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HD Texture a day pack


Official Terrarian
Welcome back, friends, followers and foes alike! My life is a bit more busy now and this will really cut into my WoT time, but I'm back for the foreseeable future.
(I have been working for some time already, but I wanted to establish the front first. Turns out, that takes a lot more time, than I thought, so I'll work on that alongside the main content.)

To the few of you who have not heard of this pack here is the deal: Every day, unless time or connection intervenes, I'll add more textures. It is up to you whether you'll provide feedback and what it will be. This way the thread will hopefully stay fresh and keep people interested. I'm open to suggestions, but demands will be pointed and laughed upon. This will be released as a full-fledged texture pack, once enough textures have been made. All of the sprites will be done... eventually.

The old thread can still be found here:

Download link is coming soon, once I go over the new stuff and figure out what works and what is already outdated...

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Wow, are you an undercover spriter for the discontinued game Terraria: Otherworld?
These are really high quality to the point it looks like it's from a professional game or something along those lines. Either way, this is amazing!

DPh Kraken

I created a (still WIP, could spare to bob up and down, as well as have chest details move, and needs cleaned-up shading to match the modern design) enhancement on the run animation that makes the arms move in a more natural manner.
Hopefully this is one step forward to clearing some of the roadblocks in the pack.



Also, I've filled out a progress spreadsheet with all the 1.2 item IDs categorized according to extra graphics and whatever got in the released pack.
Texture A Day spreadsheet

Ninja edit: Yellow Wires
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Yeap showing pictures of the glorious, albeit amateurish, spritework done:

I've done wall of flesh and its gore sprites, so its completly done.
I also added animation to foxys excelent dark caster sprite + some gore bits i forgot in my last post
do you mind if i use your texture? im just recoloring it and i will give all credit to you

Nubsteh Boi

Skeletron Prime
Dayumn, this looks great! New textures every single day, kind of looks like Terraria Otherwould textures and some good ol' respect. c:
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