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IC Terraria:Cthulhu's Rebirth-IC


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Behold an RP actually based off of Terraria!

"Much time has passed since the Great War of Cthulhu. However, rumors tell of a Lunatic Cult led by a fanatical zealot that is methodically seeking to revive Cthulhu to its former power and bring about the end of the world. As a part of these efforts, a renowned genius – known simply as the Mechanic – has been kidnapped and forced to rebuild the parts needed to make Cthulhu whole once again. Hushed whispers tell of the results of these experiments: horrible mechanical simulacrums of Cthulhu's organs. The Mechanic has nearly completed her work, only needing to finish the Mechanical brain to restore Cthulhu to its full destructive power.

Passing travelers hear construction and screams emanating from the Dungeon – an evil, demonic fortress of the dead in which the Mechanic is supposedly held prisoner as she conducts her work.

Many across Terraria have fallen under the possession of the cult, including the benevolent Old Man who oversees the Dungeon, a once thriving city full of life until a curse forced all its inhabitants to go mad – living beyond the point where their bodies rotted away and they became mindless undead servants of evil. Without some intervention, some force to stern this tide, some hero to save the day, Terraria's doom is nigh at hand!

This brings us to our adventure. It begins with you – in humble beginnings and shown your path by the faithful and mysterious Guide. As this world's champion, you will experience communications from the world to help protect your mission. The world has brought you to this specific location at this specific time – will you stand up and fight for Terraria against the growing shadows of impending doom?"

This is an RP based off the Lore off Terraria. (Please don't sue me Re-Logic)

If you want to join, keep in mind that this is an Adventure Map style thing s some doǹt have to go caving every five seconds.

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