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WIP The Blight and Avernus

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Brigadier Bread

(Avernus is the ancient Greek word for a place that was entrance to hell)
After you kill the Wall of Flesh, something goes wrong. Instead of releasing the Evil and the Hallow, It releases the Blight, sometimes called the Taint. The Blight is a monstrosity of nature, quickly corrupting the land and consuming existing biomes, but instead of changing them directly into the Blight, it works upon them like a plague. Existing enemies become harder, infected by this THING. Any existing Hallow is turned into something horrible. The corruption and crimson are changed, morphing into the Blight. the curse of the corruption is darkened, its flames tainted , and the crimson's ichor flows with something unholy. This biome, the Blight, was guarded by Hell's spirits of light and dark, but it waited patiently, quickly overtaking them as they meant to release themselves after the WOF's demise.
The underworld didn't like that. After the Blight escaped, The Guarding spirit of Hell took the ride out with the release of power and began to seep up and out, blocking ; The Avernus. This Biome spreads slowly, but it the only spirit that cannot be tainted. The Avernus stands to stall the Blight, unable to defeat it, but allowing for the Terrarian; who's strength is recognized after killing the Wall Of Flesh, to cleanse the Blight from the land, which will be no easy task.

The blight consumes pre-existing biomes, infecting enemies and blocks. It seems to look like the corruption, contributed by the presence of deep purple materials and that most new creatures use the Blighted Flame as a weapon. A grey fog exists on the borders and surface, thickening during rain. The general infection on pre-existing monsters will show as deep purple veins across their face and body; and some small yellow patches on larger creatures
Ok, so I do plan on most of the bosses becoming taintable, excluding invasion bosses.
Taint Spores - Little clouds of dark purple and yellow dust that slowly close in on the character's position, exploding on contact for some damage and advancing the blighted infection
Blight Cluster - a small flying creature that spits Blighted Fireballs. looks sorta like a few dark purple demon eyes molded together.
Brain of Cthulhu - Since the Blight is a Hardmode Biome, The Brain will need to be Hardmode, as in Much more health, more damage, defense, all of that stuff. The Specifics though- All of the creepers would move in formation, circling the brain and flinging themselves at the player. Once the creepers are destroyed, the brain will gain defense, continue to teleport, but randomly spit cursed ichor streams at you. :: The creepers will show black taint spores, and the brain's infection can only be seen in the heart once it enters it's second stage.
Eater Of Worlds - Stat Upgrades comparable to Brain. The Eater becomes much bigger and longer (Two different things), though there is not much change to AI, any head segments will spit blighted fireballs. It is immune to most debuffs (Ichor, Fire related, Confusion) and smaller segments will move faster.
Queen Bee - As always, it's stats are generally better than it's prehardmode version. It will generally follow the original AI, but whenever it stalls it's charging and hovers, it will spawn multiple Taint spores along with it's normal attacks
Plantera - This is the first hardmode boss I've gotten to. Already, it's quite a challenge for the unexperienced, so the stat changes will not be too dramatically changed. It's attacks however, are not untouched. Beginning with the fact that it is basically pure nature, it's tainted condition allows for a wider variety of changes. It's first stage will be generally untouched, but as it enter's it' second stage it will become much more violent. When it gets near, it will spew out a stream of blighted flame similar to the flamethrower's style. When one of it's protrusions (hooks, little other things) are killed, it will begin to fire a stream of weak corrupt ichor constantly in the direction the thing was last extended in. Right before it dies, at about 10% health, it will constantly spawn dozens of Taint Spores until it is killed.
The Destroyer - Along with minor stat boosts, the destroyer has many changes. It will have large amounts of dark rust as a visual effect to point out it's contamination, along with the other two mechanical bosses. Instead of firing lasers, the destroyer's segments will emit a jet of fire facing in one of the directions away from the body for multiple seconds. The probes that are sent will continue to fire lasers, but will light on fire at half health, inflicting On Fire to the player if touched and then exploding when completely destroyed. Nearing about 6% health, the destroyer will fire gravity-affected rockets straight up from random body parts.
The Avernus is a harder Hardmode version of Hell, it spreads up and out from the Hardmode biome "Point of Origin". No, it does not replace the Hallow, however it can slowly take it over. It is similar in color scheme to actual hell (Less lava, more grey...) and replaces dirt and sand with ash, stone with brimstone, and slowly - water with napalm -. Lava will be left to be.
Inferno Elemental - Runs around, attacks melee, leaves a trail of fire.
Combustion Spirit - quickly chases player and explodes on contact, similar in look to dungeon spirits.
Blaze - Floats around and rapidly shoots fireballs. looks like blazes in MC.
Conflagration - flies around quickly and spits a stream of burning napalm. Looks like a floaty gross, but less zombie and surrounded by a small ring of fire.
Ember - Flies and Shoots a cloud of grey ash that inflicts blindness. Looks like a hellbat but dark grey and trailing dust.
Fire Wolf - Acts and looks like ice wolf, but with fire. Only spawns on surface Avernus or during Equinox
The color of the name has to do with the color of the item
Souls of Spite - drops from monsters in underground Blight and Tainted Bosses. "Dropped by monsters that really, really hate me" -- I would use blight but those are a thing in console and mobile ._.
Souls of Plight - drops from monsters in the underground Avernus.
Blighted Flame - Material in things. Dropped by Tainted Corruption Mobs. "Even the Corruption can be corrupted"
Cursed Ichor - Material in things. Dropped by Tainted Crimson Mobs. "Not even the gods can help us now"
Infernum Ore - Material, 4 ore crafts into an Infernum ingot.
Fire Essence - Material, dropped by Inferno Mobs. "Like Crystal Fire!"
Brimstone - Material, placeable, replaces stone in the Avernus -Wouldn't wanna burn this!"
Napalm - Material, found in lakes in the Inferno. Can be vial'd and collected in Buckets.
Vials - Craftable, material. used to divide fuel for the modified flamethrower
Bucket of Napalm - Pourable. "It smells like gel."
Bucket of Stuff - Pourable. Filled with the liquid from the Blight
Taint Ash - dropped by blighted creatures. Material.
Afflicsand - Blighted sand, smelted into dark glass.
Infectstone - Blighted Stone, material in blocks

Modified Flamethrower - Allows use of ; Cursed Flame, Tainted Flame, and Bottled Napalm as Ammo - Crafted with 10 souls of spite and 10 Infernum Ingots and a Flamethrower "Sugar and Spice and FIIIIIIRREEE!"
Vial of Napalm - Material, useable as ammo for mod. flamethrower. - will cause fire to spray out like real-life flamethrowers, falling to the ground and sticking for a short time. Inflicts "Grease Fire" debuff
Vial of Cursed flame - Material, ammo for mod. flamethrower. - will cause cursed flames to emit from flamethrower. does more damage and inflicts "Cursed Inferno"
Cursed Molotov - Consumable, explodes like molotov but with cursed flame. - 10 crafted with 10 vials of cursed flame and 4 silk.
Improved Molotov - Consumable, explodes like molotov but thrown fire spreads like a liquid in shot area and sticks to surfaces. - 10 crafted with 10 vials of napalm and 4 silk.

The Blight- As with most biomes, the blight will spread. Unique to the Blight, however, is the part with how instead of completely changing the existing biomes, it will corrupt them, using creatures and materials that were already there as a "host" for the blight, making them stronger. This Includes bosses, such as the Brain of Cthulhu and Plantera.
The Fog - The fog is a grey mist that exists on and near the borders of blighted lands. The fog acts as a source of corruption, changing any monsters that walk into it, and debuffing players that enter. Once infected, players' general health will begin to decline as long as they are in the Taint - debuffs such as minor slowness, armor decrease, lack of health regeneration, and finally - slow, continuous damage. There will be and accessory (or two) and possibly a potion that will help prevent these problems
Avernal Equinox - Event - A Hell-themed invasion that will last 24 in-game hours. All creatures that exist anywhere in the avernus (or normal hell) will appear; some appear only at night or at day and one or two are event-specific. Mobs spawn slighty less often to make up for the extra long event. This event can happen anytime after a mechanical boss is defeated.
Debuff - Grease Fire - Inflicted on players and mobs when damaged by napalm related fire sources. Lasts longer than "On Fire" and cannot be put out by water, will also spread to nearby living things when extra damage is taken.
(Vanity)- Volcanologist Suit - Looks like a bio-hazard suit, but is silver. Pieces are dropped randomly by monsters in the Avernus
(Armor)- Infernal Armor set - Crafted out of infernum ingots: There are magic, ranged, and melee variant helmets. Helmets have different kinds of horns.

You, as the terrarian, have been show to have some immunity to the Blight. It will slowly infect and kill, but it is a much slower process, and can be ridden of by leaving Tainted biomes. It is with this immunity, with the help of things found the the Inferno, that allows you to purify this Horrible evil.
"If the corruption was a disease, the Blight is a plague. Nothing can completely survive this looming darkness. Not even the Gods themselves." - Dryad

MORE STUFF SOON..... Is what I was hoping it would be

If anyone has the knowledge to do so, i would be very happy to see sprites for some things, whatever you think fits.
This thread died long ago, and so I stopped editing. Please post comments so I will not feel like everything I do becomes ignored.
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This sounds...interesting. I can't wait for the more description. Make sure to use spoilers so it doesn't become a wall of flesh.


Interesting.... maybe when more information comes, then we might be able to see if this is a good suggestion or not.

Also, actually add what spawns there, what bosses are attuned to the Shadow/Inferno, and maybe change the Inferno to "Desolate Land". That seems to be more appropriate for this, upgraded hell.

Brigadier Bread

Well... If anybody wants to look at this... please leave comments so I know not to abandon this

EDIT:: Abandon "Completely". It's already been left for a long time
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