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  1. iExtreme

    iExtreme Official Terrarian


    Welcome to the TerraShop. Please select your category and happy shopping! Once you have chosen the item/items you wish to purchase please leave a reply with your steam account name/link.
    Expect responses to arrive in 0-7 days.
    Note: The prices listed are the price for one of your chosen item.

    Status: Open

    If you scam, you will be banned from this shop for all eternity and also, there are no refunds.

    Phew, no one is banned so far!

    This is my Trading Room, where everything is absolutely safe and is scam-proof.


    If you need something that isn't listed on this list, I may be able to give it to you as I'm a maxed out character and have defeated the Moon Lord in my world and I want to get some coins to start off my Expert Playthrough legitimately. Just leave a post here with the hashtag #SpecialOrder or send me a private message. and I'll leave a reply about whether I can get it for you or not and the price. It will probably take about 0-5 days to get the specific item you want.


    Influx Waver - 80 Gold - 3 In Stock

    Xenopopper - 80 Gold - 2 In Stock
    Anti-Gravity Hook - 1 Platinum - 5 In Stock
    Golden Bug Net - 80 Gold - 1 In Stock
    Cell Phone - 5 Platinum - 9 In Stock
    Terra Blade - 50 Gold - 5 In Stock
    Lightning Boots - 3 Platinum - 4 In Stock


    Copper Bar - 10 Copper
    Tin Bar - 10 Copper
    Iron Bar - 25 Copper
    Lead Bar - 25 Copper

    Silver Bar - 50 Copper

    Tungsten Bar - 50 Copper

    Gold Bar - 1 Silver
    Platinum Bar - 1 Silver


    Cobalt Bar - 2 Silver
    Palladium Bar - 2 Silver

    Mythril Bar- 5 Silver

    Orichalcum Bar - 5 Silver

    Adamantite Bar - 10 Silver

    Titanium Bar - 10 Silver

    Luminite Bar - 50 Silver


    Slimey Saddle - 5 Gold
    Blessed Apple - 10 Gold
    Cosmic Car Key - 1 Platinum


    Wood -1 Copper
    Stone Block - 1 Copper
    Sand - 2 Copper
    Granite Block - 5 Copper

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  2. iExtreme

    iExtreme Official Terrarian

    ~Reserved Post
  3. mXs0n

    mXs0n Terrarian

  4. iExtreme

    iExtreme Official Terrarian

    BUMP! New items included to the list! Remember - this is an all-item shop. I can get anything you want for a great cheap price!
  5. Iam[???]

    Iam[???] Terrarian

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  6. darkbringerr

    darkbringerr Terrarian

  7. Hzro

    Hzro Terrarian

  8. iExtreme

    iExtreme Official Terrarian

    ~BUMP~ Shop Now Reopened! Previous Requests will now be looked at, please accept the steam friend requests!
  9. Y.B

    Y.B Terrarian

  10. StumpZilla

    StumpZilla Terrarian

    hey can i have 1 cell phone, 1 golden bug net, 1 lightning boots and id like 200 luminite bars but if you havent got the luminite idm just means ill grind them lol comes to 9 plat 80 gold but ill give you 12 plat or if you have any truffle worms id pay for those too not got time atm to farm them or make a afk farm.have a great day http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198027595707/
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  11. The Caden

    The Caden Official Terrarian

  12. leppla2006

    leppla2006 Terrarian

  13. NOpieMAN

    NOpieMAN Terrarian

  14. WyZeArD

    WyZeArD Terrarian

  15. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    Anti grav hook? also golden bug net and 200 luminite bars

    1 plat and 80 gold + luminite bars is 1 gold for 2 bars sooooooooo like, 1 plat = 2 plat and 80 gold.

    also u should say that 100 luminite bars = 50 gold
  16. Meeks

    Meeks Terrarian

    Is this shop still open? Looking to get a pretty huge order(yes I have the plat)

    Solar Flare Helmet
    Solar Flare Breastplate
    Solar Flare Leggings

    Worm Scarf OR Wings
    Celestial Shell
    Flesh Knuckles
    Ankh Shield
    Paladin's Shield
    Frozen Turtle Shell for Expert Mode

    Cosmic Car Key

    Star Wrath
    Fetid Baghnakhs
    Vampire Knives
    Solar Eruption
  17. StevieTheEevee

    StevieTheEevee Terrarian

    I would like to buy the Golden Bug Net and Cell Phone thanks!
    Steam name: The Tiki Man
  18. A Small White Dog

    A Small White Dog Skeletron Prime

  19. Razue

    Razue Terrarian

    I'd like to buy a Golden Bug Net, Lighting Boots, Xenopoper and an Influx Waver.

    My name on Steam is Razue
  20. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    That moment when you think this is your shop for a second.

    that was me just now