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Terraria Stuck on "Connecting To"?

So, I try to join my friend's Terraria game via Steam, already restarted everything from game files, to my computer, but when I try to join it says "Connecting to "
Literally, it doesn't even say my friends world name after, it just says "Connecting to". Not an internet problem, either. (Hey I'm posting this right now, right?)
Any help?


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It may well BE an internet problem, as things are a lot more complex than just "can get on the internet". It could be an incompatibility between your computer and your friend's computer/internet, it could be something on their end, it could be something in your router settings, etc.

Have you tried joining any other multiplayer servers?

Chaotic Note

I've had this problem before with my friend, but after forwarding port 7777 on my router, the problem went away. If this still doesn't work for you, tell your friend to try re-hosting the multiplayer until you're able to connect.


Bump, because I'm having this same problem. I already tried
-Reinstalling Terraria
-Restarting Steam and computer
-Disabling firewall
It worked until just now, and now it stopped working...
Edit: Managed to fix it. It was either caused by a couple of rules in Windows Firewall I hadn't noticed, or it was fixed by my friend restarting his server.
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