Terraria 1.4.1 - 1.4.3 Out Now on Console & Mobile!


Official Terrarian
Well Console and Mobile players, Im glad now theyre at the same level of parity as the PC version, I am stoked and will begin a fresh playthrough assuming Im not off play Diablo III again, Ive been playing the absolute hell out of that game lately. As for potentional bugs, I'll keep an eye out and will let you know if anything crops up.


Today's update will bring all currently-developed Terraria platforms up to content parity
Does this also include world generation?
Currently world generation is even different at PC windows and linux/mac

If not are there any plans to do so in future?


The Destroyer
How Do I Change Back The UI 😭😭
Cause When I Try To Quick Pause The Settings Are All The Way To The Left
And The Inventory Is At The TOP Left Corner
I Just Not Used To This How Do I Change It Back ??


Torch God
How Do I Change Back The UI 😭😭
Cause When I Try To Quick Pause The Settings Are All The Way To The Left
And The Inventory Is At The TOP Left Corner
I Just Not Used To This How Do I Change It Back ??
Yeah it’s really strange with how this one is. It confuses me as to why it is like that


The new ui on mobile sucks in my opinion. I wish we still had the inventory and settings on the bottom. There seems no way to move the buttons at all, so that suck.


Slime Collector
How Do I Change Back The UI 😭😭
Cause When I Try To Quick Pause The Settings Are All The Way To The Left
And The Inventory Is At The TOP Left Corner
I Just Not Used To This How Do I Change It Back ??
yeah, Loki said that we can't change the ui.


The Destroyer
How Do I Change Back The UI 😭😭
Cause When I Try To Quick Pause The Settings Are All The Way To The Left
And The Inventory Is At The TOP Left Corner
I Just Not Used To This How Do I Change It Back ??
I am*
Also Why Tho?
Sometimes When I Use My Sword I Often Click The Setting Instead
I Hope We Get An Update To Choose Or Change The UI Either the Old one Or The New One


Happy launch day, Terrarians!

We are pleased to share that the Terraria 1.4.1 - 1.4.3 updates are now available for play on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices! This has been a new experience for the team - trying to release across 5 platforms at once - and we have learned a lot that we will apply moving forward to make things even more efficient. After all, if we are someday able to pull off Crossplay, this will be the way that all updates will have to work, right?

Today's update will bring all currently-developed Terraria platforms up to content parity, which has been a very rare occasion. The team is, of course, aware that the upcoming Labor of Love update for PC will break content parity once again... but the team is standing by to make that gap as small and as fast as possible. Once any needed fixes are done for the 1.4.1 - 1.4.3 updates, the team will launch headlong into bringing Labor of Love to all of the non-PC platforms. Once we reach that point in time, we should be ready to take our attempt at Crossplay - something that we cannot yet begin to predict in terms of timing or chances for success.

Do keep in mind that this update does *NOT* include the Texture/Language/Music Pack support from 1.4.2 at this time. There are several reasons for this, the most important being that features such as these require a ton of setup and discussion with first parties (MS/Sony/Nintendo/etc). That is not to say that this won't make it at a later time... it may or may not... but the team did not want to hold up everything else for what might be a lengthy process.

All that said, let's get into the fun stuff, shall we?! What exactly is arriving today for our Console and Mobile Terrarians? Read on to find out!




New Content

  • Added the winners of the Journey's End Vanity Contest:
    • Plaguebringer's set
    • Wandering set
    • Timeless Traveler's set
    • Floret Protector set
    • Capricorn set
    • Bonus winner: TV Head set!
    • All six of these are craftable with pre-Hardmode materials of various sorts, so that all players can experience these awesome vanity sets! Thanks to everyone who participated and voted in the Vanity contest, and especially to our winners!

  • Added new Achievements
  • Added a credits sequence and music track following Moon Lord's defeat for the first time. This can also be accessed from the main menu.
  • Added keyboard & mouse support for mobile.
  • Added playable tutorial to mobile version.
  • Music Box (Journey's End) is now created by recording the Credits music sequence. Additionally, using it in a normal accessory slot will play the Credits in-game, while using it in a social slot will only play the music.
  • Added a new Princess NPC, with a variety of related items (and a new hairstyle!)
  • Added new early game summon equipment: Flinx Fur Coat and the Flinx Staff!
  • Added a new pre-Hardmode whip, Spinal Tap, craftable at Dungeon-tier
  • Added a Lavaproof Fishing Hook and Angler Tackle Bag Tinker, the Lavaproof Tackle Bag
  • Beehives and Antlion Eggs can now be crafted and placed
  • Added a "Rainbow Cursor" vanity accessory
  • Added the Celebrationmk10 secret world seed.
  • Added Don't Starve inspired seed, The Constant, with the following features unique only to the seed:
    • Play with Don't Starve-inspired shaders and lighting.
    • Complete darkness is now dangerous to your health.
    • Exposed torches and campfires may not be reliable, as rain can put them out!
    • Players will need to eat, or they will face hunger and eventual starvation.
    • A few Don't Starve inspired worldgen features, such as Surface Marble and Aboveground Spider Biomes
    • Has substantially improved drop rates and availability of Don't Starve related items.
  • Added the Deerclops, a mid-late pre-Hardmode boss hailing from the world of Don't Starve.
  • A variation on the Deerclops' boss theme, provided by Klei Entertainment!
  • A few rare background clouds featuring characters from Don't Starve can now appear.
  • Added several new Don't Starve related emotes.
  • Main menu now has some links to some assorted Terraria-related websites.
  • Worlds using special seeds now have unique icons in the World Select menu to better tell them apart.
  • Several new pets from the Don't Starve universe (Bernie, Pig Man, Glommer, Chester, and Tiny Deerclops).
  • A collection of Don't Starve weapons and equipment, adapted to the world of Terraria! Notable items include the Ham Bat, Abigail's Flower, Bat Bat, and Tentacle Spike.
  • Wilson and Willow vanity sets.
  • Several vanity hats and accessories (Garland and Magiluminescence).
  • Two food items, the Froggle Bunwich and Monster Lasagna.
  • The full array of standard boss related items from Deerclops.
  • 4 Don't Starve themed paintings.
  • Added an option in Settings to customize the cursor color
  • Added an option in Settings to choose between different UI page defaults (expanded, collapsed, closed, etc.)
  • Added an option in Settings to enable Auto Select either via toggle or via press & hold


Vanity Accessory Changes​

  • Ultrabright Helmet now supports visible hair when worn
  • Armors and vanity items which draw on the back (backpacks, tails, wings, and capes) are now no longer mutually exclusive. This means that you can now have one of any of those four categories all displaying at the same time. Previously, only one of those could ever be visible at a time (for instance, if you had visible wings, you could not ever see a cape, backpack, or tail).
  • Combat Wrench now displays on the player regardless of what other backpacks are currently shown (it is its own category of back-draw)
  • Angel Halo now functions like Unicorn Horn, in that it will be visible regardless of any other head equipment or vanity that is equipped
  • Accessories which draw on the head have also been split into several subgroups, which will allow several of them to be worn simultaneously. For example, Blindfold/Spectre Goggles in the eye slot, Nature's Gift/Obsidian Rose in the "flower" slot and Ginger Beard.
  • Blindfold can now be visibly seen when wearing hats/helmets which show the face
  • Wearing Diving Helmet-series accessories set to visible will override your helmet, allowing them to be seen instead of your helmet
  • Obsidian Skull-series accessories that are set to visible are now compatible with hats/helmets that show the face, as it will replace your face with the skull. Due to the shape of the Skull not fitting standard "Terrarian face" shapes, on certain helmets, it will use a different sprite with a more standard layout. You can also wear virtually all physically compatible Head/Face accessories with the Obsidian Skull as well.
  • Ginger Beard has been resprited, and if set to visible, is now compatible with hats/helmets that show the face. It is also now compatible with most other Head/Face accessories.
  • Reworked Shield/Cape display so that Shields and Capes are now visually compatible with each other again. The Shield now draws "in front" of the Cape, instead of underneath it, which led to many of the initial issues.
  • Shields which are set to not be visible can still be dyed, and will show that dye when actively used (such as Shield of Cthulhu dash or Brand of the Inferno Block). Previously, if they were set to invisible, their active use version would never have dye.
  • Long-player hair is now properly compatible with wings/backpacks, and will show the full length of the hair without being cut-off visually
  • The special trails left by various types of running boots (Sailfish Boots, Flurry Boots, Flower Boots, etc) are now also subject to vanity usage, and you can use the one you prefer either through re-ordering accessories or using the social slots
  • Bone Glove now has visual vanity for the hand slot

Other changes

  • The Misc option in the duplication menu should more properly encompass items that do not fall under any other category
  • Made minor updates to Boss Mask item sprites to match the mask sprites
  • Sprite update for Orange/Amber Phasesaber
  • Torch God now plays an Otherworldly track when that setting is toggled
  • Loading Tips now appear when connecting to a server
  • Thunder volume is now adjusted with the Ambient SFX settings rather than regular Sound settings (edited)
  • Plantero's Sombrero has made its triumphant return
  • Spectre Goggles no longer override helmets entirely, as they are not full head accessories and were not meant to do so
  • Capes now show when sitting or riding mounts. This was previously limited due to conflicts, but feedback indicated it was worth the potential awkwardness at times to have the option.
  • NPC Happiness now gives the "Space" bonus for 3-NPC towns. Previously, there was neither a bonus nor a penalty at 3 NPCs, but this was perceived as a penalty, so it's been changed.
  • Skeletron Prime's bombs now explode on Planter Boxes (like they were changed to do on Platforms)
  • Queen Slime's minions can now drop Slime Staff at normal drop rates
  • Enemy Banners now also give increased player protection against enemy projectiles (previously they only applied to contact damage)
  • Added an option to change the name of characters and worlds
  • Changed Striking Moment's Buff text to reflect that it actually adds 400% damage (500% total) rather than adding 500%
  • Projectile NPCs (enemy projectiles that can be hit and destroyed by the player) are now subject to the effects of that enemy's banner.
  • Chattering Teeth Bomb and Shadowflame Apparition are now also subject to their creator's banners (Clown and Goblin Summoner respectively.)
  • Added /ale to the Emote Commands menu list.
  • Updated, added to, and pruned dozens of entries from an inaccurate and outdated list of homing projectiles that the Lunatic Cultist has damage resistance against.
  • Added a page-specific “Default” button for each of the Settings’ tabs, to be able to reset Settings on a page level.
  • Smart Cursor can now work with Auto Select
  • When an item is auto selected it will be displayed also in an extra hotbar slot
  • Touch controls have been optimised for several menus, such as Crafting, Crafting Guide, Reforge, Shop, Build Tools, Wiring and filters
  • Added a new string of text to be displayed in the Tinkerer’s Workshop when the selected item has no modifiers.
  • Added a dedicated page icon for the Reforge menu.
  • Adjusted page grid color to match the page icon background for storage items such as the Piggy Bank.

Balance Changes

  • Balancing changes have been introduced, in line with the PC version. These include changes to weapons, armor, tools, accessories, mounts, buffs and drops.

Bug Fixes

Major Issues and Crashes

  • Fixed an extensive issue relating to Jungle Shrines which causes many other important structures to not generate properly to the east of them, including Living Mahogany Trees and Underground Cabins
  • Fixed an issue where player map icons would sometimes cause a crash
  • Fixed a rare crash issue relating to mount idle animations
  • Fixed an issue that prevented map data from properly syncing with Cloud saving, so maps should reliably update via Cloud Save now
  • Fixed a recurring issue with Rolling Cacti spawning on Demon Altars and causing crashes
  • Fixed a rare issue where the game could freeze if it was literally impossible to spawn a meteorite
  • Fixed an issue where Doors, Trap Doors, and Tall Gates could render a house invalid if they were open
  • Fixed an issue where non-Journey players could sometimes be set to permanently have Journey powers activated.
  • Fixed an issue with some Rocket projectiles, resulting in a number of silent and not so silent crashes.
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by Jungle Mimics
  • Fixed an item duplication exploit
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash during Multiplayer when reopening a chest while the inventory was open

Enemy/NPC Bugs

  • Fixed an issue with NPCs deciding to stand in escapable water until they drowned
  • Fixed an issue where valid day-time completions of Empress of Light would not drop Terraprisma under specific circumstances
  • Fixed a rare issue where Eye of Cthulhu, Retinazer, and Spazmatism had a chance to spin forever when changing to their second form
  • Fixed an issue where Lunatic Cultist and Martian Saucer would not properly attempt to find a new target if his current target left or died
  • Fixed a typo causing Antlion Swarmers to drop 10x too much money
  • Fixed an issue where Angry Nimbus could not pass through platforms properly
  • Fixed an issue where defeating Queen Slime boosted the power of Town NPCs twice as much as intended, while Empress did not boost them at all
  • Fixed an issue where floating enemies (Pixies, Wraiths, Dripplers, Ice Elementals, etc) could not fall through platforms or float up through platforms properly to reach the player
  • Fixed an issue where surface wooden Mimics were not capable of spawning naturally anymore
  • Fixed an issue where the OOA Tier 2 Goblin Bombers did the damage of Tier 1 Goblin Bombers
  • Fixed an issue where Slime Rain slimes would spawn regardless of the Journey mode spawn slider
  • Fixed an issue where Flying Dutchman would desync and behave oddly or die spontaneously
  • Fixed a syncing issue with Big Mimics that would result in erratic behavior in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where Devourer kills on the body or tail didn't count towards banners
  • Fixed an issue where "Digging" Truffle Worms no longer appeared on the Lifeform Analyzer
  • Fixed an issue where the last Twins to die might not drop their boss bag if you only damaged the other one in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where Hemogoblin Sharks fall through platforms the player is standing on, failing to walk on them normally
  • Fixed some issues with some spider enemies not using all of their animation frames when walking, resulting in stuttering movement
  • Fixed an issue where Golem's body parts would appear oddly when spawned if you had too many enemies alive at once
  • Moon Lord no longer uses the NPC Smoothing setting to prevent several issues
  • Fixed an issue where Torch God would "count torches twice" resulting in the sequence happening too early
  • Fixed an issue where Torch God would not lose progress if the player died
  • Fixed an issue where some Corruption-invalidated housing would just say "invalid" rather than indicating it was due to Corruption/Crimson
  • Fixed some issues with Angry Dandelions targeting the wrong player in MP
  • Fixed an issue with Traveling Merchant spawning when time was paused with Journey powers
  • Fixed an issue where Ocean critters were spawning on screen
  • Fixed an issue where one of Moon Lord's attacks didn't properly attack or move in multiplayer
  • Daybreak spears embedded in Moon Lord eyes will instantly explode and deal their bonus damage immediately if the eye closes.
  • Fixed an issue where Town NPCs would try to sit on Dynasty Chairs (they shouldn't be able to).
  • Fixed an issue where some Ocean enemies could spawn even behind safe walls
  • Twinkle Popper's Twinkles no longer pick up money, as they would delete it forever during their explosion attack
  • Fixed an issue where the Wall of Flesh can drop below the world's boundary
  • Fixed an issue where Pupfish were sometimes spawning in the Ocean
  • Fixed Spiked Slimes being able to pick up coins and despawn with them.
  • Fixed a (previously undetectable) issue where enemies with a higher NPC ID than Golden Slimes would have Golden Slime bonus money drops.
  • Fixed a rare bug with some minions that could make them despawn.
  • Fixed some issues with certain sentry minions, which could result in desync for players joining after they had been summoned.
  • Fixed a bug where Thorns-effects hit Empress of Light at an extremely rapid rate.
  • The Nurse will no longer try to "heal" a number of positive buffs
  • Fixed certain projectiles resetting NPCs' immunity for other projectiles wrongfully
  • Fixed an issue with Happiness values that was causing them to round down heavily, negating minor differences and making it harder to reach certain thresholds.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crowded penalty for only 1 NPC was acting like there were 2 extra NPCs, making it start more severely than intended
  • Fixed an issue with Town NPCs not teleporting into very tall/thin homes at night, or houses where chairs did not have sufficient space
  • Fixed an issue where some critters would super jump while underwater
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs and Cats would sit in the same seat at night
  • Fixed Sky Dragon's Fury's secondary fire not inflicting Flask debuffs
  • Town NPCs will only fire on enemies if that enemy can be targetted (ideally, no more Plantera Hooks and the like)
  • Fixed some inefficiency in Minion targetting that had performance impacts
  • Fixed an issue with enemy Bees attacking invincible enemies, such as the Mysterious Tablet.
  • Fixed an issue where Brain of Cthulhu would despawn if there wasn't enough room to teleport

Combat, Gameplay and Item Bugs

  • Fixed an issue where size modifiers on Whips had an inverse effect on speed, meaning big whips were always slow and small whips were always fast
  • Fixed Blood Arrows not being considered ranged projectiles (which prevented them from dealing criticals)
  • Fixed an issue where Desert Tiger pounce was flagged as a magic attack instead of summon, preventing it from activating Whip debuffs
  • Fixed an issue where Golf Cart impact damage did not scale with minion damage like other charging mounts
  • Fixed an issue where Horse-type mount impact damage scaled with melee damage instead of minion damage
  • Fixed an issue where Lucky Coin money drops on Expert/Master servers would not drop properly
  • Fixed an issue where Terraprisma would take too long to return when teleporting far away
  • Fixed an issue where Titanium ranged set had an unlisted chance not to consume ammo (it was not meant to have that bonus at all)
  • Fixed an issue where certain homing projectiles (Bat Scepter, Bee Gun) would not target Duke Fishron
  • Fixed an issue where Hornet, Imp, Tempest, UFO, and Stardust Cell minions did not inflict knockback
  • Fixed an issue where Beach Balls had no real movement speed limit, resulting in them getting yeeted like Team Rocket if you hit them with Zenith, never to be seen again
  • Fixed some syncing issues with Queen Bee that resulted in erratic charging/teleportation in multiplayer
  • Fixed Zenith not having full screen range on Gamepad
  • Fixed some hit detection issues with Life Drain
  • Fixed an issue where Celestial Starboard would dramatically reduce the distance of dashes used while flying
  • Fixed an issue where teleporting from the Snow biome into non-Snow Biome water would inflict Chilled in Expert/Master mode
  • Fixed an issue where Snowman Cluster Fragments did not dealing damage or breaking tiles
  • Fixed a number of attacks and items that had extreme range, usually due to Golf Ball camera
  • Fixed an issue where the majority of items held visibly in the player's hand would float in weird locations if you pet an animal
  • Fixed Smart Cursor Painting having a different slot priority setup than actual Paint Tools, resulting in inconsistent behavior when putting Paint into Ammo Slots
  • Fixed (again) the issue where Dart Pistols had two possible Deadly Prefixes
  • Fixed an issue where Sanguine Staff and Terraprisma did not properly use Summon Lock On
  • Fixed an issue with Valor in Golden Lock Boxes not dropping correctly
  • Fixed an issue where "dodged" attacks could still result in debuffs on the player
  • Fixed an issue where Magic Missile-class weapons could clip through some blocks when in liquids
  • Fixed an issue with catching stacked fish (Bombfish, Daggerfish) with a full inventory deleting most of pre-existing stacks
  • Fixed Journey/Expert mode not multiplying debuff times properly
  • Fixed a bug causing it to be much harder than expected to achieve the happiness required for the Leading Landlord achievement.
  • Fixed an issue causing Jungle Armor, Ancient Cobalt, and Molten sets to not have the proper bonuses, while some other items (like Band of Regeneration) got them instead.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Hot Reels achievement to unlock when fishing in any liquid.
  • Players transformed into a Werewolf/Merman no longer have human faces when wearing certain accessories.
  • Fixed an issue when renaming chests that prevented the player from exiting their inventory easily.
  • Fixed an issue where Paper Airplanes did not drop in the quantities that the Bestiary said they should be dropping at
  • Fixed an issue where Ale Tosser did not properly receive Frostburn effects from Frost Armor
  • Fixed an issue where falling coins were no longer able to land on top of other coins
  • Fixed an issue where Fossil Pickaxe, Tree Globe, and World Globe would fall through blocks forever when dropped
  • Fixed an issue where Sergeant United Shield was accidentally showing accessory dyes under some specific circumstances, even though it is a weapon
  • Fixed an issue where Resonance Scepter and Life Drain could only knockback enemies to the right
  • Fixed an issue where High Velocity Bullets could sometimes hit particularly large targets twice (does not apply to multi-segment enemies, this should still allow multiple hits)
  • Fixed an issue where Wand of Sparking's projectile was using Melee damage modifiers, not Magic
  • Fixed an issue where players who died, or Hardcore player ghosts, would interfere with Player Logic Sensors
  • Fixed an issue where Star Cannon's projectile could not land critical hits, and wouldn't always receive proper stat bonuses from player equipment
  • Fixed an issue where Star Cannon's projectile could not be fired through platforms
  • Fixed a certain duplication exploit
  • Fixed an issue where Spikes would not hurt the player from some angles at certain elevations
  • Fixed an issue where World Globe would skip some forest backgrounds
  • Fixed an issue where Amphibian Boots stacked with other Frog Leg variants, even though Frog Leg variants do not otherwise stack
  • Corrected the damage on Frost armor's set bonus debuff from 20 to 25 DPS.
  • Fixed an issue with part of Leather Whip's segments being cut off.
  • Fixed an issue with Ice Bow being flagged as a channeling weapon when it isn't.
  • Fixed an issue with Flying Knife not having proper screen range limits.
  • Fixed an issue with Crystal Serpent being held unusually by the player
  • Fixed an issue where Plantero's Sombrero was poofing when turning Blood and Gore off
  • Fixed an issue where interacting Pylons from beneath had a different range than the actual teleportation-allowed range
  • Fixed cases of Pressure Plates & Logic Sensors not properly being removed from the world when mined
  • Fixed slowdown when leaving the housing window up for a REALLY long time
  • Fixed Life Drain not costing mana to use in PVP
  • Fixed an issue where Bones were still flagged as Ammo
  • Fixed an issue where Lunar Drills/Chainsaws were getting prefixes they shouldn't
  • Jousting Lances can no longer receive melee speed prefixes. They already could not benefit from Melee speed, but this fixes some bugs caused by Melee speed modifiers that impacted them.
  • Fixed some stat inaccuracies where several OOA armor's stats did not match their tooltips. Also made a few text adjustments to clarify specific damage types.
  • Fixed an issue where Hero's Shield was not giving its aggro boost
  • Fixed some exploits/oversight related to Bee Hives, Bunny Cannons, and Antlion Eggs
  • Fixed a handful of item drop rates that were not properly affected by luck (mostly some OOA drops). Will not impact actual drop rates to much of a substantial degree.
  • Fixed an issue where Robot Shirt worked with "hand" accessories, since its hands were incompatible with them. Robot Shirt and Pumpkin Shirt now do not work with Belt accessories either, for the same reason.
  • Fixed an issue where the Paper Airplane projectile wasn't considered Ranged
  • Fixed an issue where Molotov Cocktail didn't gain Frost Armor's Frostburn debuff
  • Fixed an issue where Coin Gun would not prioritize Coin slots over Inventory slots
  • Fixed a crash stemming from using the Clinger Staff near the top of the world when in reverse gravity
  • Fixed an issue where Paper Airplanes weren't correctly dropping in stacks

Tile, Block and Worldgen Bugs

  • Fixed an issue where Bamboo and Wrought Iron Fences would not allow certain trees to grow like other fences
  • Fixed a dupe exploit involving sand
  • Fixed an issue where mousing over Logic Sensors with Block Swap on could break them
  • Fixed an issue where Clentaminator didn't properly convert mushrooms into Vicious Mushrooms
  • Fixed an issue where Evil thorns stopped growing after initial worldgen
  • Fixed an issue where Surface Mushroom background darkening was requiring too many mushroom blocks to activate
  • Fixed an issue where Coral/Shells would regrow overtop of actuated blocks, replacing them
  • Re-Fixed an issue where Demon Altars could generate on top of Rolling Cacti
  • Fixed an issue with Golf Flags and wind detection
  • Ropes no longer merge with Smooth Marble Blocks
  • Fixed Crystal Shards not properly syncing when placed in multiplayer, which sometimes caused them to turn into Gelatin Crystals
  • Fixed an issue where Jungle and Mushroom vines wouldn't grow underground, and an issue where Jungle Weeds would not turn into tall Jungle weeds
  • Fixed some issues with Weapon Racks not properly being removed in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where falling blocks would de-slope platforms they passed through
  • Fixed an issue where Offline Gemspark Blocks did not blend the same way as Online Gemspark Blocks
  • Fixed an issue where Hardcore Player Ghosts would prevent tiles from being placed behind them
  • Fixed an issue where Sand would duplicate sometimes when falling as a tile
  • Fixed some issues with falling blocks where they would land on some tiles they shouldn't land on, and also fixed some syncing issues relating to them turning into an item or not in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where blue Portal Gun Stations would fire confetti if you tried to use confetti on them
  • Fixed Auto-Select choosing confetti when hovering over a Portal Gun Station
  • Fixed an issue where pressure plates in world gen would end up floating because they generated on breakable ice
  • Fixed Living Mahogany Trees not considering Jungle Grass as Jungle when generating
  • Fixed an issue where Boulder Traps would generate embedded in the Temple
  • Fixed an issue where you could not build "off" of a beam like other blocks. They were not treated like an adjacent block for the purposes of building.
  • Fixed a rare out of bounds issue with pots during world generation
  • Fixed a minor tile framing issue with Gnome Statues
  • Fixed an issue where Crimsand had no dust when stepping on it
  • Fixed an issue where Snow Clouds used a slightly inaccurate dust color when stepping on it
  • Stone Platforms are now immune to lava
  • Fixed an issue where Dirt Bombs would not cause buried grass to die
  • Fixed an issue where Pylon NPC detection only checked for the housing flag, and not the actual NPCs being present near their home.
  • Fixed Smart Cursor acting inconsistently with herb placement with pots and planter boxes
  • Fixed Mannequins/Hat Racks breaking in MP when bombed
  • Fixed some issues with Smart Cursor and pumpkin placement
  • Fixed an issue in Dungeon code that was causing the same seed to create different worlds each time.
  • Fixed an issue where seeds would not always generate identical worlds, depending on how many worlds had been generated in that play session
  • Fixed an issue where some falling tiles would fall through platforms instead of landing on them
  • Fixed an issue where spreading Moss would not always use the proper frame when on servers
  • Fixed an issue where Smooth Marble Blocks would merge with Echo Blocks
  • Fixed an issue where Smoke Blocks did not stay hammered between gameplay sessions
  • Fixed an issue where Bubble Blocks could not be used as the walls for player-spawn houses
  • Fixed an issue where Luminite Ore and Bricks made "Dirt" thud sounds when mined, instead of ore/metal sounds
  • Fixed an issue where Crimson Grass Walls spread slower than the Corruption variant.
  • Fixed a rare worldgen softlock, where the game gets stuck trying to generate Hellforges.
  • Fixed a bug where Boulders and Rolling Cacti qualified as ranged items eligible for dealing Frostbite if you wore the Frost armor.
  • Fixed an issue where Smooth Marble Blocks didn't merge with Dirt Blocks, Ash Blocks, or Frozen Slime Blocks (despite merging with most other blocks).
  • Fixed an issue preventing Honey Pit microbiomes from spawning in the Jungle.
  • Fixed an issue where light Dynasty Walls showed an inaccurate teal map color.
  • Fixed another syncing issue with Cracked Dungeon Bricks, which should resolve the teleporting enemies in Dungeons
  • Fixed an issue where most falling tile projectiles would fall through platforms, except for regular Sand. All of them now land on the platform, except hostile Sand ball projectiles.

Visual/Art/Sound Issues and Bugs

  • Capes and Tax Collector's Suit now properly disable visibility when sitting, rather than showing up awkwardly in the wrong position
  • Fixed an issue where Desert Tiger pounce didn't use Summon Dye
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Minecarts used the Mount-dye slot instead of the Minecart-dye slot for their dust
  • Fixed a sprite positioning issue with 2 of the Etherian Goblin variants
  • Fixed a very widespread issue where several dozen armors had a transparent pixel in the armpit
  • Fixed a cut-off pixel on the Nebula Workbench
  • Fixed a missing pixel in the Zoologist emote
  • Fixed an issue where wings would continue to display when the player was dead
  • Fixed an issue where Water and Peace Candles would generate dust that behaved unusually when the player was on ropes
  • Fixed some stray pixels in the Hallowed Palm Potted Plant
  • Fixed Corrupt Torches making snow dust instead of Corrupt dust
  • Fixed an issue where Goldfish Bowl helmets were one pixel too high while flying
  • Fixed a stray pixel in the Goldfish Bowl helmet
  • Fixed the Crimson Capture setting using Blood Moon water instead
  • Fixed an odd pixel on one of the frames of the Gnome tile
  • Fixing an issue with the Palm Armor sprite
  • Fixed an issue where Mystic Snake Coil's pot would disappear when in certain positions
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the player's body would be in the wrong position when in reverse gravity
  • Fixed an issue with some tiles ignoring Illuminant Paint
  • Fixed an issue where several new banners had item sprite that used the full sized tile sprite instead of the smaller item-sized version
  • Stardust Guardian now stops showing its attack animation when the game is paused
  • Fixed a number of SFX issues with Martians
  • Music Boxes should no longer play music when music volume is at 0
  • Fixed an issue with light not spreading properly under some circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where a Crimson background would cut off under specific circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where background hellbats would be visible with backgrounds off
  • Fixed an issue with Tree top framing
  • Fixed an issue where some minions and pets would flip back and forth rapidly while holding out kites
  • Fixed an issue where the Angel Halo wasn't fading with stealth, and would float in place if you died and opened the settings menu
  • Fixed Tea and Coffee's sprites not being centered properly
  • Fixed an issue where invisible characters had bald map icons
  • Fixed an issue where invisible inner tubes caused visual issues on the body
  • Fixed an issue where various coins did not use the correct color sparkles
  • Fixed issues with long coat extensions when sitting
  • Fixed some issues with Vine/Seaweed draw tiles not rendering properly when taking screenshots
  • Attempted fix to an issue where Magic Missile-class items would sometimes visually "spike" towards the upper left corner. As this only happens to some users, and we do not know why and cannot reproduce it, we aren't sure if the fix was successful, so please feel free to report if it is continuing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Witch Costume not properly showing legs underneath of it, even its own Witch Boots.
  • Fixed an issue where sitting players wearing the Gi outfit would be in a "jumping" pose
  • Fixed an issue where Lazure's Barrier Platform would be worn on your head when in reverse gravity.
  • Fixed every vine type except normal/flower vines from passing on paint as they grow longer.
  • Changed the SFX of a number of some newer summoning and magic weapons, so that they are a bit more representative of the attack itself.
  • Fixed an issue where Celestial Starboard did not draw/make dust properly in reverse gravity.
  • Fixed Seasonal Bunnies not having the surface tag in bestiary
  • Fixed Frozen Zombie and Wolf not showing Snow Biome in bestiary
  • Ice Golem now correctly uses the rain tag in bestiary
  • Fixed Journey Mode's Enemy Spawn Rate settings being reset on leaving a server
  • Corrupt players will now list their origin instead of corrupt text, if they can
  • Fixed an issue where player skin became much brighter under some circumstances, such as using some Light Pets
  • Fixed an issue where some Vanity ears would show the back-ear in the wrong position when sitting
  • Fixed an issue where Tail accessories did not adjust their height correctly when sitting
  • Fixed an issue where certain hairs would "draw double" when sitting
  • Fixed Tall Hats having visual issues when riding a mount
  • Fixed a visual framing issue with the Bamboo Lantern
  • Fixed an issue where Stardust Guardian was no longer transparent when dyed
  • Fixed an issue where Vanity Rocket Boot trails were inconsistently prioritized and not always showing the correct trail
  • Fixed a minor visual issue with Tinkerer's Workshop where some of its pixels were not visible
  • Fixed Sky Dragon's Fury not animating when thrown on the ground
  • Fixed an issue where Souls in a Bottle were missing animation frames
  • Fixed an issue where Hair 6 and Hair 94 had a conflict with capes
  • Fixed an issue with a few leaf sprites that caused them to not correctly handle paint
  • Fixed an issue where Reaper Hood's head texture had an offset frame
  • Fixed issues where the aim tag and some world objects were incorrectly positioned when on reverse gravity
  • Fixed issue where the loading bar during world generation appeared out of bound.
  • Fixed issue where the yellow outline of the Settings tabs would overlap each other.

UI/Menu and Settings Bugs

  • Fixed an issue where Celestial Pillar health bars would exceed the health bar meter due to changing difficulty in Journey mode
  • Fixed an issue where boss minimap icons didn't change direction based on the boss's direction like it used to
  • Mana Cloak Star is no longer researchable (as it should never be obtainable in the first place)
  • Fixed an issue where Eye color wouldn't always randomize during character creation
  • Fixed an issue where Quick Stack to Nearby Chests would not respect whether your coins were favorited or not
  • Fixed rain starting on its own while time was paused with Journey powers
  • Fixed several visual Sky-based effects failing to change properly when time was paused with Journey powers
  • Fixed rain failing to visually start/stop when time was paused with Journey powers
  • Fixed an issue where invasions would be announced, but would never arrive, when time was paused with Journey powersv
  • Fixed an issue where Journey Enemy Spawn rate slider would not visually go below 0.1x in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where some text search boxes had no limit
  • Fixed an issue where Fungi Bulbs did not properly indicate in the Bestiary that they spawn in the Surface Mushroom biome
  • Fixed a spacing issue on the ingame options menu that sometimes allowed for toggling two options at once by accident
  • Fixed double inputs for some ingame options, notably Autosave/Autopause
  • Torch God's Bestiary Entry now properly unlocks in single player when you use the favor item, and when a player first joins a world with favor already active
  • Torch God's Bestiary Entry now lists Caverns and Underground as biome tags
  • Fixed an issue where the game did not Autopause in the Achievements menu

Text, Tooltips and Dialogue Bugs

  • Fixed some tooltips that used "crit chance" instead of critical chance
  • Fixed an issue where one of the Cat pet names was missing, and one of the Cat pet names was split into two different names
  • Fixed an issue where Tax Collectors were twice as likely to be named Agnew as they should be
  • Fixed a few dated and no longer accurate loading tips
  • Fixed some legacy dialogue lines from Demolitionist about "ebonrock", and gave it a Crimson-compatible alternate
  • Fixed a variety of minor text and grammar issues, primarily in Bestiary or NPC Dialogue
  • Fixed an issue where the favorites file could not support some characters and symbols in world/player names
  • Fixed several grammatical/spelling issues in NPC dialogue.
  • Fixed a few minor item tooltip/flavor text issues.
  • Fixed an issue where Wasp Gun had a tooltip that just said "Wasp Gun"
  • Fixed a typo in Dune world generation in regards to their position with Snow biomes
  • Fixed some minor grammatical and capitalization issues
  • Fixed a missing apostrophe in Pillagin Me Pixels item name.
  • Fixed missing tooltip in Queen Slime's Treasure Bag.
  • Fixed a wide variety of NPC Dialogue, Bestiary, and Item Flavor Text grammatical/spelling/punctuation issues.
  • Fixed a minor issue where some text editing fields (such as Chest) would accept unlimited characters

Server Issues/Multiplayer Issues

  • Fixed an issue with spawn points on the very rightmost edge of a map not functioning properly in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where Trap Doors would not properly sync in multiplayer, allowing enemies to move through them
  • Fixed a Multiplayer syncing issue relating to enemy heal effects.
  • Fixed projectile knockback being inconsistent in Multiplayer.



View attachment 364883

Re-Logic and Klei Entertainment spent a lot of time in 2021 to bring a crossover update to both of our fanbases that everyone seems to really enjoy. Crossovers like this - between two of the top indie games in terms of players and reviews - are usually either uncommon or very limited or both. Our two teams took a different path, seeing this as a passion project. It has been amazing to watch the collaboration, the ideas just flowing and the shared fandom for each others' work. Relationships were forged here that we certainly hope will last for a very long time.

We have done our very best to summarize this amazing crossover collaboration below. Thanks as always to the fans - your support truly makes things like this so much fun to work on. Cheers!

So, without further ado, we give you...

Want more details? Read on!



The team debated long and hard about the best way to bring the gameplay dynamics of Don't Starve Together into Terraria in a fun and clever way. Rather than having a standalone "event" (as we did with Dungeon Defenders 2), we decided to utilize the World Seed functionality present in Journey's End to create a more holistic Don't Starve x Terraria experience. What awaits you should you dare to explore The Constant?

Don't Starve Inspired Shaders and Lighting


Stay in the Light! Total Darkness is Hazardous to your Health!


Feed your Hunger with Tasty Food... or Face the Consequences!

Don't Starve Inspired Worldgen

Higher Drop Rates for Don't Starve Inspired Items




What adventure would be complete without a worthy foe to battle? Not this one, that's for sure! Our team has always loved the Deerclops in our plays of Don't Starve Together, so we immediately gravitated towards adding it as our featured boss battle for this crossover. We targeted this boss for mid/late Pre-Hardmode so that it would be accessible to as many players as possible. Make sure you check out his super-cool theme music - provided by Klei themselves and inspired from Deerclops' theme in Don't Starve!

You can summon this terrifying foe in the cold climate of the Ice Biome. What awaits you in this fight? Well... you will have to wait and see for yourselves!



What Terraria update would be complete without an array of new items to discover and use? We have added 25 items lifted from or inspired by Don't Starve Together content. These range from new pets to weapons to vanity and more. Let's check a couple of them out, shall we?


New Tools & Weapons - Including Lucy the Axe


New Pets & Summons


Chester - A Pet that Functions As a Piggy Bank



View attachment 364869

The results of a one-of-a-kind Terraria Community Contest, these six armors were designed by members of the community, entered into an intense competition, and ultimately selected by our team and the fans for everyone to enjoy. For those unaware, here are the sets available:

Wandering Ronin
The Timeless Traveler
Floret Protector
TV Head

All six of these are craftable with pre-Hardmode materials of various sorts, so that all players can experience these awesome vanity sets!



View attachment 364870 View attachment 364874

Who made all of this anyway? That's right, Terraria has its own in-game credits! Upon defeating the Moon Lord for the first time, be sure to stay tuned for an awesome throwback credit sequence, including an exclusive never-before-heard music track! Want to see it again? You can access the Credits from the main menu at any time. Note that the in-game credits reflect only the Re-Logic-based team. Console and Mobile have had their own more traditional Credit scroll for some time, and that is still here in the main menu.

Also, the Music Box (Journey's End) is now created by recording the Credits music sequence. Additionally, using it in a normal accessory slot will play the Credits sequence in-game, while using it in a social slot will only play the music.



View attachment 365985
A tribute to all of our fans and their support over the first ten years of Terraria. Bright colors abound in this unique Terraria seed. For full details, check out the wiki page here > CELEBRATION MK10



View attachment 364878

How will you discover and unlock this regal companion? What does she do? You will have to explore and find out on your own!




We have included a handful of new items - with several focused on filling out the early/pre-hardmode Summoner options. We are personally fans of the new Flinx-based Summoner gear.



View attachment 365556
View attachment 365557
View attachment 365558
Who doesn't like Achievements, right? Today's update adds additional challenges for you to tackle to add to your achievements list!



Vanity Overhaul? What exactly do we mean here? Well - the way armors and vanity sets used to work was a bit limiting, particularly in regards to the way "back" items worked. So, we made it better! For just one example: why pick between showing Wings or a Cape, for example, when you can have both!

Armors and vanity items which draw on the back (backpacks, tails, wings, and capes) are now no longer mutually exclusive. This means that you can now have one of any of those four categories all displaying at the same time. Previously, only one of those could ever be visible at a time (for instance, if you had visible wings, you could not ever see a cape, backpack, or tail).

Here is a visual explaining what we mean:

View attachment 364880

View attachment 364881
Prior to Terraria 1.4.1: The use of visible wings prevented capes from being visible, while the use of capes prevented shields from being visible.

View attachment 364882
In 1.4.1, these elements no longer conflict with each other, and can be used together in various combinations

There are even more overhauls to the vanity system to explore, so be sure to check out the full changelog for all the juicy details!



View attachment 365550
Pretty self-explanatory here...



As you might imagine, this update incorporates all of the balance changes and core code bug fixes that came along with the Terraria 1.4.1 - 1.4.3 updates. These would be far too numerous to list out. For balance changes, the best way to see how any given item has evolved over time really is to consult the wiki page for that item over on our new Official Wiki >




On top of the content and changes from the "core" game code, the team at DR Studios has added some additional fixes and features for our Console and Mobile Terrarians!


You can now customise the color of your cursor - including the often-requested Rainbow Cursor!
Credits roll can be accessed directly from the front end now
In Settings, you can now choose between different expand/collapse/close defaults for UI pages

New levels of UI Page Sizes
View attachment 365549



Wiring has been improved and optimised
We have improved the existing filter & search mechanics in Crafting and Duplication
Now you can reset settings on a tab level, without having to reset everything
World selection screen has been improved and displays some more info
Some UI pages such as the the Reforge menu and some storage pets now have a dedicated icon
You can now toggle between Crafting and Duplication without having both menus associated to a page group
Expanded/Collapsed/Closed page statuses are saved between sessions


Fixed a crash issue when trying to open the Painter’s shop during Christmas
Fixed an issue where the game would crash during multiplayer when reopening a chest while the inventory was open
Fixed a crash issue when placing furniture while building from the inventory
Fixed issues where some world objects were incorrectly positioned when on reverse gravity
Fixed a minor issue where some text editing fields (such as Chest) would accept unlimited characters
Fixed an issue where the placement grid would disappear when cycling between non-grid to grid items




Keyboard & Mouse is now officially supported on mobile!


We have made the UI much more configurable from Settings
Touch controls have been optimised for several menus, such as Crafting, Crafting Guide, Reforge, Shop, Build Tools, Wiring and filters
We have added filters to both the Bestiary and Crafting/Duplication on mobile and improved the existing filter & search mechanics
Now you can reset per settings page, without having to reset everything
The playable tutorial has been brought to mobile
In Settings you can now set Auto Select operation either via toggle or via press and hold
The auto selected item will now display also in an extra slot in the hotbar
We made adjustments to enable smart cursor to work with Auto Select


Fixed issues where some world objects were incorrectly positioned when on reverse gravity
Fixed a minor issue where some text editing fields (such as Chest) would accept unlimited characters



Every launch will have some bugs - so be sure to use the button below to report your bugs for Console and/or Mobile so that the team can get right to fixing them!



Is keyboard and mouse currently supported on switch?


Torch God
So is it meant to have everything orientated to be vertical such as shops and chests when the hot bar is vertical?


The wings and cape thing is pretty cool. but it would be nice if capes did still hide shields. But other than that, I can't wait to experience everything in the new update!
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