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Music Teseo911 and Madness Men Soundtracks


Hi all, Teseo here!
I'm currently working hard on a Terraria Themed Card Game, that you can find here : https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/terraria-card-game-design.66203/#post-1540742
By the way, another of my jobs is to create, with my guitarist, apps and games for Android.
Currently we are working on a game called : Find the Treasure, and indie adventure/action/puzzle game.
We are doing almost everything, programming, storyboarding, eventing, graphics and of course, music, the part that we love more then anything else!

So, here we have our last creations for this game, by the way, in this Soundcloud Channel, you can hear every soundtrack we have made for different games!
Let me know if you liked the songs and, if you have some kind of idea, what we can do to improve!

Here the soundcloud playlist for Find the Treasure!


If you liked the tracks, maybe leave a +1 or a comment if you want ;)
Thanks guys!

See ya!​
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