Will you be interested in a card game like that?

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  1. This idea is simply amazing! I'm going to post my idea for a card, Event Card Blood Moon: Draw 2 cards. Your opponent gains 1 ATT on all their monsters until the end of their turn.
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  2. This is great!
    I have one suggestion though,
    You should make it so if a player does something related to hardmodw, neither player can do anything pre-hardmode without getting a stat debuff.
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  3. Lunatic cultists' revenge-
    Both players discard their entire hands and the first 7 cards in there deck then draws 5 cards
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  4. How would I share this thread?
    Also I like the card design
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    In the future if you have things to add to your posts in such quick succession please use the Edit button instead of making so many posts so rapidly.
  6. Ok I didn't know about the edit button :happy:
  7. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Woah guys!
    Thanks also a lot for the suggestions!
    As you see i'm not making a lot right now since i'm busy as hell at work in those months!
    By the way i think that i will set up and finish a 30 cards test deck in May, also with all of your suggestions and fixes, and then i'm gonna print it for the 1st test!

    I hope to post corrected cards and also something new in 1/2 weeks!
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  8. Vessyl

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    Sounds good! Don't push yourself, just go at your own pace.
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  9. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Hi guys, Teseo here!

    I've had some time today to think about game balance and a problem that a smart user on reddit found: the hardmode and how it works.
    For example, 1st turn, the opponent had huge luck picking the cards and already have the hardmode one with a 8/10 rarity Unit Card.
    What the :red:? How did i lose the game at the 1st turn???

    This is basically the problem.

    So from now, you can only play Unit Cards with 1 to 6 /10 of rarity without the Hardmode Card, BUT ONLY if the rarity match the turn of the game.
    Example: we have turn 1, we can only play 1/10 rarity cards. (this is valid for ALL the cards)
    Turn 2, we can play 1/10 and 2/10 rarity cards and so on.
    Also you will be able to play max 2 Unit Cards every turn!

    With this rule i hope to solve the issue of lucky early bloody hardmode units play.
  10. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Hi guys, sorry for this double post but there are news!

    First of all, i'm working right now to fix the cards we already have with all the tips i had in the past weeks.
    After that, i will move to complete the 1st set of cards, and then i will print it.
    I'm so busy at work right now that i cannot tell an ETA for the 1st deck to be done, sorry guys, but i'm working on it!

    The second thing is Patreon.
    I'm not only making this project, right now i'm doing a game (2D Adventure/Enigma) for Android and Windows, also i'm composing soundtracks for other games, so you know, i need 48h days for make all those things D:
    By the way, i will leave my Patreon link, so you can check all the things i'm doing and tell me if you like them!
    Also there you will be able to become a Patreon you know, just check it out, the main reason for me is to share my creations and be able to improve, also i will be happy ofc if someone will become a Patreon!


    Thanks guys and stay tuned, i will be back soon with news!
    Love you all :3
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    Holy cow! I love this! One of the devs needs to see this!
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  12. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Ehi @LambKnight !
    Thanks a lot for your comment ^^

    Well, if i want to make this aaaaaall the way till the end i think i will need the devs sooner or later :D
    My only hope is to do at the end a good job, and that all my efforts will be appreciated, i really hope so.
    Also this will be a good way to add something of my own in this fantastic community!
  13. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Hooooooola guys!
    Long long time i dont post here!
    BUT there is a reason... i'm going to produce the 1st 30 cards deck!!! After a lot of search, i've come accross the service that i wanted, then i had to resize and work a bit on every card for make them fit the template.
    Now i'm going to print them, if the result will be good enough, i will start making new cards, while testing and refining the rules!
    You will have news really really soon!
  14. Vessyl

    Vessyl Terrarian

    Good to hear! Hope it all goes well!
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  15. *Hype intensifies*
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  16. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Thanks guys!
    By the way there is another news! I've found that i want a little bit more things from the community to be inside this project.
    So i will post, every month from August, 5 cards out of 10 that i'm gonna make, without any flavour text!. (If the test deck will be good enough, 10 cards will be done every month).
    I will then ask for you guys to write it, and i will use one of them for each card. In this way, the final product will have a touch from the community here.
    I hope to do everything the best way that i can, i want this thing to be real, to work.

    Thanks guys, love ya all.
  17. Vessyl

    Vessyl Terrarian

    As before, I'm happy to give input on the wording of the cards. Let me know if any help is needed on that.
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  18. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Hi all!
    Right now i'm on vacation (finally some relax!) and i'm not posting so much.
    By the way, the first deck of phisical cards will arrive nearly the 12/07!
    I'm so hyped, i will post some images of the cards as soon as i will have my hands on them!

    Have a nice weekend outta here guys!
  19. Vessyl

    Vessyl Terrarian

    I'm actually heading out tomorrow, I'll be gone for 9 days. I'll check back soon as I can!
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  20. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Thanks @Vessyl !
    Have a good days out here ;)