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The Annihilation Mod [W.i.p] {Help wanted}

Delta Bec Noir

Skeletron Prime

The Annihilation Mod

The annihilation mod adds
Many bosses
A New difficulty
A New class
4 New biomes
MANY items
A new game mechanic
Many enemies
And 10 new town npc's

I cant make this mod on my own, help me on my journey to create this w.i.p mod and create a new experience for everyone. We could use your help with Coding, Music Making, Spriting, Designs, And Ideas, Also support from everyone else who doesn't want to be a dev but support all of us like the amazing community you are, you are also able to contribute to the mod via coding music sprites etc without being a dev and its much appreciated


We have a official discord server, you can join it here: Join the The Annihilation Mod Discord Server!

Delta Bec Noir

Skeletron Prime
i would show a boss but due to glitches with the website i cannot without having to reload the website and FIX the entire post all over again, and again, and again. you get the point, if you want to see the bosses and stuff check the discord server, because i am not gonna put myself through anymore suffering with this. this is pure pain, i have never had this issue before until now
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