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Alright time to throw my non existent hat into this non existent ring (wow that doesn't work here does it)

Name: Oliver
Gender: Male

Appearance: A rather normal looking individual, but when he's not wearing his armor he's always found in a large blue coat. His eyes are also purple, for some reason. (Probably some shimmer magic)

Backstory: No one is entirely sure where he came from (as every answer was something different), but on arrival of this self proclaimed "Master Wizard" he started looking into ways to cleanse the Hallow through arcane means, although so far all his research has caused are several explosions. To most people who interact with him he's a rather nice guy, but people tend to avoid the madman with a magic stick.

Starting Equipment: Jungle Armor, a Topaz Staff, and a Iron Shortsword.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Has quite a bit of knowledge on magic, rather hard to trick, and extremely loyal to people he considers his friends (which is most anyone)/ Very fragile, Has a one track mind on obtaining magical items (no matter the obvious risk), and is very vulnerable up close.
The crystal shatters with an echoing sound, and seconds after that, Reinigen teleports directly in front of the person, in the form of a featureless humanoid blob
"Thief, Impurity. That's what you are..."
"A shortsword? You might as well walk directly into my embrace at that point~"
It seems to have settled on the form of a human woman, also gaining the voice to go with the form halfway through her monologue.
The attack glances off of her newly formed crystal armor, and then Reinigen quickly moves forward to grab the person by the throat.
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