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I'm sure you've all heard the story before.
A hero (or several) comes to the world of Terraria, kills powerful enemies, makes friends and saves the world.
Well... this time it's different.

Here, the Hallow was the biome that remained in place of the Corruption or Crimson. And here, it's been empowered by the Shimmer.

The result? A world overtaken by light and the ethereal, where simple living is a constant fight for survival, where instead of refreshing water, otherworldly shimmer takes its place.
Oh, and all the NPCs are their shimmered variants, but that's less important.

Starting Equipment:
Faction (Optional):

Adherence to Terraria lore is not required.
Please do not control other people's characters.
Stats aren't required, but RNG will be used often (usually in the form of d20 dice rolls).
For :red:s sake, don't rush through the story bosses.
Ideally, character power scales as the RP goes on, but it's not required.
However, I will reject characters for being too OP, so please keep that in mind.
I'm willing to power scale bosses to accommodate for powerful characters, though.
Permission-to-kill is required at all times for main characters.
Timeskips require a majority vote to be enacted.
Character limit is 5, and will stay at 5.

Try to stay away from OOC arguments, they just ruin the experience for others.
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Name: Winter
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: A girl with brown hair and green eyes, however with the ears and tail of a fox, plus covered in fur like a fox. Basically, a fox/human hybrid that was once a female wolf/human hybrid.
Backstory: Winter was without parents since she was born, after her parents abandoned her. She lived in an orphanage for about ten years. At the age of ten, she ran away, feeling like she was better off being forgotten about. After all, if her own parents didn't care, why would anyone else? She ran deep into the woods, where she was then bitten by a cursed wolf. Winter turned into a wolf/human hybrid, and stayed in the woods for the next four years. Winter was fourteen when the Hallow overtook the world, and she transformed into a shimmered version of herself: A fox/human hybrid. She spent the next five years adjusting, including getting equipment. Winter is very emotional, and also very shy, however incredibly intelligent and kind, and also a gifted drummer.
Starting Equipment: Winter has a green phasesaber, and two drum sticks.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Winter is intelligent, kind, good at drumming, and knows a lot about nature/Winter is shy, has trust issues, and struggles with depression and anxiety, and is also terrible with firearms.
Side Notes: Winter is lesbian, and also has heightened senses due to being a hybrid.

Winter Ayla Caydence
i would prefer to have my character ready first
obviously their goal is going to be to ensure that the hallow remains in control of the world, but thats about it so far for my ideas lol
(But in the meantime, here's my starting character.)
Name: William
Nickname: The Trapper
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: Despite wearing Fossil Armour and gloves to conceal their appearance, the fur on the arms and presence of a tail make it clear he's some sort of lycanthrope.
Backstory: The Trapper surfaced around a year after the Hallow overtook the world, working as a hunter of the hallowed creatures. Their backstory beyond that is unclear, but they're quite familiar with some of the people that inhabit these parts. The Trapper puts on a show of being cold and calculated, when really he's only the latter.
Starting Equipment: A Lead Repeater (same stats as a Lead Bow) and a makeshift iron spear.
Strengths/Weaknesses: The Trapper is great with traps, is a decent shot with a bow, and has middling knowledge about nature. Up close, he's a sitting duck, and he's trusting to the point of being close to gullible.
(fook, guess i get more time at least)

Reinigen (German for Purify, such creativity I know) Nickname: Rein (Guess what? Pure in German)
Gender: Whatever it feels like being at the time. Explained more in backstory.
Appearance: Varies, but always some kind of humanoid being, generally with some kind of crystalline armor that lacks a helmet at times
Backstory: The Hallow has the world in it's grasps, and yet, knows that there is a slight chance that maybe, just maybe, its purity could be driven back somehow. In order to deal with this possible weakness, it decided to create the perfect being, a most pure creation, the ultimate life form, something that would never stop until all possible threats to the hallow are dealt with and every block in the world is purified. Sure, it had the Queen Slime, but slime alone is weak. And sure, the Empress Of Light exists, but only appears when her most pure and beautiful critters are slain. The Hallow needed something to depend on that could easily defend the hallow as well as work towards purifying everything that remains, all the time. So the hallow coalesced all of its strengths, and combined them into one perfect being.
Abillities: Reinigen is composed of mostly crystal and slime, and can shapeshift into pretty much any humanoid form that it likes, at any time. They can regenerate lost chunks of themself somewhat efficiently, but the crystal takes a good bit longer to regenerate than the slime, as well as form various items from their own body. They can teleport just like Chaos Elementals, and hallow everything they touch, unless they intentionally avoid doing so, this includes hallowing people if they touch said person, but hallowing a person takes a moment to pull off succesfully. Reinigen also has holy-based magic, including healing as well as obliterating 'evil', but they are generally not inclined to use magic, but can and will if the situation calls for it.
Starting Equipment: Can form all kinds of crystalline weapons from their own body, swords, bows, guns, magic staves, anything, as long as they've seen the actual weapon in action. Also generally forms crystal armor around their current chosen form that sometimes lacks a helmet. The armor counts as part of themself and is just as strong as hallowed armor.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Can mimic any weapon they see in combat, hallowing people turns them to it's side, teleportation is long distance. Can't mimic weapons that have no actual physical form, such as magic that has no associated staff or whatever, hallowed people are easily cured by normal means to get rid of the hallow, whether by powder or clentaminator, suffers from chaos state after teleporting, abillities are weakened by normal means of getting rid of the hallow, and can be severely weakened with large amounts of cleansing methods. Somewhat fearful of the Shimmer, despite it empowering the Hallow.
Faction (Optional): The Hallow
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