Single Thread RP The Blinding Radiance

(y e s A pretty fair amount of time, probably mostly just to try to convince everybody that they should stop struggling against the Hallow's purity and stuff like that, y'know, villain monologues before sending in minions to attack and either leaving before seeing outcome or leaving afterwards.)
(Also, Ink has been busy with something for the past few hours, so I don't expect him to be online today. Because why the :red: should I expect anything?)
(I hope not)
Somewhere convenient on the surface of the Hallow, a large crystal erupts from the surface of the hallowed stone...
(My plans involve someone finding the crystal, but don't think that ya have to drop your character in just to assist in my intro, I'm fine with waiting)
It's a large purple crystal, 15 feet tall and about 10 feet across, and cannot be seen through, however, it does seem to be refracting the sun's rays into a full circle rainbow on the ground around it.
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