Terraria State of the Game - November 2022

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Yet another Five Things (last set, I promise)!
  1. So normally, at this point in the game [early-Hardmode], I'd have the Queen Spider Staff and Spider Staff, but because I'm playing on a not the bees! Map, I ain't got either. Point is, I got ambushed [and surrounded] by a group of Floaty Gross Enemies, [holy s**t] I didn't know that could happen! I always wondered what the point of those enemies were, very cool! 😳☕
  2. Breaker Blade! 👍👍👍
  3. "Mystic Frog??" *whoof*, *whoof*, *whoof* "WTF!?" 🤨🥍
  4. My Underground Mushroom base was hit by The Crimson, knocking out my Pylon, so... I had to retrace the path leading there, and got to see how everything had overgrown while I was busy, dat immersion though!
  5. ...by the way, if you wanna look up anything Terraria related on Google, but also prefer using the Official Wiki, just type "gg" after whatever it is that you type [for example: desert tiger gg]. This will bring terraria.wiki.gg up as the first set of search results! You're welcome...
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re-logic could add something like a new boss that would spawn when you purify your world 100% and it end game it would be call the true terrarian
They weren’t working during December, they just took the whole month off
Lazy bums, nah I jest, I knew they were breaking up for Christmas, I hope both the Vanilla devs and TModLoader devs had a good Christmas along with everyone else, but now hopefully they back to work and working on hard on the next updates, I'm getting a bit antsy and waiting for the next SOTG but I'm not in a rush, but I'm looking foward to 1.4.5 on Vanilla, and hopefully TModLoader being updated to 1.4.4 at least, also I'm patiently awaiting the development and release of 1.20 for MineCraft.

I got a few suggestions for 1.4.5 XL worlds in Vanilla so 16,800 By 4,800 tiles (33,600 By 9,600 feet), being able to have custom world generation ala Advanced World Gen or Terra Custom though that would probably require a LOT of work, custom npcs possibly, writable books and lecterns, what do you guys think?
A new SotG thread is up, so it's time to close this one.

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