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Important Terraria Support: Rules & Guidelines

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Each platform-specific category contains a support section that is broken down into several sub-sections and the following rules, in addition to the global forum rules, dictate what is and is not allowed within PC, Console, and Mobile support sections and their sub-sections.

DISCLAIMER: The Developers of Terraria, the Staff of Terraria Community Forums, members of TCF providing advice, and any associated entities are not responsible for any risks taken or issues encountered by following tips, advice, suggestions, guides, or other forms of communication found on this forum nor are they liable for any form of damage, loss, or corruption that might result. All risk and responsibility is upon the person or persons performing actions based on said communications.

Terraria Support Summary

The platform-specific support sections are each composed of four sub-sections and each of those sub-sections is aimed toward a distinct type of feedback or content. This is meant to organize and categorize the different types in an efficient manner.
  • Guides (PC, Console, Mobile): This is a great place to share guides with the community and help members with step-by-step explanations of any Terraria related process: getting started in the game, surviving difficult challenges, running servers and other related software, constructing complex in-game mechanisms, overcoming common issues, the list is almost infinite.
  • Technical Support (PC, Console, Mobile): All issues related to running or executing the game software itself should be located in these sections. Try to explain encountered issues with as much detail as possible; specific error codes or output, any know steps to replicate the issue, and pictures or video are highly recommended.
  • Bug Reports (PC, Console, Mobile): The bug report sections are for reporting glitches, errors, and any other form of game bug that may need correcting. As with all threads posted in support sections, being as detailed as possible, including all relevant information and providing steps to replicate the issue, as well as pictures or videos are strongly recommended. Console and Mobile players should also submit their bug reports to the http://support.505games.com webpage.
  • In-Game Support (PC, Console, Mobile): These sections are for players that need help with some aspect of playing the game, such as figuring out housing issues, getting mechanisms to work, and all the wide variety of other questions that players may need assistance answering or solving.

Terraria Support Rules
  • The console and mobile ports of Terraria are controlled, managed, and published by 505 Games. The original Terraria Team have no direct influence on the development of the console and mobile ports. In the same vein, 505 Games are not responsible for the core development of Terraria and have no control over its direction or time table. Please make sure this is understood and that all comments and support requests are directed towards the appropriate development team.
  • Topics related to unavailable/unreleased/exclusive in-game items on all platforms are governed by additional policies. The same is true of game and save files on the console and mobile platforms. Please read the the information in the Piracy & Modding area of the main rules thread before taking action related to said topics.
  • Questions and comments about the Terraria Community Forum should be posted in the Forum Help & Feedback section.
  • Do not post bug reports or technical support requests for unsupported devices, platforms, or operating systems.
  • Do not post bug reports, technical support requests, or in-game help requests for third-party clients or software. These sections are for original, vanilla versions of Terraria and third-party problems should be directed to those third-parties.
  • Do not make posts requesting or demanding a refund. Refund requests should be directed to the platform-appropriate store that conducted the transaction.
  • Do not bump threads without including additional relevant content or information and ensuring that a reasonable amount of time has passed since the previous post.
  • Do not post duplicate threads on the same topic. The forum has a working search feature and the community staff request that it be utilized. It is better to revive an inactive thread with an on topic post than to create a new one, this is doubly true for pre-existing bugs that survived an update or patch. Duplicate threads may be locked or merged.
  • Before creating a thread, please ensure the correct forum section has been chosen. Threads posted in an incorrect section will be moved by forum staff. Additionally, if you are unsure if a thread is in the correct section you can report it and staff will move it to the correct section if necessary.
  • Where possible, use an appropriate title prefix tag when creating a thread. This allows other members to more easily find the thread when using the the forum's search functionality. If a thread is lacking a prefix, then an appropriate one may be added by a member of the staff. Additionally, members may report a thread that lacks a prefix and request that one be added.
  • For best results, be as detailed as possible when submitting a bug report, asking for help, posting a guide, answering a question, or any other related communication. Detailed questions and answers will garner and provide more help than short, ambiguous statements. Where possible, list items using bullet points, provide screenshots or other appropriate images, and list all pertinent information such as specific platform or device, version numbers, steps to reproduce the issue or effect, and anything else that might help someone give or utilize an answer.
  • Be patient. Answers may not come as fast as one would like, but given time a clear and understandable post will most likely result in help from someone. Becoming upset or repeatedly spamming the thread with demands for help can often have the opposite of the desired effect and cause other members to not want to provide any help.
  • Be respectful to all those who try to help. Even if an answer or suggestion is wrong, that member was nice enough to try and that deserves respect and appreciation.

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