Game Mechanics The ability to name items.

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Eye of Cthulhu
The Goblin Tinkerer has a new ability = you can name items. The first time you name an item, it costs 1 gold. If you name it again, it costs 5 gold. You can name it by going into the naming box, and there'll be a name button. Type in what you want to name it.

Edit 1: You can rename tool tips.
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Why would renaming an item again will cost more? o_O I don't see the need of that.
I find 1 gold more than enough for just vanity.
Why the increase in gold needed?

I mean, if it was something that gave an actual advantage in the battlefield, then it would make sense, but naming your poking stick is a vanity feature. Vanity needs no balance, it's just eye candy and useless in a fight.

Good idea, but maybe it could be done at the Tinkerer's Workshop? Since it is a Workshop and it doesn't make much sense to have to ask someone to rename an item for you.
Well... Neither does having to use a Workshop to do it...
Could also add the ability to have custom modifiers, that way things could be extra unique
That would probably be OP unless it was handled in a similar way to the soul infusion thread.

That said, this has given me an idea. Instead of just renaming, give the Tinkerer's Workshop the ability to also apply dyes to weapons and equipables (which would of course display on the icons, probably as a small colored circle in the corner), enabling the dying of weapons and giving the option to essentially make customized mounts and equipment that maintain their color even when not equipped. Plus, separate Werewolf form colors.

This could even be taken to Disgaea lengths to allow you to give a weapon or piece of equipment the appearance of any item of the same type you have on hand, which, yes, could give you flying slimes. (Or, alternatively, for weapons the option of custom sprites could also be made available, preferably using sprites provided by the player (singleplayer only so no one can run around servers swinging inappropriate things around), or using some kind of parts-based system.)

Need I go on?
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