Terraria State of the Game - January 2023

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You know, I always wondered since year one. This game is called Terraria, and the name is pretty much derived from Terrarium. We had so many biomes added, lots of ecosystems exist, and a lot of other things that add to the Terrarium effect. But there IS one thing that is truly missing here that can help the game give that feeling of another kind of Terrarium; the kind most are pretty much familiar with, even your grandparents:

A N T S ! ! !

But yeah, hyped for the Dead Cells update and the future Cross-Platform Play stuff!
1.5 The Malice Mode update, the update that is so hard it will literally drive you insane.

Calamity Mod joke, but I good Christmas and New Years thansk for asking devs, and its ok that you had some downtime to recharge your batteries and spend time with your loved ones, even though video game developers dont have lives and are not alllowed to, ha ha ha jk jk, but Im always down for hotfix and balance changes even if I dont always agree with certain changes, I accept it as its not up to me and its to keep Terraria balanced and fair, as for TModLoader i'm excited for 1.4.4 to reach TML but I can wait, as for the updates to Console and Mobile, obviously its not out yet and cant be ported of course, but Im looking forward to that, although Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and the other companies need to run their own check and green light the port releases which is fine, Id rather they find and point out things that need changing and fixing, so no rush guys, take your time, oh and finally the cross platform release and connectivity with other platforms and devices will be nice, but I can imagine that will take some time to implement so that Terraria and communicate with versions on other devices, so again, I am excited but no rush my dudes.
yah agreed with that and i hope the dead cell cross over turns out to be amazing
I never heard of Dead Cells until it was mentioned, then it looked it up it looks pretty cool but not really my thing. But Im always down for an update that adds more content, heck Im always up for hotfixes as well to keep the game running smoothly and balanced, those are also important.
then keep the tormented mind of malice for when you get stuck! if you die too many times, use it and turn back to death mode!
Death Mode was interesting but hard, bear in mind with my autism I have a bit of a handicap, but I only tried them out of curiousity and I wanted to see how hard the big bad Calamity could get, and I'm not saying that last bit against the mods, devs or the players mind.
As much as there wasn't anything new to say, I understand.

It's the start of the new year and the team has just went back to work, maybe we can get sneak peeks on 1.4.5 during February.
The new Nintendo SOTG mentions there are 2 spoilers about the upcoming update. Has anyone found them yet.? I can’t seem to locate them…still trying.

Edit: NM…It says “a tidbit or two” about the 1.4.5 update…maybe it’s not a spoiler then since it is “not ready to be shown”. 😩
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Think I played about with Eternity Mode, the higher difficulies on Calamity, don;t pull their punches do they, not that I am complaining.
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