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This section is for questions related to problems installing/running the game on your PC. By 'PC', we mean the versions running under Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10), MacOS (10.9.5, 10.10), and Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) on a desktop/laptop computer. Examples of the types of questions appropriate for this section are:
  • I can't install the game on my PC.
  • When I run the game, it crashes with <this error/message/behavior>.
  • Problems hosting/connecting to servers.
  • My controls don't work the way I expect them to.
  • The game performance is not what I expected (lag, flickering, etc.).
Questions about general game play belong in the PC Gameplay Help section.
Repeatable game play issues that are clearly bugs should be reported in the PC Bug Reports section.
Issues about the forum itself belong in the Forum Help & Feedback section.

If you see a thread that has obviously been put in the wrong place, please report it and the staff will move it eventually.

Any suggestions made to resolve a problem may involve a certain amount of risk to your system/device. That risk is completely undertaken by YOU, the person performing the actions. This Forum, its staff and its members cannot be held responsible for damage or loss that may occur if you follow any suggestions posted here.

All Forum rules apply to these sections
. In addition to the Forum rules, please observe the following:

  • PLEASE use the Search feature of the Forum to see if your question has been asked/answered before. The PC Guides section may contain information that may address your question, particularly about setting up/troubleshooting a server. Look at the top of the section for pinned FAQ threads and trouble-shooting guides.
  • PLEASE give your thread a descriptive title. For example, provide what platform you are playing on and the type of error (crash, glitched item, multiplayer server problem, etc)
  • PLEASE be as specific as possible with your issue. Any details, such as error messages, crash logs, on-screen behaviors are important to diagnosing your problem. Where appropriate, a screenshot can be very useful to illustrate your issue. Anything you have done to try to resolve the issue yourself is also very useful.
  • PLEASE be as specific as possible about your computer: Desktop/Laptop, OS version, CPU, GPU, RAM. (Brand of computer is rarely useful.)
  • PLEASE use the best grammar and punctuation that you can. If English is not your best language, let us know and do the best that you can. 'Chat-speak' is discouraged; if you can't take the time to write out your question clearly, why should anyone take the time to help you?
  • PLEASE be respectful to those who try to help you with your issue. No one on the forum is paid to provide support; we're all fans of the game like you. Very few of us are professional tech support people in real life.
  • PLEASE be patient when waiting for a response - see previous point. People who respond here have to sleep, eat, go to school/work, and may be anywhere in the world. There is no one "assigned" to answer questions at any given time; it is a completely volunteer group, including the moderators.
  • If an answer to your issue is posted, a thank-you is nice but not required. It is VERY useful to indicate which solution(s) worked, so that others in the future can benefit.
  • NEVER post questions related to hacked/cracked versions of the game, or questions about unapproved mods/tools. Such questions may be reviewed for possible infractions.
  • PLEASE do not rage-post or ask for your money back. Contact Steam or the retail store where you purchased the game to request refunds.
  • THANK YOU for taking the time to help your fellow Terrarians:D
  • PLEASE be respectful to the original poster, and to others who may have responded before you. Be especially tolerant of those who obviously struggle with English.
  • PLEASE read the question carefully. If more information is needed from the OP, request it politely.
  • PLEASE read other responses before posting yours. Alternate solutions are welcome, but parroting a solution that has already been posted is not especially helpful.
  • PLEASE do not post to say, "I don't know," or to simply engage in a technique war with other respondents. These are not helpful to the OP.
  • PLEASE check the date of the last post in the thread before posting; if it's been three months, the issue has likely been solved or forgotten. Report threads that are resolved to be locked.

Steam Support - the place to start for installation/start-up issues. Steam login required, then search for Terraria (sorry, a direct link is no longer available).​
GOG Support - for help with the GOG-purchased version.​
Can You Run It? - check your computer's ability to run PC Terraria.​
15 Dec 2015 - updated to include official Mac/Linux support​
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