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Story Terraria: Adventures of 8

In this A.U. Moon Lord's real name is Castroluna. Good or should I change it

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Welcome to the thread where I post about my version of the Terraria Lore and Mythology as well as some very shorts things about my Terraria world 8. No really it's actually called 8. I know, creative right? No. Anyway enjoy the thread and feel free to chime in with your thoughts or questions.

Now the table of contents
Terraria Characters And Biomes Lore
Plantera Stuff
Plantera Design
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Terraria Characters And Biomes Lore

# with a number corresponds to something that is listed in the description.

Terra: Goddess of Earth and Sand who is hidden away forever.

Hydron Aerowen: God of Water and Air. Lives in the ocean.

Zach the Guide/Solus: Elder Guardian of Souls who used his power to walk among humans. Story here

Seymour the Merchant: A successful merchant who built his business from the ground up. Hard working and a sci-if nerd.

Heather the Nurse: A very hard working and successful nurse who specialises in healing magic. Rude, ungrateful, awful and mean, people wonder what Dante sees in her.#2

Gimli the Demolitionist: A dwarf from the underground who grew up with a love of all things explosive. He loves reading, especially works of J.R.R. Tolkien.#1

Hiram the Dye Trader: Hailing from a mystical land of colours comes the Dye Trader, excites to show the world his magical dyes.

Felicitae the Dryad: The magical Dryads of Terraria guard and watch over nature as Terra's subjects. She keeps watch over the Purity and keeping the Corruption or Crimson under control.

Elandrian the Tavernkeep: After being tossed from his world, Elandrian is happy to help the Terrarian keep the forces of the Old One's Army at bay and share his culture with the others.

Dante the Arms Dealer: An arms dealer surrounded in mystery. His history isn't well known so let's keep it that way.#2

Roxanne the Stylist: A happy-go-lucky stylist who was convinced to go adventuring and ended up near spider food.

Ludo the Painter: The creative and endearing Italian painter who adores helping others unleash their creativity.

Izzy the Angler: A little 8 year old fisher. Lost his parents in a huge storm. Still doesn't know where they are. Essentially everyone is an honorary parent to him. He can seem bratty but he is getting better and a great person when you get to know him.

Sarx the Goblin Tinkerer: Unlike other goblins Sarx wanted nothing to do with warfare and just wanted to tinker and build. He wasn't like the others, smart, tech savvy and able to steal from unlocked chests. However due to this he was often outcasted from goblin activities and warfare. Eventually he ended up ticking them off so severely they threw him in the Dungeon.#3

Tairona the Witch Doctor: A Lihzahrd Witch Doctor from deep inside the Jungle Temple, Tairona was fascinated with the night and outside world. He heard that the night was like the day but darker and magical. All he wanted was to see it, but thanks to Plantera rampaging he and the other Lihzahrds were forced to stay inside the temple. Until one fateful day. Story here

Mervyn the Clothier: A simple and humbled clothier. Taken control of by evil he suffered for years. Story here

Autumn the Mechanic: A savvy and somewhat oblivious to love mechanic, Autumn loves to wire contraptions and build amazing technology.

Star the Party Girl: Hailing from the Hallow comes the Party Girl. The only one who can channel the good parts of the crapsaccharine biome and pure Party energy.

Maleor the Wizard: The mysterious wizard of Terraria, magical and mysterious.

McKinley the Tax Collector: A tortured soul, freed of his chains. Now he collect money and annoys everyone.

Enoki the Truffe: A seldom and protective truffle. Happy father to many surface dwelling mushrooms.#2

Captain Morgan the Pirate: The fierce pirate Morgan who sailed the seas now resides in the floating sky ship of his.#3

Ada the Steampunk: A British steampunk savvy and slightly eccentric. She absolutely adores her new steampunk ship that flies.#3

Sigma the Cyborg: Hailing from the Martian labs of Hi-Tech martianery, Sigma is ready to explore Space and beyond.#3

Cthulhu: A monster that terrorised Terraria for years. Originally the Elder Guardian of the Underworld, Psyche and Darkness.

Corruptior (pronounced core-rupture): The creator of the Corruption disease. He was murdered by the Dryads millennia ago. But not before he unleashed his creation.

Eye of Cthulu: Cthulu's eye. Duh. However it turned sentient.

King Slime: King of the Slimes. Originally a simple ninja who wanted to connect more with the slimes and learn the ways of these mysterious creatures. Eventually he ended up using a spell to turn himself into a Slime and eventually became their king.

Eater of Worlds: A large corrupted worm a.k.a. the remains of Corruptior, The creator of the diseased wasteland. It's so huge that when called upon, it sends parts of its body to fight and when defeated, regrows back to normal.

Brain of Cthulu: Cthulhu's Brain that grew and eye and heart then turned sentient and now guards the Crimson.

Skeletron: Lesser Guardian of the Dungeon

Dungeon Guardian: Elder Guardian of the Undead and of the Dungeon

Wall of Flesh: An entity created by Solus to guard the spirits of Light and Dark as well as the souls of creatures. Directly linked to him. The Wall is fully sentient and Solus suffered its wrath when he was killed.

The Twins: A pair of mechanical eyes. Sentient and very aggressive these two never separate.

Skeletron Prime: Skeletron's robotic master. Sentient and dangerous he is the best friend to the Dungeon Guardian.

The Destroyer: A very large robo-worm that has lasers. Sentient and not someone you want to mess with.

Plantera: Terra's earthly host that eventually gained sentience and a body before rampaging and being trapped inside a bulb. Lesser Guardian of the Jungle and it's inhabitants.

Queen Bee: Avery large bee who protects the Jungle Hives.

Duke Fishron: Hydron's pet. He watches out for the ocean creatures and searches for random thungs. Likes bacon. It's not cannibalism as he is a fishron, not a pigron.

Golem: Lesser Guardian of the Lihzahrd and Solar energy. Really loves to brighten up people's day. Get it? Brighten? Solar energy? Yeah, never mind.

Lunatic Cultist: Crazy Castro they called him. And he only strengthened that belief when he decided to join the Lunatic Cult.

Moon Lord: Elder Guardian-turned-undead-monster of Space, Lunar energy and Healing as well as Cthulhu's brother.

The Corruption: A cloud-like parasitic evil that attacked half of Terrarias many islands.

The Crimson: The rotting and visceral remains of Cthulu. His body had huge parts of it spread to the other half of Terraria that wasn't tainted by the Corruption.

The Hallow: A crapsaccharine land. Originally was created by Solus to help the Dryads of the land to destroy the Corruptions and Crimsons. However Cthulu's blood and the Corruption's corrupted magic, tainted the Hallow, turning the creatures into dastardly animals that tried to kill everyone. Solus latched onto the creatures tainted souls and separated them from their bodies so when killed the souls could be collected and unable to be reused by the land to create more horrors.

Purity: The main, central part of Terraria islands. Calm and quiet. Until the freakin' slimes invaded. Home of King Slime and his subjects. Zombies awaken each night, thanks to a spell gone wrong and let to run amok because of Skeletron.

Jungle: The land of Terra. She reigned over and watched over the land for years, creating Plantera to walk among humans and observe them and their behaviour in her biome. She also watched over the Lihzahrd as they built a temple deep in the underground to host their Lesser Guardian, Golem. Eventually she was forced to hide and Plantera gained sentience before rampaging and turning the once safe and heavenly Jungle into a catastrophic nature.

Ocean: The ocean. The link to the waters of Terraria and other lands like Thorium and Calamity#1. Plus access to other islands makes it a suitable place to travel. Home of Hydron and his pet Duke Fishron. The Angler was found here after he washed ashore during the aftermath of a huge storm. Hydron is still looking for the kids parents and sent his pet out to search the depths of the ocean for them. So far nothing. The pirates also sail and invade other islands.

Snow: The snowy and cold plains. Originally watched over by Hydron. It's a calm place. Did I say it's? I meant was. When the Frost Legion, a crime filled snow mafia took over and set up base the land quickly became a dangerous place to be especially when Al Capsnow led them. The Frost Moon did not help either. Let's just say that Valentines Day will never be the same again.#1

Desert: The desert, hot and unforgiving. Home to Sand Elementals that watch over for Terra. Ever since Skeletron let a spell run amok, the dead have been rising here too. Mummies have been bursting from tombs.

Marble: Home of the fabled Medusa. The Romans and Greeks mythos is said to live here. Thanks a lot Solus. Don't let him read anymore mythology books.#1

Granite: A dark and wet place to be. Filled with Granite Elementals, courtesy of Cthulhu.

Hives: The home of the Queen Bee. Magically enhanced to be brought to life again, should she die protecting her larvae. It's said the honey has healing properties.#2

Mushroom: The psychedelic biome of the Trufffles. Full of glowing mushrooms it's advised to never eat them as you glow inside out. Content underground as far as anyone is concerned. However it's rumoured that these places exist above ground but no Truffles will go and look for them. Except one.

Pronunciation Guide

= meaning

- pronunciation
Aerowen = Aero from Aerokinesis, manipulation of Air and with wen suffixed on - Arrow-en
Martianery a portmanteau of Matian and machinery - Mar-sheen-ery

Terra =Terraria but without the ria - Tair-a

#1 Meta

#2 In-game events

#3 My specific world

Events are listed in the worker that they are listed (e,g, the first #1 found is about the Demolitionist's name and the second one found is about the Thorium and Calamity mods and you get the point)

#1. One of the names for the Demolitionist is Gimli. One can put 2 and 2 together.

Since I consider Terraria one huge land area but with multiple islands of varying sizes, so many that one there is 1 island for every 23 (every N.P.C. That doesn't disappear after a certain malnutrition of time, the Skeleton Merchant counted as he only moves form place to,place in your work and doesn't actually leave it unlike the Traveling Merchant) people, sometimes 24 (all the N.P.C.'s minus the Old Man because him and the Clothier are the same person) and that Thorium and Calamity mods add in different bosses and one has a god I think of them as separate worlds like Terraria but different. Basically mods are separate lands.

The Frost Legion really is a mafia in Terraria. One of the enemies is the Snowman Gangsta. Also Al Capsnow is a really bad pun on Al Capone, a huge mafia boss that led the Valentine's Day Massacre.

#2. The Arms Dealer and the Nurse both seems to have a romantic relationship. Also the Nurse is a total glitch. I mean just read her quotes. She's awful. And let's be honest here, W.T.F. does the Arms Dealer like about her?

I got nothing on Dante. Also he sells illegal gun parts at night. This guy clearly has something shady happening with him. May be he got involved with the Frost Legion.

The Truffle has a quote where he gets mad at your for stealing his children (glowing mushrooms) so I wrote that he is a happy father to the mushrooms he is around.

Honey has healing properties in-game. Stand a two or three block puddle of it and you regenerate health.

#3.Ok so I actually found my Goblin Tinkerer in the Dungeon along with the Mechanic. Lucky right?

I actually built a floating ship in my world for the Pirate.

Ditto for the steampunk except it's made of cogs and lead with a helicopter rotor on top.

I built my cyborg a U.F.O. house. I know he isn't actually associated with the Martian Madness event but I don't care. It suits him anyway.
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Alright so I just finished Plantera's alt. design and will post it probably tomorrow. In this A.U. Plantera has 3 forms. Two are from her boss battle and the 3rd is a slightly humanized form that Terra created so she could interact with the humans. After Plantera went comepletely insane, the goddess sealed the plant up so that her 3rd form couldn't be used. Basically Plantera was trapped in her outer body for a good few thousand years. And due to her rampage the Lihzahrds were forced to stay in their temple. Stories of nighttime were passed down through generations as they thought they would never see the darkness again.

T.L.;D.R. Plantera terrorized the jungle after Terra locked her up inside her own body and the Lihzahrds were stuck in the temple for thousands of years.

T.L.;D.R.T. Plantera is a jerk, Terra is a jerk and the Lihzahrds suffer too much


Yo what's up folks? I'm back and here's the result of the poll I have up top. 1 person and only one person voted with the answer of, they don't know what Castroluna means. Here's what it means

Castroluna means nothing really. It's a combination of Castro, a name taken from the Call of Cthulhu and Luna, Latin for moon.

If it has a meaning then, I guess it would be Castro's Moon or something relating to insanity and lunatics.
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