. This seems to be a Terraria problem, not anything wrong with my TV or Xbox. I'd also note this is literally the only game I've ever had this issue with.
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