Terraria: Journey's End Now Available on Nintendo Switch!


When keyboard and mouse support comes out, can you guys at relogic or the porting studio make a tutorial on how to connect a keyboard and mouse to switch for terraria? I’ve never done it.


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Having a blast with the new 1.4 update for the NS. I always wondered why it was considered separated to the other consoles, but Leinfors's post on the November/December thread summed it up well so thats fair do, admittedly the UI kinda threw me off a bit but I got used to it soon enough, but cause i hadn't played the NS version in a long time it took me a while but i got back into the swing of things and mastered the controls after playing a few hours plus I did and completed the tutorial again for a refresher course, but so far nothings gone wrong and there#s no bugs on my end but i will let you guys know if see anything odd.


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Im looking forward to 1.4.3 where parity will hopefully allow crossplay and update content for the PC, Mobile, and Console versions, but I can imagine it's going to take a while implementing all the required infrastructure to get it to happen, but I can wait.


now the final wait begins... excited for parity, hopefully it all goes smoothly.

while i'm sure a lot of people are excited at the prospect of crossplay, just remember to temper your expectations.

they did say they would TRY, there is no guarantee it'll work out.

also, it can only be attempted AFTER parity, it's not coming WITH parity, just incase anyone is unaware of that.
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After I bought the US store version, I bought another copy at the Hong Kong store because there is no Chinese. Now the US store has updated, but the Hong Kong store has not received the update. It's January 5th, when will you wait?
买了美国商店版之后又因为没有中文在香港商店又买了一份,现在 美国商店更新了,香港商店还没收到更新。都1月5号了,要等到什么时候?


Anywhere I can reference what 1000+ items were added? I want to know if Plaguebringer’s Set, Timeless Traveller’s Set, and/or Abigail’s Flower are among them.
505に確認する必要があります。通過するプロセスが異なるいくつかの地域があることを知っています(対NOE / NOA)。私は日本と韓国がそのようなものであることを知っています-HKについてはよくわかりませんが、私は知るでしょう。Loki𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮!! 今の状況はどうですか?


Super stoked for this update. I havent played for quite a while, and it took me a minute to rmmbr all the controls, lol.

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Anywhere I can reference what 1000+ items were added? I want to know if Plaguebringer’s Set, Timeless Traveller’s Set, and/or Abigail’s Flower are among them.
Probably the easiest way is to look up the individual item you’re wondering about on the wiki, and then scrolling down to the History section to see when the item was introduced.

For instance, the Plaguebringer’s set is shown to be introduced in 1.4.1 (right now Switch is

The other vanity contest winners (including Timeless Traveler’s set) were also introduced in 1.4.1. Abigail’s Flower (and other Don't Starve Together content) were introduced in 1.4.3


First impressions (compared to pre- on Switch):
  • No performance issues so far (started a new save file, mid-sized world, so no late-game observations, but so far it's smooth) 👍
  • So far, I've experienced nearly no bugs 👍
  • Auto-save now without distracting severe performance issues, contrary to pre- -- additionally saving is very quick 👍
  • The German translation is, what I've experienced so far, much better, from being very poor (often no context sensitivity, like wrongly using "Tabelle" (table, a list of for example numbers) instead of "Tisch" (table, the furniture), incomprehensible or/and wrong descriptions, often grammatically incorrect etc.) to competent and good (above average third party quality, I would say) 👍
  • Finally the option to change from a small font size (headache-inducing, unfortunately) to a larger one by choosing another UI style 👍
  • Customizabilty options are really great, very appreciated 👍
  • A lot of other nice improvements 👍
  • Still no option (at least I couldn't find it) to change the 10 items of the hotbar row to the next item row (10 items, second row of the inventory) in-game by one button press like in nearly all console games with a similar item system (for example Stardew Valley on console), i.e. to cycle through the 5 inventory rows -- in my opinion, definitely the biggest QoL flaw (if I saw correctly that you can't do it) 😞
  • Using items seemed to be more complicated when not having them in the hotbar: I chose that the game should pause both when being in the settings menu and inventory (that's probably the cause), and I can't simply use for example a door directly from the inventory (via ZR, which is supposed to offer this functionality). I expected the pause to stop and to change to the active world (instead of staying in the inventory still pausing) when I press ZR to use the item -- after all, if I want to use it, a pause is not necessary any more. But with the current implementation, ZR does not seem to have a function in this situation at all. 🤔
Thank you for the great work on this update! I hope that keyboard+mouse controls will be added. So far, I'm very happy with Journey's End -- and excited to play more! :happy:
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