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Terraria Hermitcraft?

Would you like to see this become a thing?

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If you haven't heard of the hermitcraft server it is a Minecraft server where a dozen or so youtubers play on late game; basically, they complete the game in a few episodes but carry on by filling there time with building humongous bases or building farms or making mini-games. And so I was thinking of hosting a similar server for terraria! Let me know if this is something that you think you would like to see; or if you have around 100 subs and have terraria and want to join in, pm my discord explodingpineapple64#7913, there will probably only be a max of 8 people(assuming I get that many applications) as terraria worlds are quite small. Vote Now!


Slime Collector
The problem with that is: Terraria worlds are kinda small. And it takes much longer to "beat the game".
Building stuff and mini games would be a lot harder.
Hi, my name is Johüné( my real name is not that but Johüné is so much uncommon ) I play allot of terraria mobile. I have a YouTube channel but don’t put anything on there. I was wondering if I could help on this. I’m under 18 and in quarantine but I love terraria. I know this post was sent out 3 years ago so I hope it’s worked out my discord is [Schmerte#0295]
add me if I can play with youse. I’m not one of those kids that just mess on I am a serious terraria player and in the future I would love to part of a big project like this.

My empty YouTube channel is here
[Johune Rede]
If that doesn’t work juts type in Johune Rede YouTube in google and it might come up. My logo is a mixture of shapes and an R
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