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Music MadnessMen - Upcoming Album and Soundtracks



Hello everyone!

After many many years of Terraria playing and forum surfing, now it's time for me to post something different.
I have a project with the guitarist of my music band, that started like a joke.

After 1 year, we have now a name and we are really close to our first album release.
We are

Who are MadnessMen and what to expect

I'm Andrea, 28 Years old, and he is Luca, 29.
We both are Italians and we always loved music, videogames and films.
We started making videogames and android app back in 2014, and in 2019 we have released our first Steam game : Find the Treasure.
We have always wrote soundtracks for our games, and after more then 70 tracks done we have decided to make our first, real, soundtrack album.

Our album will be fully instrumental, with not only orchestral elements but also guitars, effects, basses and a lot more!
From peaceful and soft pieces to rock hard ones, you can expect a lot from this album.

Where can i listen to some of your music?

We have a Soundcloud Channel with a lot of soundtracks that we have made for our and others games.

But if you want to have a close look to how our new album will be, listen to this track called Space Surfers.

When will this album be available?

We are now close to the final step : the final mixing of our tracks.
Short answer is :
Fall 2020
Long answer is : We hope to release it in October but we don't know if it will be possible.
Due to COVID-19 and other things, we had little time this year to work togheder, so it will be possible that the release will be postponed by a month or two.

Thanks to anyone who will listen to our track (and why not, also the other tracks on our channel) and leave a comment!



Watch out for our latest music video, our album is on the go! Few days and it will be available in the major online stores and streaming services!

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