Terraria Mobile 1.3 Reaches Alpha!

Discussion in 'Mobile - 505 Games' started by Loki, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Samorot

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    Neither Am I!
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    can someone please donate me 4 bucks pls i want terraria mobile and i want these amazing devs and mods to take my money

    lol srsly i wish i could get more money to buy Mobile Terraria, i have high hopes for it, even though i dont have mobile.

    MOBILE GAMER Terrarian

    Thank you for the good news devs
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    I like to see the update running in my mobile device:happy::happy::happy:
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    Can I ask 1.3 mobile have an online multiplayer or offline onlyo??:happy::happy:
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    Devs DR. STUDIOS are close in beta update or not??? :happy::happy:
  4. Sockmonkey367

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    1.3 mobile will probably have multiplayer
  5. RockaBen99

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    I'm pretty sure it's against the forum rules to ask for money.
  6. Geo the Maku Gamer

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  7. Owen1383

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    Will the 1.3 will remove placed exclusive banners (e.g the spectral elements, gastrpods, and other exclusive placed banners)
  8. Loki

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  9. spectrum1605

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    Ummmm..just a question..
    Are you a beta tester for the mobile 1.3? then if yes.. could please send me some of the screenshots you have? Id like to show that on my friends:D
  10. Sockmonkey367

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    I have an idea, make the banners legacy, like the ocram stuff!

    and i really want a portable version of terraria on 1.3
  11. The Real Bryan

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    May 16th! Woohoo! Happy 8th birthday, Terraria! ~:D
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    Mobile Already does.
  13. Arkham63

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    Will the update work for Iphone 5s? I have been waiting since 2016. I understand that you might not be able to but if you can, that will make my day. Great progress though! Also keep making Terraria a better game and thank you guys for making this game possible!
  14. AmbusTHEONE

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    Will the glitchy stuff in fishing be fixed? Throughout my life of fishing I've lost 3 Sitting Duck fishing poles, which is replaced by the item I've fished, and I've had three worlds corrupted. The worlds I haven't fished in and stored my bait and stuff haven't glitched out tho
  15. Tunnel King

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    Do you have an official source for this information? If not, please don't repeat uninformed gossip for things like this. It just results in misinformation and disappointment.

    To the best of my knowledge: the list of supported devices and OS versions is still being evaluated, and no decisions have been made. When those decisions are made, there will be an official and very public announcement made.

    That said: the older your device/OS version is, the less likely it will be on that list. But specific devices have not been ruled in or out as yet.
  16. Samorot

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    I think that someone else posted this, it may or may not be true. But then again, older versions are less likely to get it
  17. Tunnel King

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    Again, please do not repost "gossip" and not have a source to point to. Just because you "heard it elsewhere" does not make it true. Thank you.
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    Hold on, what
  19. Samorot

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    I THINK. I'm not sure.
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    I hope this is fixed. Mine is less destructive though, it just makes certain items unusable (and apparently have bait power) until putting it into a chest and restarting the world.