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Will you be interested in a card game like that?

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  1. This idea is simply amazing! I'm going to post my idea for a card, Event Card Blood Moon: Draw 2 cards. Your opponent gains 1 ATT on all their monsters until the end of their turn.
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  2. This is great!
    I have one suggestion though,
    You should make it so if a player does something related to hardmodw, neither player can do anything pre-hardmode without getting a stat debuff.
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  3. Can you share a thread post thingy?
  4. Lunatic cultists' revenge-
    Both players discard their entire hands and the first 7 cards in there deck then draws 5 cards
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  5. How would I share this thread?
    Also I like the card design
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    In the future if you have things to add to your posts in such quick succession please use the Edit button instead of making so many posts so rapidly.
  7. Ok I didn't know about the edit button :happy:
  8. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Woah guys!
    Thanks also a lot for the suggestions!
    As you see i'm not making a lot right now since i'm busy as hell at work in those months!
    By the way i think that i will set up and finish a 30 cards test deck in May, also with all of your suggestions and fixes, and then i'm gonna print it for the 1st test!

    I hope to post corrected cards and also something new in 1/2 weeks!
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  9. Vessyl

    Vessyl Terrarian

    Sounds good! Don't push yourself, just go at your own pace.
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  10. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Hi guys, Teseo here!

    I've had some time today to think about game balance and a problem that a smart user on reddit found: the hardmode and how it works.
    For example, 1st turn, the opponent had huge luck picking the cards and already have the hardmode one with a 8/10 rarity Unit Card.
    What the :red:? How did i lose the game at the 1st turn???

    This is basically the problem.

    So from now, you can only play Unit Cards with 1 to 6 /10 of rarity without the Hardmode Card, BUT ONLY if the rarity match the turn of the game.
    Example: we have turn 1, we can only play 1/10 rarity cards. (this is valid for ALL the cards)
    Turn 2, we can play 1/10 and 2/10 rarity cards and so on.
    Also you will be able to play max 2 Unit Cards every turn!

    With this rule i hope to solve the issue of lucky early bloody hardmode units play.